Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    What a Jerk that waiter is. Lori should have belted him one and left him behind:scream:

    You know Geni. I thought for sure when I read Lori yelling at Scott to get up you SON-Of-A-Bitch. I thought she would have thrown in....

    "Come on Scott, I love you. Don't give up on me now":rolleyes::rolleyes:

    I know, I know. But I can't help it. I adore them two:p:lol:

    *Snort,Giggle* Loved the classic Condom session:guffaw:

    great update Geni. Hopes for the next Chapter soon:)
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    Talk about upping the action! Loved the entire spill with Katie/Anni/ Speed- and yes, especially Speed's comment about the condom. That had me spilling over in laughter.:guffaw:

    So, Scotty has a bit of a memory problem? Will it last long? And I hope they cleared the blast and hope for sure that they're okay...The biggest question I have just happened?:wtf:
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    Yes. Indeed, wtf just happened?

    Bwahs Lora is spying on all of us :shifty:

    Lily: Keepy your mittens off my Ryan. *pets ryan*

    That was hilarious in a very dean way.. Oo
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    Thanks so much for the reviews! Makes me feel a little less lame for updating at 3 in the morning. :p


    Café, New York, 4 days later

    Lori: *typing*

    Bailey: *walks over, places coffee on table, sits* Who's laptop?

    Lori: Mine. I bought it.

    Bailey: What are you doing?

    Lori: Transferring some money around so some of my...debts get paid.

    Bailey: *opens newspaper* I see. Oh hey, look, they found out what happened at that restaurant.

    Lori: *lifts eyes*

    Bailey: It was a gas line break in one of the clothing stores down the road. It says here that the blast cascaded down the street, damaging at least 5 businesses and killing 30 people.

    Lori: *looks down at laptop*

    Bailey: Not what you expected on vacation, huh.

    Lori: *typing*

    Bailey: You know, Scott just was released from the hospital yesterday. You should go see him.

    Lori: I have some things to do today.

    Bailey: When's the last time you saw him?

    Lori: When he was lying on the pavement beside me.

    Bailey: He'd probably like to see you.

    Lori: Let me guess, he's back at work.

    Bailey: Yeah. The guy's nice but very stubborn.

    Lori: *nods*

    Bailey: Come on, let's go see him.

    Lori: No.

    Bailey: Why?

    Lori: I'm not here to go play with boys, I'm here to visit my grandmother. Although she sleeps a lot.

    Bailey: Scott's worth it.

    Lori: *closes laptop*

    Bailey: You're not happy that he's okay?

    Lori: That's not it.

    Bailey: Then what? You've been quiet for the past 4 days. Did the prospect of death rattle you or something?

    Lori: *shakes head* I've just been tired.

    Bailey: Maybe it's because of all the pain pills you're on.

    Lori: I'm not on any.

    Bailey: What? Why not?

    Lori: A few bruises and cuts are something a warm bath and relaxation can cure just fine.

    Bailey: Um, have you looked in a mirror? You got more than a few bruises and cuts. And by the way, the way you've been walking, I'd think you have a broken rib. You should have stayed at the hospital longer than an hour.

    Lori: I hate hospitals and I don't have health insurance. That's one more bill I'm not excited about paying.

    Bailey: So you'd rather be in pain?

    Lori: No, I'd rather stop talking about it.

    Bailey: *nods* Okay, fine. I'm just trying to get inside your head, that's all.

    Lori: Believe me, you don't want to be inside my head. *grabs laptop, stands* So are we going or what?

    Bailey: Uh where?

    Lori: To see Scott. You wanted me to, so let's get it over with already.

    Bailey: *stands* Are you going to stop being grumpy?

    Lori: I'm in a city I hate, my bank account is officially empty, I feel like I just got hit by a train and I only have myself to blame. I'll stop being grumpy when I get a new personality.

    Bailey: Could be PMS.

    Lori: *glares*

    Bailey: I'm going to call us a cab. *walks away*

    Lori: *shakes head*


    Bailey: *knocks on door*

    Lori: *looks around*

    Bailey: *peeks through window* He's on the phone. Ooh he looks relatively good.

    Lori: *crosses arms, bangs head on wall*

    Bailey: You sure you don't want some Tylenol or something?

    Lori: No.

    Bailey: They're not addictive.

    Lori: *looks at Bailey, glaring*

    Bailey: Sorry. Forget I asked.

    Door opens

    Scott: *smiles* Hi, sorry, I was speaking with one of the CEOs.

    Bailey: It's okay. Look who I brought! *points to Lori*

    Scott: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: *frowning*

    Scott: Come on in.

    Inside office

    Bailey: So how are you feeling?

    Scott: Sore. But not too bad, could have been a lot worse. How are you, Lori?

    Lori: Super.

    Bailey: She's in a bit of pain.

    Scott: I see. You do look terrific though.

    Lori: I hate you and your stupid little health plan.

    Scott: *nods slowly* You're welcome to have a seat if you'd like.

    Lori: *sits in Scott's chair*

    Bailey: I think he meant one of these ch-

    Lori: *looks at Bailey*

    Bailey: Shutting up.

    Scott: *sits on desk* It's actually good timing that you're both here, I was going to call you. I'm testing out some recipes and I need someone to sample them.

    Bailey: Ooh recipes for what?

    Scott: A fundraiser that our company's having this year. They have one every year with a theme and this year it's supposed to be eclectic dishes from around the world. Our branch got Contemporary American.

    Bailey: Not exactly worldly. Very Upper East Side though.

    Scott: They probably sent it out that way on purpose. Anyway, the managers from each branch have to put something together. It's supposed to boost morale or something before the fundraiser.

    Bailey: So you get to use your kitchen afterall.

    Scott: *smiles* For your information, I do use my kitchen. Anyway, are you two going to come over tonight?

    Bailey: I'm definitely there. Lori's coming too.

    Lori: *rolls eyes*

    Bailey: I'll even pick her up.

    Lori: I'm not getting in a vehicle with you. You talk more than you drive and it probably scares the hell out of everyone else on the road.

    Bailey: Hey, sometimes I watch the road.

    Lori: No. Your car has no airbags and I'd like to keep some part of my face intact this week.

    Scott: I could pick you up.

    Lori: *lifts eyes*

    Bailey: *raises hand* Can you pick me up too?

    Scott: You have a car.

    Bailey: Yeah but it's a little low on gas and I keep having these reoccuring nightmares where someone steals my car and runs it into the river.

    Scott: *sigh* I guess it wouldn't hurt.

    Bailey: YAY! *hugs Scott* You're the bestest best friend ever. *lets go* Can I stand through your sunroof and sing 80s show-tunes?

    Scott: Will it get me arrested?

    Bailey: Depends. Are you going to be singing them with me?

    Scott: I only sing in the shower.

    Lori: *half-smirks*

    Scott: *looks at Lori* Is that a smile under there I see?

