Season 8: "Dead Doll" Discussion *SPOILERS*

Evan watching this wp the second time around, still didn't appeal fully to me.

Natalie was the main reason to watch the ep, IMHO. She was the center that the world spun around and the minute she cracked, the whole plan went up in smoke.
i didn't bother to watch it...probably overall the worst csi eppy made. Plot holes, and laughable storyline. I was laughing for most of it the first time i watched it.
I am just curious to as what people thought of the season 8 opener i watched it last night coz it has just aired inthe uk anyway i thought it was good but not great for example the scence changes were easy to c like one minute it is raining and dark and next it is dry and sunny also grissom didnt seem too fused about sara being kidnapped he seemed more upset when nick was kidnapped back in grave danger also nick seemed more upset about sara being kidnapped imo it wasnt till right at the end grissom showed some emotion he was way to calm but maybe i am just being picky lol anyway what did you all think i thought it was an ok episode just not the best one i have seen they have done much better i think s8 will pcik up again once they start doing cases
I rewatched the episode again just to check some things and i actully enjoyed it alot i kinda realized Grissom wasnt acting too calm its coz in that situation he needed to be calm and the only downside really was just seeing sara walking throught the desert and where did the badage come from lol