Season 8: "Dead Doll" Discussion *SPOILERS*

Re: "Dead Doll" Discussion **SPOILERS**

Everyone is giving a rating. I will too. I'll give it a 7. (And that's a generous 7 out of 10)

A major part of my rating is attributed to Jorja, who really got a chance to show an array of emotions: loss, triumph, fear, uncertainty. . .really the list could go on. Kudos to her.

The reasons I can't give this an all out 10/10 is attributed to many things that have been plaguing the show for a while now. Camera work and continuity. Lack of explanation, the typical fade out of Grissom and Sara in a moment. Again the list could go on.

Someone above mentioned how Sara's tracks didn't match the actual path she took. That's bad editing or camara work because I noticed that too.

The continuity wasn't too bad this time around. I listened pretty carefully to Sara recount her foster child years, her father's death. Seemed to be spot on, from what I could recall. I think the writers helped themselves with the flashbacks - almost so they wouldn't forget Sara's effect on her friends. And Warrick was MIA during the search. That annoyed me and I keep thinking that maybe GD has some other things going on and it keeps him from being on set, but c'mon! Warrick and Sara have had an interesting relationship, that started out with Sara investigating him. They get along so well now and he's not there to help look in the desert? It just felt off and that was where the continuity thing irked me just a bit.

Lack of explanation: How in the hell did Natalie lower the car? She was standing there watching it. Didn't seem to be any controls in her hands. I didn't see a tow truck. She drove away in that car. I just don't get it. The writers had to know that would be a problem, right? I just knew, whether Sara survived or didn't, that major detail would bug me. It will for weeks to come.

Grissom and Sara at the end. I should've seen that coming. I do like how it played out, but at the same time CSI has become rather formulaic in terms of how the episodes come to a close. I almost expect every episode to end this fashion. It's getting slightly irritating. It could take all of 2 seconds of air time, but that's the last image you see when it's over.

Anyway, I really did enjoy the episode as a whole. *squee* for Jorja because her performance was outstanding.

Kudos to the production team (aside from some of the camera work) the desert shots were absolutely gorgeous. The coloring was a breath of fresh air considering the lab is so blue and so dark and frankly, a bit depressing. The bright yellow desert was a nice contrast, despite how vast and ominous it was. The cast looked alive and refreshed working outside (in daylight no less!) and that in itself should be proof of a promising season.

Kudos to the actors as well. Even when I'm not completely happy with a storyline, I'm still captivated with how they work a script. Looking forward to next week.
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I give it a 10...I loved tonights eppie...It was CSI at it's best..
The CSI that I love has returned...
Long Live CSI!!!!!
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This episode, while having some poignant moments, spent most of its time waxing poetic, which for a show like CSI, is a crime.

There was too much that felt like filler, and when that became noticable, the poignant touches to the storyline began to feel saccharine and heavy-handed. As someone upthread mentioned: they took a 30 minute plot and drew it out an hour. Or longer if you consider the small amount of science we saw tonight could've/should've easily been addressed in last year's finale.

I admit that the end does alot to make one misty-eyed. Yet, I also attribute that to the sad music and the dramatic montage of the gang as they looked on. Just because a story can be emotionally manipulative doesn't mean it was a good plot. There were scenes obviously cut and too many gaps in the logic or plausibiliy of the storyline that it took away from the episode. I give a 6 out of 10.
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GAAAAAAAAH, this was ... this was ... amazing! she's alive! AAAH

i'm gonna be able to form coherent sentences in a while. right now, i cannot. this was the most intense episode of anything i've ever seen. dude, i SO totally thought it was her buried in the desert.

i rewatched it already, and i'm still impressed to no end, of how they handled it. i'm gonna go and see the last 5 minutes now. zomg.

oh and my rating? can i give like a 20 out of 10? no? naaah, sure i can.
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My rating: 10/10.
Simple; Sara didn't die and I'm completly dumbstruck by that episode. Seriously.
Now yeah, I cry alot when I watch TV, but tonight I was cursing and jumping up and down and I'm pretty sure I awoke all my neighbors like ten times since here it's 05.15 AM. *snickers* Anyway, I loved how it was poetic and so forth.

I think it was kind of cute that it wasn't Gil who found her. After all, that would've been a little too sweet...
Or would it?

Anyway, my point being: I love CSI, and I've cried for about 45 minutes and my eyes aren't dry yet, because yep, I'm a pansy. Go CSI and go this episode... to the MAAAAAX!
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nibs, I'm curious, what were the logic and plausibility stuff you're referring to? Aside from what's been mentioned already.
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I liked it quite a lot.

I say an 8.5 out of 10.

When it ended I just leaned back against the wall and smiled. I am perfectly content. Not overly excited or depressed, just content. Which usually happens after the episodes that I like most.

