Ryan/Jon #25 - Wolfe's Den

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You're welcome! He does look like a fun guy to hang out with! He'd have you laughing the whole time! :)

Here's a few caps from the new Entertainment Tonight interview w/Jon, David, and Eva. He's looking so hot in red and has lost more weight! I like the hair more than I did earlier in the season but I still prefer his hair last season! What do you all think? Enjoy! (Thumbnails so click to enlarge!)

He was cute in that video even though I'm not super-crazy about the way his hair is parted. :lol: Love his expression in the second pic! Too cute!
I have to agree. Not wild at all about his hair. When I watched it this morning it made me a bit sick...its just so 90s. LOL and the red shirt is soooo bright. What are you wearing TOGO?!!?!
I like last season hair best but his hair has looked worse.

Isn't that the shirt that he is wearing in the promo pictures?

I am psyched for this episode tonight:thumbsup:

Thanks for the pictures Kristine!!
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Thanks for the pics.
I liked last seasons hair too, and I agree it looks better
than it did earlier this seaon.
Tonight's epi was pretty good. Ryan looked so hot! :drool: He gets better with every episode this season. I have to admit haven't been :drool: too much this season but in this epi! Wow! I was so happy to see the black leather jacket make a reappearance (a la Presumed Guilty) and gun stance.... Oh and he wasn't dumbed down tonight which was so nice! It was like the old Ryan! I can't wait to cap this!
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I liked Ryan in this last epi too.He was brave as well as caring.Both he and Natalia were great.
FallenForFlack, I know you mean't Ryan wasn't dumbed down,and it was nice to see.
Ditto for the jacket and gun stance.
I also loooved Ryan in last nights episode! But the poor guy, always getting stuck in fires and explosions! This was his... fourth? :lol: And he wasn't dumbed down, yay! I loved how he tried to help Natalia even though she was telling him to go, and he was obviously worried about her (and knew something was wrong) after the explosion. Just, aaw. :lol:
I loved it, the guy is just too sweet. Though we don't see it often enough, & at times it's overlooked by fans/reviewers, this guy really does look out for his teammates. I can't say the same for some of the others (Eric and Calleigh I'm lookin at you). He may not always do what's best for himself or the job, but when it comes to his teammates, his heart is definitly in the right place.
I can't express enough how incredibly thrilled I was that he was actually part of the rescue. He got to be seen as a hero, very brave -- I couldn't be happier with the way he was written for this episode. :adore:

And how about that door kick?! Ok, well I was tickled by it. :D
He kicked a door? How did I miss that? I must have been hypnotized by the leather jacket of hottness. :lol: Will have to watch that ep again. LOL. And his gun-stance was back too! Woo-hoo!

Loved that he actually got to be heroic and was actually thanked for it. Of course I don't expect Natalia not to thank someone who saved her... afterall she thanked H too. And she continued to thank Ryan for being concerned for her.

I loved that when Ryan first woke up after being knocked out by the blast that he shook his head to clear it. LOL that was a nice touch. Very action-starry. :lol:

I adored how concerned he was for her and how he wouldn't leave her even though she told him he could. He has adopted that saying, "don't leave a teammate behind". :) Awesome! He wouldn't leave Calleigh either in SGIYC when she was trying to get the body before leaving the burning building.

Fourth time Ryan's been in an explosion/fire. :lol: He must have the worst luck. :lol:
Ryan as hero!
Im definitely looking forward to seeing this, will have to make time later this week.
And I do love that jacket, looking forward to the caps! (but there is no rush, Kristine!)

Yeah, poor guy, 4th time in an explosion/fire. Talk about bad luck.
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