** Season 10 Spoiler Lab - Take Two **

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Boy is CBS trying to hurt CSI Miami's ratings. Last season they put the finale on Mother's Day and got a very poor rating, especially for a finale.

This year, according to the source you posted Finch, they are putting the finale on Easter Sunday. I'm sure that we will win us huge ratings (NOT). :scream::rolleyes::wtf:

I guess, with what they are planning to do, they thought that putting it on April Fool's Day would not be a good idea, but they think Easter Sunday is better????
oh wow the finale is on Easter Sunday? That's a lot earlier than previous seasons. I wonder what the cliffhanger will be this year. (that is, if there's a season 11) :p

That spoiler as well as one from vegaslights is posted on page 39 of this thread.

Eva tweet yesterday that Miami would be filmng the finale next week.
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Additional spoilers for 10.19 - "Fractured"

~ Calleigh checks to see if she is qualified to adopt Austin North. Her home study was favorable but an emergency causes her to postpone the meeting. Eric shows up later as her character witness.

~ Ryan is accused of murder. He was found passed out and he denies being drunk. Horatio has to process him.

~ The episode reminds me a lot of CSI's "For Gedda."
Oh god... Another Ryan suspected of murder storyline. Can't these writers come up with something that's not a repeat of things they've done before? Wasn't Ryan just recently accused of killing Rebecca Nevins? :groans: This show needs new writers STAT! This is the third frickin' time he's been accused or suspected of murder! Horatio, Rebecca and now who? Let me guess... it'll be Samantha or O'Shay? or Samantha's boyfriend?
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Three times is a bit much for one character. Wonder who was murdered this time ? Maybe we should do a "Who was murdered poll"? LOL.

Thanks for the additonal spoilers vegaslights .

TPTB couldn't come up with something better than "Ryan gets accused of murder"...again. Why can't it be Walter's turn. Don't get me wrong, Togo plays those kind of roles super well, but really? They couldn't come up with something more...I don't know...not done 50 million times already?


At least there's promise of supposed amount of significant Ryan time. I got spoiled last week, I want more of that. :)
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