Season 11 "Spoiler Lab" Discussion Part 4

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Episode 19 of this season ("Unleashed") features Sara & Langston investigating the death of a social worker with a psychological fetish which may have killed her (Anthony E. Zuiker says it involves "Human pets") I think this may be the lady Heather episode :D

You're correct!

First, a much-anticipated (but all-too-brief) appearance by Gil Grissom and now Lady Heather! EW has learned that Melinda Clarke will reprise her popular role as a steamy dominatrix for a CSI episode that’ll air in April.

The (mother-of-a) story: Human pets are at the center of an investigation by the CSI team. Apparently, a murder occurs within a strange offshoot of the dominatrix world in which rich people pay human beings to be their “pets” (gulp). Lady Heather, now Dr. Lady Heather, becomes professionally involved in the case. The episode was written by CSI creator Anthony E. Zuiker and Ed Whitmore.

Clarke last played the role of Lady Heather for the CBS drama in ”Leave Out All the Rest” that aired in November, 2008. She’s now a regular on CW’s Nikita. The actress told EW earlier today that she’s feeling pretty optimistic about another season of the butt-kicking drama.
*HAPPY DANCING* Yipee!!!!! :):thumbsup::hugegrin:

Can't wait, I was thinking 'hmmm are they planning something' when they mentioned her a few weeks ago and the info for Unleashed came out

I can't wait :):)

I hope she and Greg have some scenes together, they never have had any, heck Hodges too, I can see it now with him both feet in his mouth :lol:

And OMG I'm imagining the scenes with her and Sara right now, put his mother in the ep :lol: poor Grissom, he better stay out of the country for awhile

:hugegrin: Oh I am one happy girl!!!
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Yay! Been really enjoying her on Nikita too, but it'll be great to see Lady Heather again!

I can't figure out which characters I want to see her with most, so I guess this is one episode I hope they all work on one case, and talk to her! :lol:
Reminds me of that episode with the human furniture fetish thing...
I'm surprised they don't do more sex related things on CSI, anyways. It is Vegas... :p
I'm looking forward to a LH episode without Grissom. I thought she was pretty intriguing at first, but when her character became more of a Mary Sue, and a tool to have Grissom act weird and stupid, I disliked her episodes.
I hope we see some interaction between her and Sara. (Poor Sara! this appears to be the season of the ex's; will we see Teri Miller return sometime as a consultant, as well?!) Sara seems to be pretty secure and content right now, so hopefully, she'll handle LH just fine, and it could be really interesting.
I'd like to see Heather and Ray interact, as well; and Heather and Hodges for some comic relief; and a scene with Catherine and Sara and Heather would be gold!
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I really liked LH in her first two episodes, but the one where her daughter got killed and then the one where she tried to kill herself...not so much. I hope she's back to her old self in this one, although I'm interested to see what interactions she might have with the others without Grissom there. We've already done the "your husband and I were intimate" route this season. ;)
I think Nick needs to do some scenes with her, he gets so flustered when they're dealing with kinky sex. :lol:

But it looks like this will be a Ray and Sara case. It'll be interesting to see Ray react to her, though it's not as much fun going to her house with all the men screaming in the background. :lol:
I was thinking the same thing about Nick - I would love for Nick and Lady Heather to have scenes together and I hope they do.
Has anyone seen the Marg article in this week's people? They say she'll be here for a few eps next year. That'd be cool, even if she wasn't a regular anymore.
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