    Lori: *clears throat, frowns* No.

    Scott: *looks at Bailey* Of course not. She's pouting.

    Bailey: *nods*

    Scott: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: *crosses arms*

    Scott: I thought we discussed the pouting.

    Lori: *stares at Scott*

    Bailey: *lifts brow*

    Lori: *stands, leaves*

    Bailey: She uh, she seems angry with you.

    Scott: Yeah, she does.

    Bailey: Was it something you said?

    Scott: No doubt. *stands* I'll go talk to her.

    Bailey: Why don't you shove some pills down her throat while you're at it.

    Scott: Don't go on my computer. I'll be back. *leaves*

    Bailey: *looks at computer, smiles*

    Women's bathroom

    Lori: *turns on water*

    Scott: *walks in, shuts door*

    Lori: Isn't this a social no-no?

    Scott: Are you okay?

    Lori: *rolls eyes, grabs paper towel*

    Scott: *leans against wall* I know this is going to sound like the typical male response but, what exactly did I do wrong? If it was the pouting comment, I apologize. The last thing I want to do is make you feel uncomfortable or...even more angry than you already were.

    Lori: *shakes head*

    Scott: I realize we haven't exactly spoken much since the whole...ordeal but I want you to know that if you need to talk, I'm all ears. Day or night.

    Lori: *staring into sink*

    Scott: *places hand on Lori's shoulder*

    Lori: *pulls shoulder away*

    Scott: *steps back* Okay.

    Lori: *drying hands*

    Scott: You know, I'm not completely opposed to monologuing in the Women's Room but it would be nice if there was a dialogue between us at one point too.

    Lori: *scoffs*

    Scott: Talk to me.

    Lori: How about this. Get out.

    Scott: *lifts brows*

    Lori: *throws tissue into garbage can* If I don't want to talk to you, I'm not going to.

    Scott: Fair enough. The offer still stands. *turns around, leaves*

    Lori: *stares at door*


    Scott: Get away from my computer.

    Bailey: BAH! *stands* I wasn't doing anything I swear! *lifts hands* I was only playing Solitaire.

    Scott: *grabs chair, sits*

    Bailey: So did you talk to her?

    Scott: Um, I spoke to the wall. It may have bounced off and hit her though. I can't really tell.

    Bailey: She's that mad over a stupid comment?

    Scott: *grabs keyboard* I don't know.

    Bailey: Did you tell her you were sorry?

    Scott: Does that actually work on women?

    Bailey: Depends what the transgression was.

    Scott: *shakes head*

    Bailey: So...are you still picking her up tonight or what.

    Scott: I don't know.

    Bailey: Men. You can't do anything right. Let me talk to her. *leaves*

    10 minutes later

    Bailey: *walks in* She hit me.

    Scott: *leans back in chair*

    Bailey: She actually hit me. Her punishment will be to taste your terrible food tonight and by God if she complains or tries to run away, I'll tie her to the roof of your car.

    Scott: Make sure to pat her down for weapons first.

    Bailey: Cute.

    Apartment, 9pm

    Bailey: *laughs* Okay okay, I promise I won't laugh at your next 'interpretation' of the recipe.

    Scott: *hands over spoon* You're already laughing.

    Bailey: *grabs spoon* Just getting it out of my system.

    Lori: *drinks wine*

    Bailey: *chews*

    Scott: Well?

    Bailey: Not bad. I'm no chef but it would be perfect with salt.

    Scott: There is salt.

    Bailey: I said I wasn't a chef. *scoops food from pot* Here Lori, try it. Maybe you've got better taste buds than I.

    Lori: *grabs spoon*

    Bailey: So? How is it?

    Lori: It's really really good.

    Bailey: HA! See? She says it's good. Satisfied?

    Lori: *walks over to pot* Excuse me. *scoops food*

    Bailey: *steps away* Wow, she even wants seconds.

    Lori: Sorry, I haven't eaten all day.

    Scott: I could make you some dinner if you want.

    Lori: No, I'm fine with this...what is it again?

    Scott: Roasted Filet Minion with Braised Beef Ravioli.

    Lori: You should definitely make this for your fundraiser thing.

    Scott: *looks at Bailey*

    Bailey: *smiles, walks away*

    Lori: *throws spoon into sink, smiles* So, what's next?

    Scott: Dessert.

    Lori: One of my favourite meals of the day.

    Scott: It's going to take some time to prepare. *grabs cloth, wipes counter*

    Lori: *leans against wall, smiling* You know, men who can cook are hot.

    Scott: *looks at Lori* Uh, *laughs* I guess I'll take that as a compliment?

    Lori: You should. You're kind of an everythin' man.

    Scott: *lifts brow*

    Lori: Strong, sensitive, good sense of humour, great in bed.

    Scott: *blinks* Sorry, what?

    Lori: *bites lip*

    Scott: Excuse me for a moment. *walks away*

    Lori: *tilts head*

    Living room

    Bailey: *puts out plates*

    Scott: *walks over* What the hell did you do?

    Bailey: What?

    Scott: She's a little...charged, if you know what I mean.

    Bailey: *laughs, covers mouth*

    Scott: Fill me in.

    Bailey: *coughs* I sort of um, spiked her wine with whiskey.

    Scott: *stares blankly* Whiskey.

    Bailey: I thought she'd notice, I mean, it's probably not the best mix in the world. Evidently she didn't notice...and had a lot. It's cool though, she's probably not in much pain anymore. TADA!

    Scott: *rubs face* I can't believe you did that.

    Bailey: Hey, if it makes her more pleasant, I'll take it. Maybe you can find out what her problem is.

    Scott: I'm not going to juice her for information while she's intoxicated.

    Bailey: If you don't find out now, you might never find out.

    Scott: I'd rather take that chance. Besides, it's her decision to talk to one of us and I'm sure when she sobers up, she won't be very appreciative of what you did.

    Bailey: Okay okay okay, let me get this straight. She's willingly throwing herself at you, ready to spread out her...mind like a new map and you're not going to do anything. What are you, gay?

    Scott: *frowns* Where you never taught respect and common sense as a child?

    Bailey: I'm sure my parents tried slipping that in with all the Ritalin. The point is, there's something up with her and this is her last week here. What if you never see her again? Isn't it worth finding out if you can do anything at all to help?

    Scott: Not while she's hammered.

    Bailey: Okay you were sooo totally not like this a few years ago. Come on, you used to feel me up all the time.

    Scott: I thought we were talking about getting her to talk, not getting her to drop her pants.

    Bailey: When one is drunk, it's not always mutually exclusive.

    Scott: No.

    Bailey: Fine, I'll do it.

    Scott: Feel her up?

    Bailey: I haven't had that many drinks. *walks away*


    Bailey: Hiya.

    Lori: *smiles*

    Bailey: How are you feeling?

    Lori: Fine.

    Bailey: I bet. So...anything interesting happen lately?

    Lori: Like what?

    Bailey: Oh I don't mad at Scott?

    Scott: *walks in* Bailey, knock it off.

    Bailey: *slaps Scott* You ruin everything.

    Lori: *looks down at wine glass* Got any whiskey left?

    Bailey: ...

    Scott: *looks at Bailey, crosses arms*

    Bailey: Aw man you knew?

    Lori: *lifts finger* I know my alcogohol. *snorts* I don't think I said that right. *starts laughing*

    Scott: *sigh*

    Bailey: *elbows Scott* She's all yours.

    Scott: Stop it.

    Lori: Do you have one of those uh...y'know those thangs that tell *staggers backwards* the time and all?

    Scott: Like...a watch?

    Lori: Yeah one of those.

    Scott: You have one on your wrist.

    Lori: *looks at wrist* HOLY animal crackers it's almost 100 o'clock. *staggers back into counter, falls over*

    Scott: *runs over*

    Lori: WHOA! *lifts hands* Whoa whoa. Okay, whoa. There's that dang gravity thing again. You ever notice it seems to get more pushy when you're havin' a hard time stayin' upright?

    Scott: *kneels* Maybe I should take you home.

    Lori: *smiles* Aww that's very sweet of you. I didn't know you were willin' to drive me 1000 miles.

    Scott: I meant to your grandmother's place.

    Lori: *grabs Scott by the collar* No no. She can't see me drunk. *puts finger up to Scott's lips* Shhhhhush, okie dokie? Wow...your lips are soft.

    Scott: *stands, takes Lori's hand*

    Lori: *stands* You're a big strong man.

    Scott: Bailey, get her coat.

    Bailey: But she's so much fun when she's drunk! *stomps*

    Lori: *smiles*

    Bailey: C'mon, can we keep her? Just for a little while longer?

    Lori: Yeah, can we?

    Scott: Did you do this on purpose?

    Lori: A little.

    Scott: *rolls eyes* Get your coat.

    Lori: I don't remember where I put it. I have to search everywhere now. Okay, unzip the pants, I'm goin' in.

    Scott: Stay away from my pants.

    Lori: You know, that line would have worked if you were smashed too. *staggers off*

    Bailey: Now I know why she was high half her life. She's much more of a human being when she isn't herself.

    Scott: That's a horrible thing to say.

    Bailey: Yeah well it's true.

    Scott: I much prefer her when she's in her right mind.

    Bailey: She was in her right mind when she decided not to say anything about the whiskey.

    Scott: *looks around* Where is she?

    Bailey: I don't know.

    Scott: Lori! *walks away*

    Bailey: *sigh* What would they do without me?


    Scott: *walks in, stops* There you are. What are you doing?

    Lori: *staring down at coat* ...I wanna talk now.

    Scott: No. You're not doing this in your condition, I'm going to take you home now. Put on your coat.

    Lori: NO! Sit!

    Scott: *stares at Lori*

    Lori: Sometimes I just wanna be able to talk but I can't, okay? I'm not wired like everyone else, I can't just throw out all of my emotions and stuff just like that. Sometimes there's stuff I wanna say to you and everyone else but it just freezes inside me and I can't. It's like my head says it and and and then it won't come outta my mouth and it makes me mad.

    Scott: *sits* So...what's going on?

    Lori: I want a family.

    Scott: *stares blankly* Uh huh...

    Lori: An actual family. And I want it to be with someone that I feel comfortable and safe with. Kay, like, I'm just like every other girl out there too, alright, I fantasize about wedding dresses too.

    Scott: *smirks*

    Lori: And like, you almost DIED the other day and I almost did too but then we didn't and I don't want to almost die again unless you're there too. This whole week's been like a SIGN from like, Yoda or somethin'.

    Scott: ...Yoda.

    Lori: Well whatever you believe in. I'm just sayin', I'm tired of runnin' around the world without a future. 'Cause that's what my mom said, she said I was a good for nothin' bitch without a future. Who wants to have no future? That's like, barely havin' a present! You know what I mean?

    Scott: ...Not entirely.

    Lori: So this whole past couple of days, I've been sittin' there, y'know, 'cause it hurts to move and stuff and like, I was thinkin' that I don't wanna be sittin' there in the present without a future because then what's the point in livin' and then I thought about how I had to leave you again and then I started gettin' angrier and angrier but it's okay 'cause whenever I'm with you, I'm not angry or sad anymore. I actually feel NORMAL when I'm with you. I feel like one of those happy people in those clothing magazines walkin' down the street with their puppies, wearin' those overpriced autumn wear kickin' leaves all over the place. That's what I want.

    Scott: You want to kick leaves?

    Lori: I want to see what I'm missing.

    Scott: ...

    Lori: *looks down at coat* I know it'll never be perfect or anythin' but I don't need perfect. Heck, I'd kick tires around the block if it meant I had someone to come home to.

    Scott: *nods* And you needed to get drunk to tell me this?

    Lori: I wasn't planning on it but I guess Bailey's more useful than I thought.

    Scott: What she did wasn't right and I apologize.

    Lori: Stop apologizing, Scott. Then only person that should be sorry is me. I acted like a bitch to you. You're so awesome to be so patient with me.

    Scott: *grabs Lori's hand* Will you let me take you home now?

    Lori: *shakes head* I don't wanna freak out my grandma.

    Scott: She'll probably wonder where you are.

    Lori: I'm an adult. She can't report me missing for at least 24 hours.

    Scott: *laughs* Alright. You can stay here.

    Lori: Good, I'm exhausted. *lays down, covers self*

    Scott: N-...*sigh* fine.

    Living room

    Bailey: *drinks milk*

    Scott: *walks over* Ever heard of a glass?

    Bailey: *wipes mouth* Yeah, why?

    Scott: *grabs carton* Go home.

    Bailey: I thought you were taking Lori home.

    Scott: She's staying here.

    Bailey: *smiles* Oooh.

    Scott: Get your head out of the gutter.

    Bailey: So did she tell you what the problem was?

    Scott: Yep.

    Bailey: What was it?

    Scott: None of your business.

    Bailey: *rolls eyes* Let me guess, go home?

    Scott: That's right.

    Bailey: Alright but I'll find out sooner or later. Thanks for all the dinners.

    Scott: Anytime.

    Bailey: *leaves*

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    Awesome! Lori finally admits that she's a regular girl, with regular girl dreams! All she wants to be is happy, and being around Scott makes her happy. She so needs to marry this

    Very excellent work!
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    I liked the line about Bailey being more useful than Lori thought... hahaha. I think it's cute! And Lori's admits she dreams like everyone else... yay!

    Great update!
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    hehe, I love Scott. He's direct and to the point.:lol:

    Love Lori too, glad also she's starting to open up more. :)

    Great update Geni. Can't wait for the next update.;)
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    Hee. :D Thanks for the reviews!

    And with that chapter, I passed the 20,000 character limit we apparently have at TalkCSI. :lol: Whew boy.


    Miami, 10am, Trace Lab

    Speed: *walks in, grabs labcoat*

    Katie: *stands* Oh good. Just the man I wanted to see. I need your help.

    Speed: No.

    Katie: I was searching Lori's house today-

    Speed: Double no.

    Katie: *lifts bag* And I found a package of cocaine.

    Speed: *looks at bag*

    Katie: I placed it in a ziplock bag, I haven't touched it.

    Speed: You sure you didn't drop that from the last time you were spraying cocaine everywhere?

    Katie: I'm positive. This bag looks old and it doesn't have evidence tape on it. There were some fibers attached to the inside of the baggie, it may be transfer.

    Speed: Look, I'm uh, I'm working another case and it's a high priority, H wants me to get his evidence processed and I can't be looking into other things at the moment, especially if it's not even a crime scene.

    Katie: Tim, it is a crime scene. *hands over camera*

    Speed: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: I snapped some photos.

    Speed: *grabs camera, presses buttons* ...So the lock's broken on the door. It's an old house.

    Katie: Check out the other pictures.

    Speed: Dried blood drops on the floor.

    Katie: At first it looked gravitational but when I looked back at the photos-

    Speed: It's spatter.

    Katie: Broken lock, blood spatter and cocaine all found in an empty house.

    Speed: I guess it wasn't empty.

    Katie: I didn't want to give it to Horatio. *looks down at table* Especially since I collected evidence without authorization.

    Speed: The chain of custody's still in tact.

    Katie: You don't think she was involved with something, do you?

    Speed: She's been gone since last week and her drug tests are clean. I thought you didn't care about her.

    Katie: I'm not completely heartless you know. I married you, didn't I?

    Speed: *nods*

    Katie: I admit, she's been doing well. So which CSI are you going to hand it off to so they can drag her name through the mud? *scoffs* Well, your name.

    Speed: That house doesn't belong to her anymore, it's property of the county which means I can work this case as long as her name doesn't pop up as a direct link to it.

    Katie: Thanks. What are you going to tell Horatio? I mean, you have another case.

    Speed: I'll finish his evidence. For now, I'll try and get Calleigh out there.

    Katie: Okay.

    House, Miami

    Calleigh: *lifts camera, snaps photos*

    Jenna: *steps inside* Hi. I got a call about coming to a crime scene?

    Calleigh: You submitted the files to Horatio, he's agreed to let you observe a scene so what better way to start out?

    Jenna: Cool. Why the special treatment for me?

    Calleigh: *smiles* We haven't worked together yet. Plus, it'd be nice to get to know another member of the team a little better.

    Jenna: Ha awesome! So no road trips yet?

    Calleigh: Horatio's working a high profile case at the moment so it's been put on hold. *snapping pictures*

    Jenna: *looks around* So who died?

    Calleigh: *lowers camera* We don't have a body. But what we do have is evidence of a break-in and blood. *points to floor*

    Jenna: *looks down* Wow, it's like...little specs.

    Calleigh: *walks over* It's actually cast-off from a weapon of some sort. Depending on how forcefully the weapon was pulled out of the body, it can look like gravitational drops or spatter. The only difference is, it proceeds in a relatively straight line.

    Jenna: So where's the rest of the blood?

    Calleigh: I found gravitational droplets on the exterior sidewalk. So whoever was injured left on his or her own recognicance. I also found a shoe imprint on the outside of the door where the lock was broken.

    Jenna: Someone kicked it in.

    Calleigh: Yep. So from the time the door was kicked in, a bag of cocaine was dropped and someone was stabbed.

    Jenna: Do we know when this happened?

    Calleigh: The home's been vacant for one week, we'll have to start there and work our way up to a decent timeline. I'm also having Tripp canvas the local hospitals for possible stab wounds, maybe we'll get lucky.

    Jenna: Sweet. My first crime scene and we don't even have a corpse.

    Calleigh: *smiles*

    Trace Lab

    Calleigh: *walks in* Hey, you paged me?

    Speed: Yeah, I've been looking at the fiber found stuck inside the cocaine baggie.

    Calleigh: Anything interesting about it?

    Speed: It's your garden variety denim so it probably got ripped from a pair of jeans. I haven't narrowed down a manufacturer yet but I did find traces of floral pollen on it. *grabs paper* It's a Cattleya orchid.

    Calleigh: *shakes head* Never heard of it.

    Speed: You can find them anywhere from Costa Rica to South America.

    Calleigh: *nods* Well I've got some good news on the DNA angle. Blood in the house matches Carlos Valencia. Tripp's pickin' him up right now.

    New York, mansion

    Bailey: *looks around* WOW. Your family is scary rich.

    Lori: My family isn't rich, my grandma is. *opens drawer*

    Bailey: Your room is very pretty. It's bigger than my apartment. *opens door* HOLY you have a jacuzzi in here!

    Lori: *sigh*

    Bailey: What time did you leave Scott's place?

    Lori: 8. He was asleep on the couch.

    Bailey: You didn't talk to him?

    Lori: No, why?

    Bailey: Well he said last night that you told him what was wrong.

    Lori: *stares at drawer* Yeah...I remember saying...stuff.

    Bailey: What stuff?

    Lori: *closes drawer* Nothing important. I was a bit guilty for almost getting him killed, that's all.

    Bailey: saved his life.

    Lori: I guess. Ah, found it. *grabs sweater*

    Doorbell rings

    Lori: *lifts head*

    Bailey: ...Expecting someone?

    Lori: No.

    Bailey: Maybe your grandma forgot her key.

    Lori: She's at some ladies luncheon. She won't be back until later. *walks away*

    Bailey: ...*steals bath soaps*


    Lori: *opens door*

    Scott: *leaning on doorframe*

    Lori: *stares at Scott*

    Bailey: *smiles, runs over* HI! You need to see the size of her bathroom! Hey Lori, do you ever do the thing where you sit in the bath and have those little candle thingies in the water? I want to try that, can I use your bathroom?

    Lori: No.

    Bailey: Man, you were much more fun when you were drunk. Scott, wasn't she more fun when she was drunk?

    Scott: Can I come in?

    Lori: *walks away from door*

    Scott: *walks in*

    Lori: How'd you find the place?

    Scott: My mother's here a lot.

    Bailey: *smiles, claps hands together* Aw it's like you two were meant to be. His mom knows your grandma, both your families are from New York, you both have serious psychological problems...

    Scott/Lori: *look at Bailey*

    Bailey: It's like one of those romantic comedies only you guys were in a psych facility instead of on vacation. OH and you guys almost totally got killed in an explosion. But aside from that, it's a match made in Heaven.

