** Season 10 Spoiler Lab - Take Two **

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I'm sure you all have heard the news, but CBS has officially cancelled CSI: Miami. I'm sad, but I'll be honest, I watched most of last season on CBS.com the day or so after. Plus, I'm really enjoying it being on AMC so much.

Frankly, I was kind of surprised that there was so much talk of it being cancelled. I figured NY would go this year and next season would Miami's last. Nonetheless, I was extremely pleased with the season 10 (now I guess the series) finale. The way it ended was PERFECT.

Thanks for 10 great years!
The way CSI Miami ened was to slap in the face to all the fans who supported it through all the delays for the last 2 years. They show absolutely no respect to the fans. Most TV shows that have been on the air as long as CSIM get a warning of a last season, this is bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, they had a good run.

Can't say I'm all that surprised.

What I'm going to do is close this thread (as we won't be getting any more spoilers, obviously) and re-direct discussion of the cancellation over to the cancellation thread.


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