Season 8: Spoiler Picture Thread

Thanks for the pics, ericasj! Finally something useful we can discuss.

I'm excited to see how Jack interacts with the team. In the promo he and Grissom seem to be going back and forth. Always good to give Griss a challenge. :)
EricaSJ said:

Thanks for that, Tally, and Happy Birthday. :D

You're welcome. Hope we can all move upwards and onwards from here.

Thanks much for the birthday wishes. It's been a grand day. :)
Thanks for posting those pictures. Greg looks great in that picture with Catherine, and we get to see his nicely toned arms too!
I find it a shame the kiss is shown in the promo. Now you definitly know she is leaving and everything (though we knew already)... I just wish they would have kept it hidden or something.. but its everywhere now.

I liked the promo I've seen, Sara in the backseat of a cab driving away, obviously sad.