    Phone rings

    Lori: Excuse me. *walks into next room*

    Bailey: *slaps Scott*

    Scott: Ow, what?

    Bailey: What did she really tell you?

    Scott: *staring at next room* Uh, she was uh, guilty for the restaurant thing.

    Bailey: Wow. You two are like in tune with each other or something.

    Scott: What?

    Lori: *walks over* Sorry, that was some jerk trying to sell me his phone service.

    Scott: Well anyway, I just came by to give you your coat back. You left it at my place. *hands over jacket*

    Lori: Thanks. *grabs jacket* I'm going to need this for my flight back tomorrow. I hear the early morning chill bites.

    Scott: You're leaving tomorrow?

    Lori: You knew that. Besides, I don't think I could stand one more day in your city. I'm going to go put this upstairs. *walks away*

    Bailey: ...What's wrong with our city?

    Scott: *walks upstairs*

    Bailey: Ugh, come on. Why doesn't anyone ever answer me?


    Lori: *hangs up jacket*

    Scott: *opens door, walks in, slams door*

    Lori: *flinches* I don't think you were invited up here.

    Scott: You were going to spend all day here, weren't you.

    Lori: I was planning on getting some rest, yeah.

    Scott: You don't want to face our conversation yesterday.

    Lori: What, the drunken one? Yeah, real important conversation that was. Didn't you ever learn not to listen to drunk people?

    Scott: You were sure adamant on getting me to listen.

    Lori: I would have said the same thing to your doorman. Could you get out of the way?

    Scott: No.

    Lori: I'm not playing games.

    Scott: Neither am I. Stop hiding behind this facade and stop hiding behind alcohol. If you want to tell me something, tell me to my face. I want to hear it from you when you're in your right mind and I want to be able to have an adult conversation. Now.

    Lori: Get out of the way.

    Scott: No. You've realized that what you said yesterday is the truth and you're going to run away from it, the only thing I can't figure out is why. Why are you running away from something you want? Even if it's not with me, you seem opposed to the whole idea in the open to everyone.

    Lori: I already tried it once, okay? It didn't work out. Both of us weren't exactly in the best state of mind and unfortunately I didn't realize how messed up he was. He blew off his head in front of me because he was hearing voices. And I'm sorry but seeing you sitting alone in a bathroom with a gun to your head doesn't exactly make me very comfortable with going through that again.

    Scott: Lori, I'm not going to blow my brains out.

    Lori: Right.

    Scott: Your husband was mentally unstable, I'm not.

    Lori: *laughs* You're not messed up at all, sure. If you're not going to off yourself, you're probably going to try and kill me.

    Scott: I'm not a very violent person.

    Lori: That's what they all say until they get the ring on their finger. They wait until they catch one and then they change completely.

    Scott: So...not only are you afraid I'm going to kill myself in front of you think I'm going to abuse you.

    Lori: It's complicated.

    Scott: Nothing's complicated. It just depends on your understanding of the situation.

    Lori: *looks down at floor*

    Scott: Believe me, if I was ever to hurt you, which I sincerely doubt, you could and would probably kick my ass into next week before I even got that far.

    Lori: *smirks*

    Scott: We don't have to set anything in stone but I want you to know that I do want a life with you in it.

    Lori: Same here. Unfortunately I'm leaving tomorrow because I have to. I don't think my bosses would appreciate me flaking out on another week.

    Scott: Then I'll come to Miami.

    Lori: *rolls eyes* Yeah well, sorry to say but we'll just end up running into the same problem again. You'll have to leave.

    Scott: *tilts head* There are jobs in Miami.

    Lori: *lifts brows* Huh? What?

    Scott: I don't want to be apart again.

    Lori: So you're going to quit your job and move a thousand miles away? That's a little extreme, don't you think?

    Scott: Maybe. What other option do we have?

    Lori: I don't have a home, where are you supposed to stay? Hotel rooms forever?

    Scott: I have some money saved up.

    Lori: How much exactly?

    Scott: *scratches head* 2 mil.

    Lori: *stares blankly* ...2 mil meaning million?

    Scott: I had a trust fund. I found it kind of ridiculous so I never dipped into it. I was thinking about donating it.

    Lori: *laughs*

    Scott: *lifts brow*

    Lori: I'm sorry, I can't believe you actually just said that.

    Scott: I make enough money to live comfortably, I haven't had much of a use for it until now.

    Lori: Right. That...totally makes sense, who needs 2 million bucks? *shakes head* So don't you need to give some sort of notice before you just take off from your job?

    Scott: Actually, I uh, gave them my notice a week ago. The fundraiser is supposed to be my last day. I mean, I like my job but that's not where I want to be in 20 years.

    Lori: I see. Well, I guess it's settled then. Except, what about Bailey? You two have known each other since highschool and now you're just going to up and leave.

    Scott: If I know her and I think I do, she'll find a way to keep in touch...and plan her vacations conveniently.

    Lori: *smiles*

    Scott: So are we okay?

    Lori: *smiling* We're definitely okay.

    Scott: *nods*


    Bailey: *playing Guitar Hero* Oh man I wish my grandma was this cool.

    Lori: *walks over, flops onto couch* Hi.

    Bailey: This house is like the playhouse at McDonalds times A BILLION!

    Lori: *laughs*

    Scott: *walks over, sits*

    Bailey: You know what's great about this game? Anybody can be a Guitar Hero.

    Lori: Except people without fingers.

    Bailey: Where there's a will, there's a way.

    Scott: How about blind people?

    Lori: *snort*

    Bailey: Ha. Ha.

    Scott: *smiles, wraps arm around Lori*

    Lori: *smiling*

    Bailey: Someone's in a chipper mood all of a sudden. Ew, you guys didn't do the funky chicken upstairs did you?

    Scott: No.

    Bailey: Good because that would be awkward.

    Scott: Speaking of awkward, I'm leaving New York in a couple of days.

    Bailey: *lifts brow* Why's that awkward?

    Scott: Because I'm not coming back.

    Bailey: *drops guitar*

    Scott: I can understand if you're angry.

    Bailey: *looks at Lori, looks at Scott* ...So like, you're moving in together?

    Lori: I don't actually have a house.

    Scott: We can't keep running around the world for a few days at a time.

    Bailey: What if you guys don't work out?

    Scott: That's the chance you take.

    Bailey: Uh you're never coming back ever ever again?

    Scott: I'm sure I will but not for a while.

    Lori: *sits up* Yeah and you're welcome to come to Miami and visit too.

    Bailey: ...

    Scott/Lori: *stare at Bailey*

    Bailey: *smiles* AW YOU GUYS! *jumps over, hugs them*

    Lori: *nervous smile*

    Scott: *pats Bailey's back*

    Bailey: *sits up* This is AWESOME! You two are like, y'know, YAY! See? I KNEW you guys would get together the moment I saw the two of ya in the same room. Although I am sorry for insulting you in that moment, Lori.

