Season 8: Spoiler Picture Thread


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New thread for a new season!

This is the Picture thread and discussion of said pictures for future episodes.
The Spoiler warning is for those who do not want to be spoiled. Please read this full post.

What We Do Ask:

  • Were making some changes! Normally there would be sizes for what pictures can be posted, but instead we are requesting that instead of posting the pictures in full, that you use the URL Clickable link only. This saves load time and it should narrow down us editing.
  • Please remember to add the name of the "Episode" to you're post for the pictures, this makes it easier to decipher what pic goes with what episode.
  • Also please give the pic a name, for those who do not know how to do the URL Clickable, Use the regular reply then click "URL" in the Instant UBB Code box. We ask no more the "6 URL Links" per post.

    In the first box take out the "http://"
    then paste in the URL of the image
    Then A second box will appear,
    Put the name for the pic here. Then your done.
  • I also recommend that you use the "Preview" box provided to make sure the code is right. So you don't have to edit. ;)
  • Ship discussions & Pics: The only time any ships moments are allowed to be discussed or pics posted in here is when it ONLY pertains to said ep, ship or scene, this means should said ep not contain a ship moment then it does not belong in this thread or forum, but rather in the "Shipper Central" forum.
  • Please keep "wallpapers and manipulated Pictures" in the "Art Forum" -- Adding in this reminder, there is the "Adult content" rule please don't violate it.
  • Copyrights, Sites, Vids & Pics:
    Posting a spoiler word for word (or lines as well) is not allowed, we ask that you put it in a short summery of you're own words.
  • Some places are you not allowed to be mentioned or linked to for spoilers, pics or vids, like 'SpoilerTv' and such please be mindful of this. If asked to cite you're source contact myself or TallyHo for help if you are unsure.

Otherwise have fun. :)
:lol: No problem this is actually the second thread for this, the first one I made was created the sametime the spoiler lab was and I figured lock that one and just make a fresh one.
Thnaks,EricaSJ, You're right, I love it. Nick and Grissom, yaaa, new picture. Can I have it? So I can get somebody to make me banner before the show start.
Fantastic pics, thanks Erica. :D It's nice to see the rain has obviously stopped...

Looking at the pics once again makes me wonder how on earth did Natalie get Sara under a car? In fact how did she even get the car out there and set up like that. :lol: I'm kinda hoping they explain that in the episode, but I have a feeling that they probably won't. :rolleyes:
Thank's Erica so our boy Billy is beardless and with white hair :( he does look really young in the 2nd pic. and interesting on the shrubbery/brush/trees, the Mesquite tree, they look like native Nevada plants, but they weren't here, so I wonder where this was filmed :eek: