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I see what is going on now. CBS is working on "what they are going to do for the Fall Season, and will release it to the public on May 16th, (so they say, and I hope they are not liying about it).

As I mentioned before, watching NYC 22 will have no impact on if Miami is renewed or not. I'm sure that the board is looking at budgets for the entire CBS TV and Radio Networks. News is one of CBS's big revenue drawers, so that where CBS Radio Network comes in to play with the CBS TV Network News.

CBS is a HUGE, publicy owned company, and the only thing I could see that *might* happen is that the board will look at Miami, that has had 10 seasons, where CSI NY has had only 8. They may pull Miami off, let CSI New York have one or two more seasons, then take it off. This is just a prediction that could or could not happen that way, being that the public doesn't know what is being said or done in the big CBS Media Offices in Mid Manhattan. I think they have contracts with Cumulus Media, based out of Atlanta, but I'm not sure on that. Cumulus (Ran by President Lew Dickey) has basicly take over what's left of ABC.

What bothers me is that Clear Channel Radio is getting out of the (owning too many Radio stations) business, and has renamed the company Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. President John Hogan said they were going into the Movie and TV business. Since 1996, the government has let Clear Channel run wild, and they do own TV Stations that that are not for sale. Clear Channel will power up against CBS, go back to being a public owned company, and cause some stink, like they have in the past with owning Billboards, Concert Promotions, and now they want thier hands in the TV Network Business, this is all we need!

To be honest with all of you, beware of Clear Channel. In the past they have been known as "Cheap Channel", with a reputation of firing people on the spot, killing programs and not say a word about it until the day they want it done! Heck, I think they still have control of Rush Limbaugh! I know CBS has got thier eye on Clear Channel right now, as they are under reorganization to fight CBS.

Folks, I just saying what's on my mind, and I not saying I am right or wrong, but if you pay attention to Wall Street, and look back at the media (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Concerts, and now Billboards we see on the Highways) there is struggle between companies that want to be number 1 in America, and that's just how the free enterprise system works. CBS owns Billboards here in the Nashville area along sides of the interstates!

I know I am getting you off track of the main stream of the topic here, but I have learned in business to stand back and look at who is controling what and why decisions like this are being made to gain loss revenue and ratings during 2011.

Miami still has a chance, according to Ann Donahue, and she knows the media industry very well. I think she is trying to tell fans, don't worry about it for now, let's just wait and see what the uppper arms of CBS decided to do. Write Nina Tassler a "snal mail" letter, not an email. The more fan mail she sees, she can take it in front of the CBS Board of Directors. This is just what is on my mind.

Right now, CSI Vegas has been renewed, but who knows about the fall of 2013's Fall Season? Business Models change quickly and they make rapid decisions before thinking about the viewer that Nelison does not know about!

Peace and Good Luck for CSI Miami:)

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To all of this, I say the following: let CSIM die a dignified death.

The show had had a great run, 10 years, some of them good, some average, and some real crappy. Just to jog your memory, some other classic scripted shows lasted barely 10 years:

Lassie (17 years)
ER (15 years)
Bonanza (14 years)
Dallas (13 years)
Hawaii 5-0 (the original-12 years)
CSI (12 years)
The Carol Burnett Show (11 years)
MASH (11 years)
Married With Children (11 years) :p
Murphy Brown (10 years)
Seinfeld (9 years)
All in the Family (8 years)

10 years seems to be the average output for a successful hit show. To drag it out too much longer invites ridicule. The writing on the show has dropped off quite a bit. Plots are thin, continuity is irregular, and CBS putting the thing into the Sunday time slot was like sending a Boer to the firing line--let's just see if he lives.

I've read the average CSI show takes about $1MM+ to produce and air. Assuming CSIM makes $90M per 30-second ad spot, this leaves CBS about $500M ahead (inflation adjusted from a decade ago), assuming they make ratings
targets. This is the rosy scenario. 11 years in to a series, don't expect the same great numbers you did when the show was the hot ticket on TV.