    Lori: Don't worry about it. I've been called worse.

    Bailey: So Scott, when are ya gonna deck out her hand with some bling?

    Scott: Uh, one step at a time.

    Bailey: Fine, when are you gonna deck out the nursery?

    Lori: *laughs* HA! Bailey, you're a comic in your old age, you know that? I almost thought you were serious for a second.

    Bailey: I am serious. Scott wants kids. *smiles* He'd be a cute daddy.

    Scott: WHOA, whoa let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

    Lori: Yeah we're at step 2 here. What you're suggesting is somewhere closer to...step 3 billion. If we even get that far.

    Scott: Exactly.

    Bailey: *smiling, sighs* A Colombian drug runner and an American hero. What a pair.

    Lori: I'm not technically Colombian.

    Scott: *frowning* And I'm not a hero.

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    Aww, Bailey always manages to say the wrong things... hahaha

    But YAY! Scott's moving to Miami to be with Lori! I'm so excited!

    Wonder what happened in Lori's house, though... and I'm glad to see Katie still somewhat cares...

    Great update!
  10. Anni Grey

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    Yes! YES! YES! Scott's going to move to Miami to be with Lori! How awesome is that??? Very awesome indeed! Of course the wtf quotient has been upped with the break in of Lori's old home, and the finding of cocaine with blood. Seems like someone's trying to hook up with Lori- I hope she doesn't fall back into the wrong element again. When she's come so far...

    Awesome work, Geni!
  11. Finch

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    Hee. :D Thanks for the reviews y'all!


    Interrogation room, Miami

    Carlos: Hey I got somewhere to be man, you're jammin' me up.

    Speed: *opens folder* That's a nasty stab wound.

    Carlos: *laughs* Is that what this is about? You caught my attacker? I hope you guys are lettin' him rot away in some cell somewhere. Finally, the justice system works. I wanna press charges.

    Speed: So do we. For breaking and entering.

    Carlos: Some guy stabs me and you're chargin' me with a crime. Look man, I don't know what kind of hocus pocus evidence you think you've found but I didn't do no breaking and entering.

    Speed: *throws bag onto table*

    Carlos: *looks down* Oooh a piece of paper with numbers and graphs on it. What is this? Let me guess, it's catch your first immigrant day. I wanna talk to your supervisor, this is racism.

    Speed: DNA doesn't care about race. Your blood was found in a vacant home in Coral Gables. *places bag on table* Along with this bag of cocaine.

    Carlos: *shrugs* Not mine.

    Speed: *nods, looks down at folder* You came here 3 weeks ago from Colombia. You were...arrested here for possession. That's quick.

    Carlos: I live fast and furious.

    Speed: What were you doing in the house?

    Carlos: I go where I want when I want, man. Just so happens another dude was there too and he freaked. Stabbed me. Stupid punk bitch. Do I look like a cop to you?

    Speed: *staring at Carlos*

    Carlos: *rolls eyes* Okay, look, I heard from this guy that some chick dealt. That was the address he gave me. Hey, you can't charge me for getting the stuff if the bitch wasn't even there, right?

    Speed: *looks down at folder* Does she have a name?

    Carlos: Yeah, Lori somethin'. *laughs* I heard she was good for providing more than just highs if you know what I'm sayin'. A few of my friends partied with her once, said she 'serviced' them all evening. I gotta get me a slut like that.

    Speed: *lifts eyes slowly*

    Carlos: So am I free to go or what?

    Speed: No. Take off your pants.

    Carlos: *lifts brow* What for.

    Speed: Because I said so.

    Carlos: Get a warrant.

    Speed: Don't break into houses and leave your DNA everywhere. Take 'em off.

    Carlos: *looks around* What, in front of everyone?

    Speed: That's right.

    Carlos: You can't do that. I want privacy.

    Speed: Don't worry, nobody cares about what you're packing. Pants off. Now.

    Carlos: *stands, unzips jeans* You gonna get me something to wear in the meantime or what?

    Speed: It's a warm day.

    Carlos: *stares at Speed, hands over jeans*

    Speed: Put them on the table.

    Carlos: *rolls eyes, throws jeans onto table*

    Speed: *grabs latex glove from pocket*

    Carlos: This is harassment.

    Speed: An officer will escort you to a cell. Thanks for your cooperation.

    Officer walks over, grabs Carlos

    Trace Lab, few hours later

    Calleigh: *walks in* Hey. This the suspect's jeans?

    Speed: *staring into microscope* Yep. It's a visual match to the fiber collected from the cocaine, I also found the same floral pollen on his jeans.

    Calleigh: After 3 weeks of being in the country?

    Speed: He wasn't the cleanest kid.

    Calleigh: Well, I received a page from Valera, she isolated a second donor in the blood samples.

    Speed: *lifts head* Stabber cut himself?

    Calleigh: Looks that way. We don't have a name yet, all we know is it's male.

    Speed: Did you find any other evidence of drugs in the house?

    Calleigh: It was spotless. You thinking maybe someone got their information wrong?

    Speed: No, just outdated. *pulls off latex gloves* Alright, so we need to find out who stabbed the kid.

    Calleigh: I don't mean to be intrusive here have a high priority case to be finishing and the kid sitting in the cell isn't exactly a victim.

    Speed: Unfortunately, crime doesn't distinguish itself between victims and assholes. The kid deserves justice.

    Calleigh: You don't seem too convinced.

    Speed: I'm not. But that's what Horatio would tell us, right?

    Calleigh: *smiles* Yeah. Listen, I'll take over this case so you can get back to working on the other one. It's called priority for a reason.

    Speed: *nods* Alright.

    Few days later, Miami, neighborhood

    Lori: *closes car door* And...why are we here?

    Scott: Follow me. *walks away*

    Lori: Okay.


    Lori: *stares up at house* Uh...huh.

    Scott: Too small?

    Lori: *scoffs* Hilarious. What is this, a showhome or something?

    Scott: No. It's yours.

    Lori: *blinks* ...Mine.

    Scott: If you're going to break your back working 3 jobs, you should have somewhere comfortable to come home to.

    Lori: Well it...certainly beats the women's shelter downtown.

    Scott: *smiles*

    Inside house

    Lori: *sits on bed* Not bad. How'd you manage to buy this thing so fast?

    Scott: I have a friend who owns the real estate company.

    Lori: Nice friend.

    Scott: He owed me a favour.

    Lori: *nods* So where's your stuff? You...will be living here too, right? I mean, you didn't buy a house just for me.

    Scott: My stuff's in a different room.

    Lori: Why?

    Scott: In my experience, invading your space without notice doesn't go over very well.

    Lori: *smiles* Well, permission granted to invade my space. *stands* Thanks for everything. I don't know how I would have gotten this far without you.

