Season 8: Spoiler Picture Thread

maybe this is just me, and logically its not, but the stripper on warricks lap looks alot like Sofia Curtis (Louise Lombard) lmao kinda cracked me up. :D
SunsetBoulevard said: OMG, who's that girl with Warrick? :eek:
That is the exotic dancer Joanna "Candy" Krumsky who is played by actress "Rebecca Budig".

The actress might be familiar to those who have seen Guiding Light where she played Michelle Bauer from 1995-98, or "All My Children" where she played the first 'Greenlee Smythe-Montgomery du Pres Lavery" from 1999-2005. BTW another alumi of AMC was "Liz Vassey" (Emily Ann Sago 1988-91) who plays 'Windy Simms' on CSI.
I met her back in her AMC days, Rebecca. I saw her in that picture and thought how cool to see her again.
I think she looks like Alicia Silverstone in that picture.

Horny Warrick with a stripper. Kind of disturbing.
No, Rebecca don't look like Alicia Silverstone. Alicia is much pretty then Rebecca. Rebecca use to on All My Children(Greenlee) and Guiding Light (Michelle).