Sara/Greg #13: Sandle - The Ship of Hope

Mauela! *tackles* Man, it's good to have you back! Hope you had a good time in Sicily.

Karu, I read your little snippets you posted and I love them!;)

Aww, thanks! I'm trying hard to keep everyone in character, which is hard because I'm new to the series. Don't worry Manuela... you actually gave me something to work with. I don't have to work on a blank slate this time around. I'm only half way through it. I've been busy 'cause I recently became a godmother and I have to attend my goddaughter's baptism so I don't know when I'll be done... be patient with me!

By the way, I came up with a reason why Greg is so reluctant to do the claender shoot. I can't say much because I want it to be a surprise, but what do you think about Greg being a model? Anyways, I'm off to write... wish me luck!
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Hey ya people!! missing me yet? haha...well i must say, that is the most wonderful joint fic...bravo! bravo! love it soooo much! I wanna add in a little dialogue..

After looking at Greg's picture in the calender, the team was speechless until Nick broke the silence

Nick: Wow! Great shot Greggo...
Catherine: Very sexy...Haha!
Grissom: I am going to put it in my office...Definitely *Smiling*
Warrick: Helooo HONEY!!
Greg: Guys shut the way, I have a huge one in my house...
All of them: :eek: :wtf: O...kay

Sara: Well, you can be in the 'America Next Top Model' I heard that they want guys now..
Greg: You're kidding right?
Sara: Sure! I have my phone in the locker *Pulling her chair and stand up*
Greg:'re not gonna to
Sara: Im walking towards the door..
Greg: Uh uh...*Pulling his chair*
Sara: Im now at the door...
Greg: No you're not! *Running towards her*
Sara: *Running towards the locker, while Greg's trying to stop her*

The rest::wtf: *Silence*
Warrick: So, do you have any assignment for us?
shazza! *tackles* Man I've missed you and your dialogues... we're attracting old Sandle fans back! *does happy dance* Now we need to post like crazy... we're already at the halfway point.

I love the dialogue by the way... especially the part about Sara entering Greg in America's Next Top Model! Not to mention the heckling from the guys. It's totally in character... I might use something like that in the fic. That is, if you don't mind.
well, is it me or you addressed me wrongly...i am Naz btw..haha its ok sometimes i get confuse with the names here...its not your fault that sandle have alot of fans here...blame them for being a sexy couple...hehe

and no prob..i dont mind you using my fact, i will love it if you use it...:D
...i am Naz btw..haha its ok sometimes i get confuse with the names here

Whoops! I am so sorry... I think I confused you with another Sandle fan. I've gotta get your names right this time around... don't mind my being scatterbrained.

Anyways, thanks for letting me use your dialogue Naz-- there, at least I got it right now... I'm definitely gonna use Grissom's and Warrick's lines. They're perfect for the scene I'm planning... it's the one where Greg's secret is accidently revealed. Let's just say that some old photos of Greg surface in the lab...
Do you guys thing that Greg will actually make a move on Sara? And how? He did once asked Cathrine if Sara'd go out with him but he never asked Sara...So what do you believe?
Do you guys thing that Greg will actually make a move on Sara? And how?

I hope he will... with all the Sara/Grissom/Lady Heather rumours flying around, anything's possible. If he were gonna make a move on Sara, it would be something crazy, creative and hilarious. Something that just screams Greg... I wouldn't have it any other way. Well, it wouldn't hurt if Sara was the one who made a move ;)...
I agree with Karu. With the whole thing with Lady Heather, anything is possible. Who knows? If something happens between Grissom and Lady Heather, Sara can’t accept it, I’m sure. She will do like she had done with Hank. “I’m sorry, Sara. I should have told you” and she said “It’s a bit late now.” And boom, bye bye Hank. I hope that if Sara finds out that Grissom is unfaithful, she will react like she did with Hank and Greg will have the opportunity to make a move, or if Sara who will make it, like Karu said, it won’t hurt. :)
I don’t know, Greg will find Sara in the locker room and they’ll have a talk. She’ll tell him that she broke up with Grissom and he will comfort her and Sara will realize that there is only one person that has always been here for her, Greg…;)
Anyway, I hope Lady Heather will make a big mess like she ever did!:devil:

I never believe that I’ll say that, but maybe Lady Heather will give her more than hope…If it was possible, a Sandle gift…;)

So, Lady Heather, don’t let Grissom escape from your hands!!!! Make a move!!!! :guffaw::lol::guffaw:
Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and haven't left you. I can't stay long for now, but I'll be back soon. Missed you all and the Sandleness!

*group hug*
Eva! *tackles* Man are we happy to see you! Hope you come around here more often... I dunno where are the other Sandle fans. Where are you guys?

Don't worry Manuela... I didn't forget you. I'm all for a Sandle talk in the locker room... they should show something like that on CSI. *sneaks video camera in the locker room* Think we'd be able to catch them on tape? Oh and before I forget, I'm nowhere near finished with the fic, but I'm a little more than halfway through... do you think I can send you what I have so far? I'm thinking the fic could work as multi-chapters instead of a oneshot. So what do you think?
I can't stay for long because I have to go... Karu, of course you can already send me what you have done, so I can have a look at it! I'm sure it will be excellent!!! I agree with you, it's better if the story works as a multi-chapters because for a oneshot it will be too long...
Send me what you have done so far, I can't wait to read what you have written!;)
Send me what you have done so far, I can't wait to read what you have written!;)

Thank you! *hugs* I was a little worried for a minute there... what I have so far could probably be split in two chapters. I did a double space to differentiate the two. Anyways, I'm sending what I have tonight... hope you like it!
Karu, I received your work. I’ll have a look after I’ll post this.

I don’t know if you have seen the promo for the first episode of the ninth season. I have seen it and I’m really pissed!!!:mad::mad::mad: There’s Sara in the promo, I was so happy to see her, but of course the writers had to put GSR scenes in all the promo!!!:brickwall: I was nearly going to cry! The first one can be okay but the second, was really too much! The first one, Sara is waiting in Grissom’s office and when he arrived, she hugged him. The second one, it’s Sara in bed with Grissom!:(
There’s not a scene in the promo where we could see all the team together or Sara with someone who’s not Grissom, no. I’m really really pissed!!!
Anyway I will try to calm down…and I seriously hope it’s all a big joke!

Sunday I will finally see the rest of the eighth season. It begins with Goodbye and Good Luck. Finally! They are so slow in Switzerland! :lol:
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Oh my God, I'm sorry! I didn't think, I was so angry and I totally forgot to put it in the spoiler box. I'm really sorry...It won't happen again.:(