    Scott: You're a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. I can't fathom how you ended up where you were before.

    Lori: It's easier to fall into the hole than to climb back out of it. And even now, I feel like I have to constantly watch my step.

    Scott: It's a good thing Miami's relatively flat.

    Lori: *laughs*

    Scott: *smiling*

  12. Anni Grey

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    Ugh...I wanted to smack Carlos...Lori's doing a great job of getting herself together now, ( as evidened by the awesome new home Scott just got her). I hope that nothing comes to bite her in the ass about this whole ordeal, she's really beginning to blossom.

    Awesome work!
  13. racefh853629

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    Can I just say that I'm surprised Speed didn't smack the shit out of Carlos for that comment? Or kill him? But I did like the 'take off your pants' bit... :lol:

    And... awww!!! Scott bought them a house!!! :D

    Great update as always!
  14. Jenna_Caine

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    Lol, I love it! Jenna got to go to her first crime scene! XD Awesome.
  15. Finch

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    Don't you just love Carlos? :p

    Hee. Thanks for the reviews!


    Parking garage, Miami, next day

    Ryan: *shines flashlight around*

    Heather: *walks over* Hey, PD said you were at a scene, is this it?

    Ryan: Uh...*scratches head* well it's supposed to be.

    Heather: What do you mean?

    Ryan: It's not here, there's no scene, there isn't anything. The call-out said this was the address but there isn't a body, no indication of a struggle, not witnesses, nothing.

    Heather: You're sure this is the right address?

    Ryan: I know the streets in Miami.

    Heather: Yeah I know, I'm just saying. Maybe you mistook a 4 for a 7 or an M for an N or something.

    Ryan: No. See for yourself. *hands over phone*

    Heather: *looks down* 2911 Grand Ave, Coconut Grove. This is the place.

    Ryan: See?

    Heather: *looks around* So...if everyone got the call, where are the police? Where's the coroner?

    Cellphone buzzes

    Ryan: *opens phone* What? I've got a second scene?

    Heather: What's the address?

    Ryan: 3025 Collins Ave, Miami Beach.

    Heather: That's the uh...Palms Hotel, right?

    Ryan: Yeah.

    Cellphone rings

    Ryan: *puts phone up to ear* Wolfe....this is Wolfe, hello.

    Heather: *lifts brow*

    Ryan: *looks down at phone*

    Heather: This is straaaaange.

    Ryan: Uh yeah, just a little.

    Heather: Do you know where the calls came from?

    Ryan: It says dispatch.

    Heather: Looks like dispatch is having some issues.

    Ryan: Yeah something seems wrong about this picture. I'm going to head over to dispatch and see what's going on.


    Officer: *typing* Don't know what you're talking about, we haven't sent anything out about a crime scene.

    Ryan: I received two texts and it said they came from dispatch.

    Officer: Do you have the phone on you?

    Ryan: *hands over phone*

    Officer: *looks down* This isn't our number.

    Ryan: What do you mean?

    Officer: We're extension 69.

    Ryan: So who sent it?

    Officer: ...You are a CSI, right? Isn't that what you people do?

    Ryan: *frowns*

    Miami Lab, A/V lab

    Ryan: *typing*

    Heather: *walks in, sits* Hey did you figure out what happened?

    Ryan: That's why I'm here. Dispatch swears up and down that they didn't send out the call so I'm going to find out who did.

    Heather: And searching the net's going to do that.

    Ryan: I'm running a reverse directory on my phone.

    Heather: *squints* Who's Candy Cane?

    Ryan: *clears throat* That's a...well it's a candy shop. I was ordering candy for my niece.

    Heather: Looks like Candy Cane sent you a picture text.

    Ryan: *grabs phone* Don't touch that.

    Heather: So are you going to inform Lieutenant Caine about your little crime scene mixup?

    Ryan: It's not a mixup, someone's obviously messing with us.

    Heather: You.

    Ryan: *looks at Heather* What?

    Heather: No one else has been called to nonexistent scenes.

    Ryan: ...

    Heather: Just sayin'.

    Cellphone rings, computer beeps

    Heather: Is that your mystery caller?

    Ryan: I don't know.

    Computer screen flickers, numbers pile up all over the screen

    Ryan: What the...*hitting ESC button*

    Heather: Is it supposed to do that?

    Ryan: *slamming on CTRL Alt Delete*

    Lab power shuts off

    Ryan: ...

    Heather: *looks up* You think anyone will notice?

    Ryan: Someone sent a virus through my phone.

    Heather: Yeah and it just completely fritzed the server. Not to mention power to the entire lab.

    Ryan: The emergency power should kick on soon.

    Heather: Right.

    2 minutes later

    Heather: ...So I guess this would be an appropriate time to use your flashlight.

    Ryan: Oh my God.

    Heather: What?

    Ryan: If the power's off, the evidence isn't locked. *stands, runs*

    Heather: Oh. See I didn't know that.

    Shots break out everywhere

    Heather: *screams, covers head*

    Near evidence locker; smoke everywhere

    Ryan: *pulls out gun* Hey, are you okay?

    Labtech: *nods*

    Ryan: Where's Horatio?

    Labtech: I don't know.

    Guy walks over, lifts gun

    Ryan: Get down!

    Labtech: *dives for the floor*

    Ryan: *lifts gun, pulls trigger*


    Guy: *ducks behind wall*

    Ryan: *looks around, gets to feet*

    Guy2: *elbows Ryan in the head*

    Ryan: Ugh! *falls against wall*

    Guy2: *grabs Ryan's gun* Thanks officer.

    Delko: HEY.

    Guy2: *looks at Eric*

    Delko: *lifts gun*


    Guy2 falls over, dead

    Ryan: *looks at Eric*

    Delko: *runs away*

    Ryan: *looks down at Guy2*

    Guy1: *throws sticks*

    Ryan: *turns head*

    Sticks explode

    Lab, 1 hour later

    Horatio: *places hands on hips*

    Ryan: How bad is it H?

    Horatio: Well all the evidence we had was gone. It burned to a crisp and whoever did it got away.

    Ryan: This is all my fault, I should have come to you when I thought something was up.

    Horatio: *lifts brows* You had suspicions about this?

    Ryan: Yeah, well, no, not exactly. I was called out to a fake scene from a fake dispatch. I was trying to run the number through the directory but someone called my phone, uploaded a virus into the system and blew the lab's security. I tried to stop them H but they had guns and dynamite.

    Delko: *walks over*

    Horatio: Is everyone accounted for, Eric?

    Delko: No.

    Horatio: *looks at Eric*

    Delko: I can't find Heather.

    Ryan: She, she-she was in the A/V lab just a few seconds before the shooting started. Where else could she have gone during all of that?

    Delko: She's the only one unaccounted for. You think maybe she ran? Hid somewhere?

    Ryan: Would you have?

