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Maybe Ryan and Walter are working on a different case altogether that has nothing to do with this one and we'll actually get two unrelated cases in one episode. I don't think Miami has had that for a while LOL.

Why if things have gone wrong it's always Eric who's responsible for? Why it can't be anybody else for a change?:scream:

I don't think the spoiler was referring to a "something goes wrong" scenario as in evidence missing/incorrectly processed or whatever. I think what the spoiler was referring to was that Eric may have some kind of bad reaction to Elizabeth's death that might cause him to go after the killer... I think that may be the action that gets him in trouble with the agent. I can't say I really blame Eric though if that's the case. He was friends or something with Elizabeth and to find her head in a box like that could send anyone off the deep end.
I felt it was more than that for Eric in that he had promised Elizabeth that he would keep her safe. I remember saying to myself and others, as soon as I heard those word, "She's going to be killed". That kind of promise is a give away.

I also hope it is not Eric that get reassigned because it is always either Horatio or Eric. I think it would be nice and give our leading lady a chance to shine if she was the one to get into trouble because they have never done that before. At least not in a season finale cliffhanger. They gave David/Horatio (the male lead) both the 6th season finale and the 9th season finale. They gave Eric the 7th season finale. They gave Natalia co billing with Horatio in the 9th season finale, but they have never done Emily/Calleigh. Does that mean they don't think she is important or liked enough to make for a good, nail biting season finale.

I don't want to lose Calleigh, but I think it is time for her to get her turn as the cliffhanger.
Okay, this is kind of disturbing. I hope it does't actually show Eric opening a box with Elizabeth's head in it, that just seems gruesome...and I don't find my any things on CSI very gruesome. I guess it's just because of the relationship they had...

Can't wait for the finale though, no matter how cliche it sounds, I don't think any of the season finales have ever disappointed me.

Season 11 FTW.
I kind of wish they'd gone with something besides head in the box. That's just too much like "Seven" and I didn't care for that movie.
I knew at some point Elizabeth was going to die. Like someone else said, once the promise of protecting her from Estaban was made, I knew she was a history. And not surprised Eric gets choked up about it and you just know he's going to feel guilty about. I have to say it sounds like it's going to be an intense season finale.
Anyone see the announcement? Since Miami only has 19 episodes this season, it's ending its season in April instead of May. Does that mean that NY will also end in April since it only has 18 episodes?
so then we all gotta wait in suspense & agony for all of May, June, July, August into Sept-wait that's just plain torture...no wonder they got another channel for the repeats to tide us over these long dry spells...wow only 19 episodes what a way to save money $$$ CBS! guess we're lucky our show is still on after 10 seasons...
It is disturbing that for the first time they are removing Miami in its timeslot for another series. However, on the positive side, the new show could crash and burn, and CBS would realize what a difficult timeslot Sunday 10 p.m. is and they end up grateful for having Miami do as well as it does and they renew it with an increased order next season! The time off could also bring back some fans that left for awhile--absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Not sure why this hasn't been posted yet from CSIM Facebook:

Latest From CSI: Miami has exclusively learned that Malcolm McDowell, who was last seen in Episode 8.16 "L.A", will be returning back to CSI: Miami this season.

McDowell will be included in the last two episodes of season ten, entitled "What's your Poison" and "Fractured". His character "Darren Vogel" is back, but this time to manipulate the MDPD evidence so that it always looks as if the CSIs have been careless, thus ruining their chance of admissible evidence.

Along the way we are going to find out a connection between "Vogel" and Danielle Bisutti who plays "Gabrielle Wade", the 'Taunter's' attorney. Without revealing to much, we can tell you that these final two episodes are going to be exploding with new surprises.

CSI: Miami is currently filming their 18th episode entitled "What's your Poison".
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Maybe Sam will be the one reassigned for the evidence tampering thing? It does mention her doing that. Rather her go than any of the others anyway!
Theresa, thanks for update
It sounds really awesome- I love that episode of season 8 where Malcolm McDowell played. It was great chemistry between him and David. And I always like when they bring back some old enemies :)))
NYC 22 better flop or else. Having CSI: Miami being replaced by another show is NOT a good sign. but to be honest, I don't see people being interested in yet ANOTHER police drama...
Wait... Who says NYC 22 is replacing Miami? The network needs something to take the slot while Miami is on its usual summer hiatus!
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