Season 8: Spoiler Picture Thread

THe blonde lady in that pic reminds me of one of the people on MadTV. INteresting look on Gil's face, no?

Thanks for the pic, Alex.
Thank you for the non-kissing pictures (refuse to look at those kissing pics), EricaSJ. Jorja does look nice like that. I always did prefer her hair straight to curly.
Yeah, Sara looks especially nice in the second picture. I don't like her hair completely rim-rod straight, but straight with a little flare, like in those pictures. :)
Yes, and she was one of the characters os the hit comedy show "THE KING OF QUEENS" who walked the dad [Jerry Stiller] and acted so dumb all the time!
Wondering if we'll get to see Nick put his skills as a rodeo rider to the test in that epi (was it called "Bull")?! After all, his bio did say he was on the rodeo circuit at one point! Wouldn't it be nice to see him in a cowboy hat? :D
I love your pictures desertwind. I can't wait to see that scene. It is going to be awesome. I wish they didn't show us that scene in the promo because I wanted to be surprised. It would have been nice not to know about it and then go crazy because of it.