    Delko: No, I would have gone to find out what the hell was going on, this isn't about me Wolfe.

    Ryan: Look, I know! Can we please just find her?

    Delko: Assuming she isn't blown to pieces.

    Ryan: *glares* B-

    Horatio: Gentlemen...not the time. Eric, log what little evidence is left in the lockup room. Mr. Wolfe, I want you to wait in my office.

    Ryan: Fine. *walks away*

    Delko: *walks away*

    Horatio: Ma'am.

    Calleigh: Camera across the street caught a glimpse of our getaway van. *hands over folder*

    Horatio: *looks down at folder* A county police van, interesting.

    Calleigh: The frame before catches one of the masked men throwing someone into the van. All I can tell is it's female.

    Horatio: And we are missing one female.

    Calleigh: We are?

    Horatio: Heather is nowhere to be found.

    Calleigh: If that is her, they've certainly upped the ante.

    Horatio: It's time for us to do the same. Thank you. *walks away*

    House, Miami, 5pm

    Katie: So this is the new place.

    Lori: *digs through drawer* Yeah. I have a copy of the drug test somewhere here, it'll just take a second.

    Katie: You're not at work today?

    Lori: Just got off work. I don't have to be at the university tonight though. Ah, here it is. *hands over paper*

    Katie: *grabs paper, nods* did you afford this house?

    Lori: Scott bought it.

    Katie: *lifts brow* He bought you a house?

    Lori: No. I'm pretty sure it's in his name. He might love me but he's not stupid.

    Katie: And where is he? New York?

    Lori: Miami.

    Katie: *wide-eyed* Really? He's here? In the city? For real? When does he get back? Where is he?

    Lori: You're scaring me.

    Katie: Sorry, sorry.

    Lori: He had an interview downtown so he should be back any second.

    Katie: He's going to live here? With you? In Miami?

    Lori: You seem jealous.

    Katie: *laughs* YOU'RE FUNNY! Ha, no. No, not jealous.

    Lori: Right. Do you want a coffee or something?

    Katie: I'd love some.

    Lori: *walks into kitchen*

    Katie: *looks around* Man he must be loaded.

    Lori: Excuse me?

    Katie: I was just admiring the layout of your house. Did all this furniture come with the place?

    Lori: No. Scott had everything moved in.

    Katie: He decorated?

    Lori: If you want to call a few couches and tables decorating, sure. *walks over, hands over cup*

    Katie: Thanks. *sips coffee* So who does the cooking around here?

    Lori: Depends if we want to eat something burned or something nutritional.

    Katie: Let me guess, he burns the food.

    Lori: ...Um-

    Door opens

    Scott: *walks in, smiles* Hey.

    Lori: You're back. Finally.

    Scott: *lowers head, kisses Lori*

    Lori: *smiles*

    Scott: How was your day?

    Lori: It was great until about 10 minutes ago. *looks at Katie*

    Scott: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: *smiling, claps hands together* HIYA.

    Scott: Hi.

    Katie: You sure do have a nice house! Hopefully Lori doesn't rip it all away from ya.

    Lori: *shakes head*

    Katie: But if she does, you can always stay at my place.

    Lori: *frowns*

    Katie: What?

    Lori: *walks over, whispers* He's a little young for you, don't you think?

    Katie: *whispers* He's older than you.

    Lori: *rolls eyes, walks into kitchen*

    Katie: *smiles* You're plannin' on shackin' up in Miami huh? That's quite a change.

    Scott: Sometimes a change of scenery is good.

    Katie: Plus it's warmer.

    Scott: *laughs* Yeah, I can definitely say I won't miss the weather back home.

    Katie: It happens to a lot of people. Happened to my ex-husband, in fact. He used to be quite the little New Yorker too. You know, you r-

    Lori: *from kitchen* MOTHER.

    Katie: *looks back* What?

    Lori: It's imperative to your survival that you do NOT finish that sentence.

    Scott: If you'll excuse me, I'm going to freshen up. I'll be back in a few.

    Katie: Oh you're having dinner soon?

    Scott: I'm cooking pasta.

    Katie: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: *angry sigh*

    Scott: You're welcome to stay for dinner.

    Lori: *looks at Scott*

    Katie: I'D LOVE TO!

    Scott: *smiles* Great. I'll be upstairs. *walks away*

    Katie: *runs over to kitchen* He's perfect.

    Lori: For you or for me? *grabs bowl from cupboard*

    Katie: Oh hush, I'm just messing with you. But he is perfect.

    Lori: He's not perfect.

    Katie: Ouch, you tell him that to his face?

    Lori: *grabs meat from freezer, shuts door* You're going to control yourself at the table, right?

    Katie: Of course.

    Lori: No farm animal noises, no spaghetti mountains, no intimate personal information-

    Katie: I would never.

    Lori: You would.

    Katie: Okay well I promise not to do it here. Since when did you get table manners anyway?

    Lori: *grabs knife*

    Katie: *smiles* Oooh you learned a few things in New York. You must have had to go to all of those rich people parties I hear so much about.

    Lori: Actually I was aware of the concept of table manners before that. I'm not a savage beast, you know.

    Katie: No, you're very pleasant when you're not swearing or going kamikaze on everyone. *grabs Lori's hand* How come I don't see a ring?

    Lori: *pulls hand away* Stop it.

    Katie: It's not like he doesn't have enough money.

    Scott: *walks downstairs*

    Katie: *slaps Lori* Here he comes.

    Lori: *rolls eyes*

    Katie: Hey Scott, how come you haven't asked her to m-

    Lori: *covers Katie's mouth* Shut up, Mother.

    Scott: *lifts brow*

    Katie: *mumbling*

    Lori: *lets go*

    Katie: *wipes face* Gosh, you can suffocate a person that way.

    Lori: *frowning* I know.

    Scott: *touches Lori's back, grabs meat* Why don't you ladies go have a seat in the living room, I'll start this.

    Lori: *smirks* Alright.

    Scott: *smiles*

    Living room, table, half hour later

    Katie: *sips wine* He sure makes you happy.

    Lori: *leans back in chair, crosses arms* Uh huh.

    Katie: I don't know what he sees in you though.

    Lori: Thanks.

    Katie: I'm just saying. He's really nice and you're a miserable smartass.

    Lori: I'm not miserable until you show up.

    Scott: *walks over* So who's hungry?

    Katie: *lifts hand* ME!

    2 hours later

    Katie: And then we couldn't find Heather and it turns out that she was kidnapped by these guys that stole a police van and now the lab is in ruins. Well, okay, not the whole lab. Just the important parts. It's all because of that stupid Ryan Wolfe too, he just can't seem to do anything right.

    Lori: Mhm.

    Scott: You...have a very interesting job.

    Katie: Oh it's lots of fun. My favourite part is getting the puzzle right.

    Lori: *covers forehead*

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