Regarding syndication, you need to remember that CBS only shared in the syndication profits, Bruckheimer's company gets a percentage, so does Zuiker's. So it's not real feasible for CBS to tell AMC to make their own shows, because it is doubtful they would make the same amount of money as just selling the rights, paying for the satellite services, and not having to spend a dime on production costs.

Plus, as a viewer, I don't see any real value in "saving" CSIM. What good will come out of it? We'll get another shoddy season of mediocre episodes? Caine is further alienated as a leader, and get the spectre of the team getting broken up in an ugly series finale? Is that really what we want? As the reviewer her noted, the last season went out on an up note--true they stupidly concocted another "Ryan did it...oops he didn't" episode, but that was a whole lot better than what they would have thought up if they help onto the polyanish belief that there would be another season.

Let it go. Enjoy the reruns. Don't kill us with another bad season. Really.
Thanks for explanation about NYC22, folks:)

I hope I didn't confuse you more. :)
I'm going to wait. If CBS decide to give us another Miami season for whatever reason - it will be good. If not, so be it.
Hello Bill_az

As much as I love CSI Miami, you have brought up some valid points. The problem on these Community Boards is that some who post don't have a cue to how the media business works.

I got to thinking, and I can be wrong, CSIM is a more costly show to produce that CSI NY? Why? Look at those Gas Hog Hummers they drive. They use them very often during the program and gas prices are going up, it's an election year, so that doesn't help, and with a struggling economy, that is sample I see that I don't think CBS is wants to put more money money into. That is a costly expense If CSI Miami get another season, it would kill what the program is really all about, due to budget cost!

This is a "Crime Drama Show", not "The Bold and the Beautiful". Male demos and even some female could careless about Eric and Calleigh, and having kids, etc. I read that Ann Donahue wants to come back and let that happen, due to she has had many women want the program to turn into a soap opera/daytime program. If there is a season 11, she can give that subject some more closure, but I think the last episode did a little of that because they knew then there was big possibility CBS was not going to renew Miami for one more season.

The audience, mostly female that want to see this E/C thing is not enough to show high ratings. It's what I call a "small cult following" that CBS is not going to waste their time on. I have found many people have stopped watching CSIM since CBS has moved it to Sunday Nights. That too, also cuts out the time to focus on the main character, Horatio Caine, and the Cirme Drama scenes that the program is really all about, and it also seems that the character, Horatio Caine is seen less and less than in CSIM's early days.

With that said, I don't think David Caruso, Adam Rodriguez, and Anthony Zuiker don't want this to happen either. Mr. Rodriguez has said he wants to focus on "Crime Drama" and working behind the camera. David Caruso feels the same. Part of me says that if there is a season 11, there won't be enough money to produce a good show as they have been doing in the past, and Rodriguez and Caruso, will walk away displeased, and that is not a good thing.

David Caruso and Eva LaRue was excited about taking the show to Asia, with a Miami Crime Scene that lead them into Asia, but now, Eva LaRue has not spoken any more about that idea because she is a smart woman and she knows CBS has their hands on the cord, ready to pull it. Eva is very smart person! I give her credit where credit is due and I didn't know who Eva LaRue was until I started watching CSIM in 2008.

We shall see May 16th what is going to happen. My wife and I keep up with Eva LaRue and she has already found another gig on ABC due to she knows CBS moved Miami to a bad night, and all the shows that end up there, despite the high numbers, die off. Look what happened to Cold Case, and that is a Bruckhemier Production.

I realize and understand the feelings of some of the fans of this show, but we have to be realistic about it, understand the business model of CBS and the money that is poored out in doing just one episode. I think the spots we have seen during the commercial breaks of CSI Miami on CBS are just "filler spots", meaning they were spots that had to be "made good" under contract with the advertising agencies before Monday Morning at 12 midnight, eastern time, because that starts a new work week.

