Ryan/Jon #17: Ryan, where have you gone?

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Hi CalleighWolfe, I don't think I remember seeing you around *waves* Oh, and Ali, welcome back :)

Wow, a new thread already :) Thank you Lucy for our very fitting title. Hopefully we'll have an "I'm back!" as part of the answer soon :rolleyes: Yeah, that and lots of great Ryan moments ;)

Ok, so I bring a picture of sexy Ryan in interrogation room as well. Picture is from Nailed and I believe credits are to csi-caps.
whoo hooo...a new thread already..yah...a belated happy birthday to Jonathan Togo!...my second thread opening..yah!
btw i think jonathan has a great sense of humour,don't ya agree! :)
Great job Katbug with the new thread...

Yeah Katie got me..I just saw "SHIRTLESS PIC" and I didn't- couldn't read anything else and I opened it..fool me. BUT Irma is awesome and that pic just rules.

I didn't like the new name of the thread when I first read it but I guess it is fitting for this season. Maybe for the next thread if he's not back to being a csi we should make it..Ryan/jon petition for his CSI job back or something like that idk..

Rack I really think your right about the "wishful thinking"

Ok I'm going to go on a little rant here about Ryan losing his job. I'm not sure if I posted this thought in here but it's a new thread so I will. OK, I don't get who and how Stetler found out about his gambling. I mean Yelina caught him on tape paying the dude off, but she was working as a PI, not for Dade County. SO she told H about it and H asked Ryan and he lied. NOW did H go running to Stetler with his info just because Ryan lied to him or because he's just so good that he can't do wrong? I mean come on how did Stetler find out? Ryan paid the dude so I'm sure he didn't tell. This has been bugging the shit out of me because basically I hate the whole gambling/ fired story line, but really, how did Ryan get busted? The TPTB did a really bad job with this story line IMO. They left too many loose ends and not enough info. I mean to me right now I'm left feeling like either Yelina or H squeeled on Ryan. Did I miss something in that ep?
Yay, a new thread! :D
Great pictures on the new thread, that shirtless one nearly stopped my heart for a second or two, even though I know it is fake.
Really like the first one you posted Twiz and haven't seen it before. Where did you find it, it's lovely.

Afraid I cannot cast any light on the whole Ryan being fired thing as I am in the UK currently watching the 5th season and I've only just seen Curse of the Coffin (great episode :)).
new thread! congrats
Thanks to CSI_Kat for opening the new thread and thanks to Lucy for adding the title. :)

good questions Twiz!
I also thought about these points. I haven't seen it yet, but I thought about it nevertheless.
I can't believe that Yelina or Horatio said something to Stetler. Yelina wouldn't have gone to Horatio first if she had wanted to harm Ryan or the CSI team. I also don't think that H sold him out. He cares about his team even if Ryan lied to him, but it was so strange that he smiled at the end of 'Burned' as he saw Ryan leaving the building.
It's sooo confusing... :rolleyes:

I hope that there will be a talk between Horatio and Ryan. They had never a talk before, so it's time.
I also want to know why Ryan had so much money on his bank account and didn't know about it.

*sighs* I'm a little bit frustrated.... :(
Oh yeah I forgot about the mass amount of money in his account he claimed he didn't know about. Come on if you got big bucks you know where it came from. So did he just flat out lie to Stetler too? I was very shocked at him lying to H about it, after all the squirming he did in his seat when Stetler was q's about Delko's rolling papers. He tried everything not to lie but to not tell on Delko. It really bothers me that they made him a liar, really bad. This whole gambling thing just made Ryan look like a big time loser and that bothers me. I think they should have had him tell H the truth and have H back him up, but we don't really know what H did about it. If they don't clear up how he got caught I'm going to be more upset.

dna girl that was in a magazine called "Hollywood life" A shoot that he did with Emily Procter. It had a Hitchcock theme to it and there were a few really good pics of him. Let me check and I'll post them.
well in Kill Switch at the very end right before the end credits, H and Ryan did have a little talk about Ryan not abandoning the team. and how H and the team were going to be there for him through all of this...

Ryan: I'm not going to abandon this team.
Horatio: (Puts sunnies on) And we, Mr. Wolfe, are not going to abandon you
Thanks Twiz, that would be great if you have more photos from that shoot. That look really suits him :p

Although I haven't yet seen the episodes you guys are discussing, it does make me sad to think that Ryan has come out of this with his integrity damaged. :( I really hope there is an explanation for everything and it will be made crystal clear in the new season. Hopefully Ryan will get a big storyline that will allow him to redeem his character completely............
OH! MY! GOD!!!!!! :eek:
Twiz, those photos are fantastic - thank you!!! :D :D :D

How much do I wish I was Emily Proctor in that last photo? :devil: (It's ALOT!!!!!!!) :devil:
Oh yes me too and your welcome....damn she's one lucky woman. I don't know how she can work with him now after having his body ontop of her like that. I'd be so aroused just looking at him after that. I couldn't got through that shoot without taking a cold shower.
:eek: love love love the photos!!!!! and i SO WISH i was Emily in that last one too DNA_girl!!!! Whooo! some one call the fire department!!! my computer just set fire! LOL!!!!
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