Ryan/Jon #17: Ryan, where have you gone?

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Wow i come to the new thread and it's already been attacked by posts lol. So i'll start from the top.
1. Thanx CSI Kat for making the new thread it's great and can I say how much i love that first pic of ryan!! It's so big and he so hot! just so much hotness!
2. OMG sandersidle !! that shirtless pic of "ryan" got me. all i saw was shirtless and ryan and saw it and didn't see that it was fake i almost had a heart attack when i saw that pic until i noticed that there is difference in skin color near his neck lol.
3. Thanx for posting those pics Twiztid4Togo ! Even though you wrote warnings on them i still almost had a heart attack opening those pics lol. So much hotness! especially the last one! how can emily stand to not jump all over him! seriously if i had to work with him i'd probably get fired the first day for like following jon into his dressing room or hiding in his shower (just to name a few) lol. :)
Oh my, Twiztid4Togo! Those are great caps, and that last picture was, er, um, *ahem* quite the photo! *scrambles off to build time machine to go back and switch places with Emily*
OK people I come bearing some of the hottest pics of togo I have ever seen. I'm talking you all better be sitting down holding on to your chairs for these ones...yeah they are that good. 1. get at least 3 drool buckets ready and fasten your seat belts before viewing these pics. 2. I don't know it's just that hott..

too hott to handle

getting even hotter to handle

can you feel the temp raising in your room?

can you even go on to look at more of the hottness?

drools buckets will over flow on this one......

Now run off and take a cold shower then come back to take another long looksie....Did anyone notice the chest area???????? :devil:

OH and once again Emily Procter being one lucky lady to be paryting with our togo...I want to be Emily...
:eek: Well seeing som chest is getting closer to shirtless!! :devil: Perhaps if we all try to send mental messages all at once he might get the hint. *sends mental note* Togo you WANT to be shirtless infromt of the photographers!
OMG!!! Those are soooo hot! Thanx for posting them Twiztid4Togo ! And especially thanx for the warning! omg in each pic more of his chest started showing seriously wolfesgamergirl we need to send mental messages to him to he'll get the hint! seriously what's the big deal about going shirtless what reason does he have for hiding his incredibly sexy bod?
I'm with ya wolfesgamergirl..."sends mental note* Togo take off your shirt for us!!!!!

I think we are getting closer to a shirtless pic. Togo seems to be getting more willing to show it off or he nows we want to see it so he's teasing us..bad togo...

I have to say I nearly fell out of my chair when I found these pics and I was staring long and hard at them.

I have to say thanks CSI KAT/ katbug for my banner and icon... I find the pics and she makes me icons and pretty background wallpapers..OMG I need a gypsy wall paper katbug... *smiles big and cheesy for her*
Wow Twiztid4Togo, I love them pics, I see lots of chest, so hot, Yeah for a new thread, I love the new name. I can't wait for next month either.
Oh, snap, I missed the grand opening of the new thread! *picks up leftover confetti off the floor and throws it anyway* Anyway, I had fun reading all of the brithday comments and whatnot...it's good to be back!

GunsNRoses259 said:I can't wait for next month either.

Me either! They have started showing promos for other fall premieres like Desperate Housewives, which is encouraging because that means that CSI is on its way too! I haven't seen any promos for CSIM yet, but it does come on 6 days before DH, so it will be here before we all know it! Yay!
*FLATLINES____________/\_/\* :eek: Jon as a pirate!!! *SQUEE* Jon's chest is showing!!! *MAJOR SQUEE*

uhh....Twiz....that's not very gypsy style....that outfit screams PIRATE style. note the skull and crossbones bandana....the boots....and the shirt... the jewlry. it's so pirate style...very similar to Orlando Bloom's pirate get up in the new movie. but if you think he looks like a gypsy that's your opinon.

but to me he looks most deffinatly like a pirate.
need4speed the pics are from Ronnie woods birthday party and he had a gypsy theme party to celebrate his birthday...so if i'm wrong then Togo was dressed wrong for the party...I didn't think Emily looked too much like a gypsy but I really don't know how they dress so who am I to diss...But that wasn't my opinin that is what I know..GYPSY THEME.
oh well the skull and cossbones threw me off....sorry. it's just i've never seen a gypsy in any film or picture from history books with a "pirate like" banana on. and plus in one of the pics the guy he was standing next to also looked very pirate like....oh well.
Well I found many articles that talked about the party and the reason for the Gypsy theme is because Ronnie's parents were gypsy's. For the party they had a Gypsy caravan in his driveway...yes I read a lot up on this.

I think its so cool that Jon and Emily hang out together and would go so far together for a party. I wonder if she got the invite and brought him along. I know she knows Ronnie and his wife.

I have the exact same bandana as his...now I look at it completely different.
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