Bill, some of the past TV show you mention that got longer season were not as expensive to produce than these CSI Shows. I have this gut feeling, to make things fair, CBS will let CSI NY have 1 to 2 more seasons, then after that, it will go off CBS. In addition, I don't think AMC has the money to produce 2 more seasons of CSI. The show "The Killing" they have is kinda of dull and cheap production.

AMC is just looking for a way to stay on the air and pull ad dollars. The President of CBS, Nina Tassler, made it very clear back in February that they needed end all three CSI Shows, as much as everyone loves them, even with a good fan base and numbers, I guess economics says there has to be an ending.

In conclusion, if CSIM has to stop, one side of me says stop it right here, but on the other hand, if there is money out there to have one more good season, with crime drams, and make the women happy with this E/C thing, then let be. Only CBS controls that, and I will say it again as thier slogan says, Only CBS.

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I reread your post, and it seems to me, in my opinion, that CBS has one too many cop shows on about the New York Police Department, Blue Bloods, CSI NY, and now NYC 22. I too think it is silly for CBS to promote NYC 22 on Twitter and Facebook pages that belong to CSI NY!

None of this makes any sense, but I think that NYC 22 is just a "filler show" for the summer until the fall season gets here.

I have seen CBS do this in the past, even back when William S. Paley was President of CBS, before Nina Tessler.

What we are doing is point out, what the network has options of doing.

Miami really only has a 50/50 chance of getting renewed, being CSI NY has only had 8 seasons, not as much money to produce one episode, it could be possible this is the end to CSI Miami, and CBS will give CSI NY, one to two more seasons to make it fair.

As I said, Nina Tassler has said that all three CSI Show must come to an end. Yes, that bothers me very much too, but we do not control large publicly owned corproation does. That's why we have "free enterprise" in the United States.

The cast, crew, and J.B. found out, and they got to thinking, this could be the last episode, as Omar Miller (Walter) pointed out, everyone started to have doubts they would be back. This is why they did the last episode like they did, to sort of wrap things up, just in case. In addition, this is why Eva LaRue was smart, going back to ABC and getting a gig there.

From now until May 16th, I don't want to sound negative in my posting, but we are just going to have to be realistic about things. If you read the comment that Bill posted, one episode of CSI Miami cost almost 1 million to do, and there may not be enought ad dollars coming in to support that, despite what the ratings are, and it has been the stongest show on Sunday Night that CBS has had, but look what Sunday afternoon sports does to the Prime Time Shows on CBS, it causes casual viewers to not come back after these football, basketball, and golf programs end for the evening, so CBS can get caught back up on regular programming, and this past season, been tough on the network on Wall Street.

I'll say one thing, showing sports on CBS is going to kill them in the end, especially showing them during Prime Time TV, which is 8 PM to 11 PM Eastern Time. Today in our era, we just don't have 3 or 4 channels in a market to watch, cable and satellite has more to offer, and all this is going to do is kill CBS in the end. CBS owns other networks, they can put the sports there.

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To be fully honest, there are too many shows on TV about murders and solving them. Both reality shows and dramatizations. We Americans seem to be obsessed with killing people--just ask George Zimmerman--and how these people are brought to justice. episode of CSI Miami cost almost 1 million to do, and there may not be enought ad dollars coming in to support that, despite what the ratings are...
The $1MM figure came from the original estimates by Zuiker and Bruckheimer when they pitched the CSILV pilot to Michael Eisner at Disney/ABC (as detailed in the book Disneywar). That was 11 years ago. Like CSILV, most of CSIM is filed in Studio City, CA. The "crime lab" is actually the FAA Employees Credit Union in Hawthorne, CA. Most of the "Coral Gables ritzy homes" scenes are filmed in Rancho Palos Verdes. So I assume the costs would follow a standard inflationary track: costs go up, actor salaries go up, things like that.