My favorite parts were the scene with Brass and the tow truck guy when he said, i cannot remember the exact line, but something about going to the hospital and then jail. I wanted and hoped that Brass would send him to the hospital if he didn't talk. And the scene with Nick in the bedroom-touching. But I like emotional Nick, it makes me want to jump into my tv and hug him. I thought all the actors portrayed the emotions wonderfully. And I liked that when Sara opened her eyes she saw Grissom's name before his face. I am not exactly sure why I liked this so much, but I did I thought it worked. And i liked how Grissom didn't say anything the whole last scene except I'm going with her. There were a lot of other things that I really liked, but those were my favorites and this might never end it I talked about all of them.

I did not like so much that Sara roamed around in the desert. I know she was out of it or thinking that she would find a road or something, but I still wanted to yell at her and tell her to stay with the car. And I did not like how Hodges collected the evidence from Natalie. I do like Hodges, but I don't think that's the kind of thing the lab techs do. I thought it could have been a good place for Warrick, or Greg or maybe even Catherine.

And yeah, I thought there was a lack of science, and the science is why I started watching in the first placy. But I figure that since the episode was about finding Sara and they already had the bad guy I can let it slide this once.

There were more things I didn't care for, but Sara is alive so those are just not nearly as important to me.
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:mad: :mad:

That was the worst piece of s**t i have ever seen. I couldn't believe how STUPID this show has become.


Grissom could tell sara was under the car, because of a hunch?? Where THE FRIG did the scientist go!!!!!

Natalie apparently can move heavy objects with her mind!! WOW!

I hate slow motion!! wow, they wasted about 20 mins just showing the desert, and rocks! Yay for rocks!!

Like omg, sara and natalie were totally bonding!! SQUEE how totally cute :rolleyes:

Why the hell did they waste all that time showing sara wandering around, what a waste of tape.

Why the hell do they keep flashing back to stupid GSR moments. Apparently this is the only storyline in the entire show now.

They wasted another 10 mins just showing 'dramatic' shots of natalie..another waste of time.

And the mirror was flashing while sara was in the shade under a tree...hmmmm of course!

The ending SUCKED! Like OMG totally how cute sara not responding until grissom held her hand :rolleyes: That was for all the 15 year old girls. Who the FRIG DIDN'T SEE THAT LAME ENDING HAPPEN! I HATE ROMANCE!! That is why i watch shows like CSI!!

The preview for the next eppy didn't really mention the case, just more about GSR.

I was watching it with a friend who doesn't really watch CSI...she thought it was terrible too. She also was like 'why is it such a soap opera'.

Bottom line. Completely dumbed down crap for romance lovers. Bring back the old CSI. Or get rid of Sara and Grissom, and if they put Catherine and Warrick together, i will need a barf bucket.

:mad: That sucked. that is all...
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^ somebody's angry today, lmao.

well, i on the contrary, as stated above, loved the ep and i'm the happiest person eva right now *dances and sings angel songs*
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I think that episode needed the GSR time.
It was an episode, based on Sara, and her will so survive.
Because without it, she would've died.
And Grissom probably helps with the whole 'giving her a will to survive' part.

And well. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but was it really that bad? I mean, why they showed the flash backs was to show how much Sara really meant to Grissom. And about the 'hunch' part. One part of his job is to interigate people too, and he did 'interigate' (I'm from Sweden, suck it up, I can't spell xD) Nathalie. Just, not in the ordinary way, since this time he wasn't able to surpress his feelings.
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GSR has been focused on so long that it's hard to remember the times when they were a team. It's not the matter of hating GSR or the ep it's that there have been limitations to th other character arcs. Thus the screen time hasn't been very even for the actors.
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Thank you, xfcanadian. See "other thread" for why. I don't actually post in every thread, LMAO.
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Hey guys. I know I am new here, but I thought you might like to read an exclusive interview where Jorja Fox discusses her future. It is an interview AFTER the premiere tonight:

Ausiello Report - by Michael Ausiello

Warning: If You Haven't Watched Tonight's CSI, Stop Reading! [Article Removed]

*EDITED: Due to Copywrite problems the article was removed but the link will remain.*
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I would love to see Nick and Sara get something going, the Grissom/Sara thing is ok but I'm pretty sure it will be too much of a problem at work now that everyone knows and Grissom will have to make a choice between work and Sara. It's obvious that Nick has a thing for Sara. I would also love to see WArrick and CAtherine get together. I know some people don't care much for the love drama in this show but I really think it adds to it. I see people complaining about there wasn't much science in this episode, but it really wasn't about the science, it was about Grissom and SAra and Sara's strength and determination. She was amazing tonight, wonderful performance Jorja. :)