Ryan/Jon # 18: Why can't we cap our dreams?

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I wanna read that story, if that someone doesn't mind posting a link to it. RYAN, BEING A FATHER? That could work, infact, it would be cool to see a little Ryan Jr that looks just as cute as him running about his apartment. Ryan would be an awesome father! Hmm, RYAN + BARE CHEST = SEXY! (I hope no one I know reads that, they'd tease me and I'm 15 and he's 30)
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yeah! come on show your love for our man. Go vote and help Ryan win and get a win under csim belt for once. Ryan is the under dog and he needs ever togoholic to join the fight to help him win. SHow you luv, show your support, Go Vote!!!

You get 4 votes so do them all. If you have any q's feel free to pm me. I'm always willing to help out for the cause!
Can you just vote 4 times right after each other? How exactly does it work?.I voted once just now.
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greatfan, please try not to post two times in a row and maybe add a little more substance to your posts. If editing is still available, just go back and edit your previous post to add whatever you want. This helps the forums be less "spammy." Thanks :)

Wolfe's Den could work for me as well. Though I still like the incredible shrinking (or missing) t-shirt!
That's a good one Kat. :lol: I like the missing part.

As for Ryan being a dad. I just dont see it :lol: I'm sorry. I really cant picture that at all. Even when he was holding the baby in Shoot Out, I still couldn't picture him as a dad. I doubt they would make him a dad on the show anyways, after all they are trying to fight this "soap opera" imagine some people see in it. But who knows.
greatfan, please try not to post two times in a row and maybe add a little more substance to your posts. If editing is still available, just go back and edit your previous post to add whatever you want. This helps the forums be less "spammy." Thanks :)

I will try to add "more substance" to the post. The two post that were two in a row were at least an hour apart,I see no reason to edit the previous post,but I will be mindful since that seems to be a problem.
Thanks to everyone in our little WOlfe Pack that's been voting for Ryan in the challenge. He's holding on for now.

Our little Wolfe pack, hehehe. Kat, Missie, Greatfan, dopebabygirl. I feel so bad for you nickgregryanfan, I know you are so torn over who to vote for, but I saw you threw one in for Ryan :thumbsup:

As for Ryan being a dad, hell yeah he'd make a great dad. He did a great job with that baby and well maybe I'm not just talking about Ryan, but I'm also talking about Togo. IN the scene where him and the nurse are checking it over, the baby is reaching for stuff and Togo does a great job of keeping the baby in place and plays with it. I'm sure that baby wished he was his dad.

At the end when he's standing holding it :drool: you can see he's doing a great job of keeping it happy. It looks like he's talking to it. He could be saying, "Please don't start crying again." but who knows.
BUt as for Ryan being a good dad, I think he would be. He has ocd so he would probably be good at making sure the baby is clean, fed and he seems very sensitive and caring. I think he would be very over protective but that's a good thing when you're a parent.
But, if they just had Ryan meet a girl and then get married and later have a child. That's life. :lol: Ryan really doesn't seem like the one night stand type of guy. He's kind of shy/awkward around women he wants to go out with. I think he'd be a good father. He looked mighty cute with that baby in that one ep.

I can totally see him as a dad. He does have a niece and apparently spent 100 bucks on her for her birthday. On a government salary, no less. How can he afford that? For their own kid, sure... but someone making that kind of salary (remember Eric said he couldn't afford to go to a gentlemen's club only a strip joint) spending that much on a niece? Wow... none of my uncles or aunts ever spent over thirty on me for my bday... in fact I'm not sure any but one aunt even bought me a gift for my 12th bday (Ryan's niece was 12 at the time). :lol: Sounds to me like Ryan is spoiling his niece. :lol:

Kyle is a classic soap cliche. :lol: I'm fairly certain they did something similiar on Dallas with JR... only his son was already an adult when he appeared. :lol:

Our little Wolfe pack

Hey, I like that! How about that for a thread title or the subtitle (like the fort or the ward)?
"The Wolfe Pack".
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I'm torn about who to vote for too. :p But I was voting for the poor underdog!

Ryan would totally make a great dad, even if he adopted and as a single dad. He did great with the baby back in S3 and I think that with a bit of help from his friends, he do amazing. The first day of school would be so funny...instead of the kid not wanting to go the dad wouldn't want them to go. :lol:

I do like The Wolfe Pack as well...it's up there with the Fresh Togo. :D
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