The ad revenue for CSIM was recently reported as $90M for 30 seconds. Most 30-minute shows have 7-8 minutes of ad time, a full hour has about 15.

So I'm just extrapolating some numbers.
Good though Bill, but it seems like this has been really going on all along since 1950, when TV first got started. I would say Gunsmoke came over from CBS Radio to CBS TV, and stay there into the 1970's. There was that "Old Time Western" Crime Drama there. I think it just kept building from there.

People in the 90's got tired of seeing old western shows like Dr. Quinn and Little House, so here comes Walker Texas Ranger and all three CSIs. One of the actor from the Dr. Quinn's show was a guest star on CSI Miami.
Honestly I'm on the fence about wanting CSI Miami to end. I used to be a huge fan of this show, back when I still believed in it. When words such as "We never close", "No one gets away with murder in Miami", “follow the evidence”, and "Son, a woman lost her life" actually meant something, and were not just filler lines used to get a reaction. Back when Horatio was consistent in his character and not a Jekyll-and-hide, cared about children, cared about justice, and was the true leader and hero of the show. When the team could get things accomplished and bad guys put away without resorting to questionable tactics or contrived plot devices.

I miss Horatio. I would appreciate another season IF they could give me back the original Horatio and somehow give him back his son (actually he'd pretty much be getting him for the first time :rolleyes:), quickly give Julia and Ron justice for murdering Kathleen Newberry and Bill Winston and all the people they defrauded over the years. (Plus I’m sure there is a whole host of other things I can’t recall at the moment.)

But if they aren't going to bother doing any of that or any of the other resolution/closure things that need to be done; then DON'T BOTHER BRINGING IT BACK.

Unless they do give Kathleen Newberry justice and give Julia and Ron what's coming to them, I will be making a point to avoid CBS in the future. I don't watch any current TV shows any way, but regardless of how long ago it happened, this show made me a TV cynic specifically because of that event, and I'll avoid them entirely before putting more time, money, and passion into another CBS show. (I'm only bringing this up as a courtesy to them; at this point I'm not sure there is a way to legitimately fix it.)
I too have mixed feelings about whether the show should be canceled or not that I won't go into, but if it returns for Season 11, I think the one thing we can all count on is that the writers WILL NOT "fix" any of these plot issues and loose ends. It hasn't happened yet and the input into the show is only getting weaker. Example - 10.19 could be the series finale and the writers/actors/etc. barely made an effort to give us a resolution.
I may have mixed feelings about WHAT WE WILL GET if we have a season 11, BUT I DON"T HAVE MIXED FEELING ABOUT HAVING ANOTHER SEASON.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

I LOVE this show and while some things are disappointing (like the lack of closure on many storyline) we sure are not going to get any closure if we go around telling the internet (AND CBS) that we don't want the show.

Maybe I'm an optimist, but I WANT ANOTHER SEASON. I want to give CBS and CSI Miami the chance to close some of those loose ends. Many of them they didn't know what to do with in a continuing environment and if they decide that season 11 is the last then they could take some for those things and work with them because they don't have to keep them going for more seasons.

There are way to make the show better, but only in a short term situation. Examples: give Horatio purpose and strength again by bringing Kyle home and either having him be the strength and family Horatio needs or bring him home with a problem (not too huge a problem) that Horatio can be there for him with, and in the process, find himself again. That also ties up a big loose end. They can finally get Eric and Calleigh married, because they don't have to worry about 5 more years of stories where they have to deal with the couple/co-workers on screen. They could give Ryan family, maybe that uncle of his because he doesn't have to become a continuing character,etc...

Maybe they won't take the opportunity of a last season to give the fans what they have been asking for, but I'd rather post things like this (giving them suggestions and supporting the show) then to get on the internet and tell them it is OK to get rid of it. TO ME, IT IS NOT OK TO GET RID OF IT NOW!!!!!!!:scream::scream::scream: