Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    When I read whips out iPod I just thought of her saying WACHA! :LOL: NEW SUPERNATURAL EPISODE TODAY!!!!!! Yay! I is exited.
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    Thanks for the reviews, I should have another update later tonight!
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    I totally agree... :lol: Kenny Chesney is awesome!
  4. Finch

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    Ack! Sorry I haven't had a chapter up yet. That darn RL has a stranglehold on me.

    I should have another chapter up soon, thanks for being patient. :)
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    Oh, more tension between the Speedles (being Speed, Anni and Katie [though I'm not sure she's a Speedle])
    Brilliant Geni, can't wait for an update!!
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    Sorry again for not getting a chapter up. *sigh* Thanks for the review!

    Oh OH! For those who saw the new Miami eppy..

    The victim's name was Lori. (it was even spelled that way. :eek:) That cracked me up to no end, you have no idea. :lol: They kept saying it and saying it and then Horatio said it and Calleigh said it and I was like *SNORT* the entire time. Gah, sign me up, I'm mental.


    Natalia: *grabs box*

    Josh: *walks in* Hey, new case?

    Natalia: Well, I wouldn't be too sure. PD got a call out to a forest near the glades. A group of joggers found the remains of a mummified crocodile.

    Josh: Mummified? In Miami?

    Natalia: Well depending on the soil, it can happen. But it's practically unheard of here. Want to come with?

    Josh: *smiles* Definitely.

    Everglades, National Park

    Natalia: *places on gloves* This is Alicia Henry, she's with the wildlife service and she's a vet.

    Josh: *nods* Alright so why exactly was homicide called?

    Alicia: Murder of a protected crocodile is a federal crime.

    Josh: How do you know this is a murder?

    Alicia: Crocodiles don't end up mummified in Miami unless you bury them and burrying them indicates intent.

    Natalia: These parts aren't exactly baron and dry. How would a croc end up mummified this far out?

    Alicia: Hard to say. Maybe this wasn't the primary dump site.

    Josh: *laughs*

    Alicia/Natalia: *looks at Josh*

    Josh: I'm sorry it's's a crocodile. You guys are acting like it's human. What are you going to do next, perform an autopsy?

    Alicia: Yes.

    Josh: ...

    Alicia: *stands, leaves*

    Josh: Okay.

    Natalia: *smirks*

    Josh: What?

    Natalia: You're not an animal lover, are you.

    Josh: I'm from New York. Crocodiles aren't my thing.

    Natalia: *smiles* What about the whole 'crocodiles in the sewer' legend?

    Josh: That's why they call it a legend, Nat.

    Natalia: *laughs* I'll process the scene.

    Josh: *rolls eyes*

    Natalia: You'd rather sit in the lab and do paperwork?

    Josh: *leaves*

    Natalia: *shakes head*

    Vet clinic

    Alicia: Let's hoist him up.

    Guy: Sure thing.

    Josh: *walks over*

    Alicia: I didn't think CSI would show up for the autopsy of a dead animal.

    Josh: *grabs latex gloves* Yeah I didn't think so either.

    Alicia: Alright. No obvious signs of trauma.

    Josh: It's got scratches all over its face.

    Alicia: That's normal. When fighting over a mate, they usually get pretty messed up.
    You're not from around here, are ya?

    Josh: Miami wasn't my first choice for residence.

    Alicia: *nods* So far I can tell you this is an Orinoco crocodile.

    Josh: *lifts brow* They aren't all the same?

    Alicia: *laughs*

    Josh: *clears throat*

    Alicia: The Orinoco crocodile is a freshwater species of the Orinoco basin of Colombia and Venezuela. But they're not exclusive to those areas, they can spread out pretty far.

    Josh: Far enough to South Florida?

    Alicia: No. We only have American crocodiles in the wild here. Anything else has been imported from other countries.

    Josh: So this croc was imported.

    Alicia: Yep.

    Josh: *crosses arms*

    Alicia: *looks at Josh* Something wrong?

    Josh: You said basin of Colombia and Venezuela. Are there any deserts near there?

    Alicia: I'm not an expert.

    Josh: It's okay, I know someone who is. Let me know when you get something.

    Alicia: No problem.

    Josh: *leaves*

    Miami Lab--layout room

    Josh: *unfolds map*

    Yelina: *walks over* You rang?

    Josh: Yeah, what do you know about the Orinoco basin?

    Yelina: It flows and connects out through pretty much all of Venezuela, uh, parts of Guyana and Brazil and up through Colombia. Why?

    Josh: We got a call out this morning to a mummified Orinoco crocodile.

    Yelina: You don't normally find those here.

    Josh: I know.

    Cellphone rings

    Josh: *opens phone* Yeah....thanks. *closes phone* The vet found balloons of cocaine in the croc's stomach. Cause of death was an overdose.

    Yelina: Using crocodiles as drug mules...interesting.

    Josh: Now I have to figure out why they'd bring a dead croc all the way here. You know of any deserts near the basin?

    Yelina: The only one that comes to mind is La Guajira desert in Colombia. Maybe they were keeping the crocodiles there? Away from the public eye.

    Josh: Could you get in touch with Colombian authorities?

    Yelina: Sure. I'll let you know what I find out. *leaves*

    Natalia/Alicia: *walk in*

    Josh: *lifts head*

    Alicia: I know, I didn't have to call. CSI Boa Vista caught up with me and asked if I'd like to see this one through. If there are more crocodiles being sent here with drugs in their systems, I need to let the wildlife service know. And I'm not letting this case out of my view until I know they're safe.

    Josh: *nods*

    Natalia: I went over the entire scene and I found this. *lifts bag*

    Josh: What is it?

    Natalia: It's stainless steel and from what I can tell, it probably broke off of a knife.

    Josh: So they could have been trying to cut the croc open after it died to see if the drugs were still there.

    Alicia: I saw a building a couple weeks ago near the edge of the glades. It looked like people were trying to hide it because it had branches covering it everywhere.

    Natalia: Makes sense. Take them there, get the drugs, throw them into the glades and no one will ever know.

    Josh: You have an address for this place?

    Alicia: I can't remember where exactly it was.

    Josh: We'll inform the Coast Guard.

    Alicia: And then what? They'll circle around and because the place is camouflaged, they'll report back saying they had no visual and then the case goes cold.

    Natalia: That's not really how it works. Even if they don't find it, we can still try and track down the people who flew down here. Since they were probably importing more than one croc, they'd need to take a larger aircraft because of the weight.

    Alicia: I don't understand.

    Josh: Usually when someone from Central and South America make a drug run, they'll take a small aircraft like a Cessna so they blend in with the tourist planes. Now, bypassing the Coast Guard boats and choppers is getting even more difficult so they try and get here by a certain time of day when it's least likely that they'll be caught. When you've got more weight, you go slower and waste fuel. That's something these guys don't want.

    Natalia: They would have probably taken a commercial airline or cargo airline. So now we have a reference. We're not looking for a ghost plane.

    Alicia: So someone would have a record of crocodiles being brought in.

    Natalia: Yeah, hopefully.

    Josh: I have Yelina checking with Colombian authorities.

    Natalia: I'll get a hold of the Coast Guard. *leaves*

    Alicia: You're going to make sure none of the crocodiles die, right?

    Josh: Depends when we find them. We've already got one dead, so there's a good chance there are more.

    Alicia: I can't believe someone would shove drugs into them. They don't deserve to die like that.

    Josh: We're doing what we can.

    Alicia: I don't think you are.

    Josh: There's a protocol to be followed. We can't just haul ass and expect results right away.

    Alicia: You don't care about these animals.

    Josh: They're not people. They don't feel.

    Alicia: *frowns*

    Josh: ...*sigh* Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I'm not normally this...pig-headed.

    Alicia: Someone take a dump in your cereal or something?

    Josh: No, I've just been preoccupied with something.

    Alicia: With what?

    Josh: *laughs*

    Alicia: What.

    Josh: It's actually pretty stupid. But uh, it's not important. I don't want to bore you with my life.

    Alicia: Well there isn't much to do while Boa Vista's contacting the Coast Guard. We get to play the waiting game for a while, right?

    Josh: *smiles* Right.

    Alicia: So tell me, how did you choose to be a cop?

    Josh: Uh, well, I didn't really choose it. It chose me.

    Alicia: I see. Bad past?

    Josh: Something like that.

    Alicia: *narrows eyes*

    Josh: What?

    Alicia: You're not even from Florida.

    Josh: *scoffs* I guess the New York accent's kind of hard to miss down here.

    Alicia: Ha, yeah, just a bit. How'd you end up down here?

    Josh: Why the interest in me? You haven't said two words about yourself.

    Alicia: *shrugs* I don't find myself very interesting.

    Josh: You have an affinity for crocodiles, there has to be a story there.

    Alicia: *laughs* I used to have one as a pet.

    Josh: Interesting choice.

    Alicia: I've lived near the Glades my entire life. I couldn't see myself owning a dog.

    Josh: Well yeah, the croc would eat it.

    Alicia: *smiling* She was very well trained for your information.

    Josh: *smiles*

    Alicia: *looks down at table*

    Josh: *takes off gloves*

    Alicia: seeing anyone?

    Josh: *rolls up map* No.

    Alicia: Hm. Nice clothes, neat hair, manicured were married?

    Josh: *lifts head*

    Alicia: I have a habit of being right all the time.

    Josh: *tilts head*

    Alicia: Are you looking to...see..anyone?

    Josh: *clears throat* Uh, well, I...

    Alicia: It's okay, I can understand if you're not ready-

    Josh: No it's not that.

    Natalia: *walks in* Coast Guard's going out to investigate right now. Also, Yelina just got off the phone with the Colombian authorities. They pretty much closed the door in her face on the whole thing.

    Josh: *crosses arms*

    Alicia: *scratches head*

    Natalia: Did I miss something?

    Alicia: No. *smiles* Let me know what you guys find. *leaves*

    Natalia: Oh..kay. So you want to tell me what that was all about?

    Josh: I think she was opting to ask me out.

    Natalia: You didn't tell her you're gay?

    Josh: Someone interrupted that part.

    Natalia: Oh. Sorry.

    Josh: And stop saying it like that.

    Natalia: Like what?

    Josh: Like it's disgusting.

    Natalia: I didn't say it was disgusting. You go girl! No! Guy, I mean..wait, what?

    Josh: Do you have a problem with it?

    Natalia: *stares at Josh*

    Josh: It's a simple question. Yes or no.

    Natalia: No. What and who you do is up to you.

    Josh: *nods slowly*

    Natalia: I guess I was just kind of confused as to why you married Carly in the first place and had kids.

    Josh: What, I'm not allowed to have kids?

    Natalia: Sure you are. But it kind of seems like you were maybe using Carly just to get kids?

    Josh: What?

    Natalia: I just find it kind of cold that you sleep with someone and you don't even love them.

    Josh: I...*closes mouth*

    Natalia: *lifts brow* You loved her?

    Josh: ...Well, I..uh..

    Natalia: Simple question. Yes or no.

    Josh: Hey don't turn this back around on me. You were the inflammatory one.

    Natalia: *shrugs* Whatever. If you want to be confused that's fine.

    Josh: *frowns* I'm not confused.

    Natalia: Sure.

    Josh: You know what? You're the one confusing me. You're twisting everything around.

    Natalia: I would have thought it was pretty cut and dry. When's the last time you dated a guy?

    Josh: ...I...haven't really wanted to date.

    Natalia: Well there you go.

    Josh: No. No, see, I can love someone without y'know...loving someone. HA.

    Natalia: That's true. So since you're not in love with Carly, go date.

    Josh: I will. *leaves*

    Natalia: ...Okay now I'm confused. *leaves*

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    Interesting case! Even more interesting is that Josh is now going to step back into the dating arena with Alicia. Gotta wonder what Carly is going to say to that! Loved that Nat was the sound voice of reason this time, even though she confused herself, along with Josh. That was funny in itself!

    Great work on the update, Geni!
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    Teehee thanks for the review. :D


    Everglades, wooded area

    Josh: *places on latex gloves* Coast Guard contact you?

    Natalia: Tripp told me they found the building.

    Tripp: *walks over* Got the bolt cutters.

    Alicia: *runs over* Hey!

    Natalia/Josh/Tripp: *look over*

    Alicia: I thought you were going to keep me aprised throughout the case.

    Tripp: Who the hell is she?

    Natalia: Wildlife service. *turns to Alicia* Look, our priority is the case.

    Alicia: I still would have appreciated that you keep your word.

    Tripp: *rolls eyes* Hey, none of us here live in Melrose Place so let's can it with the drama and get back to business. *cuts bolt*

    Josh: *pulls out gun*

    Natalia: *pulls out gun*

    Tripp: *walks into building* Miami Dade PD! We have a search warrant!

    Natalia: *whispers* We do?

    Tripp: We will.

    Alicia: *creeps over* Watch out!

    Tripp: *lifts foot*

    Crocodile snaps

    Tripp: AH! Damn thing.

    Guy: *walks out from behind wall*

    Natalia: HEY! Stop where you are!

    Guy: *looks at Natalia* Quem são você!

    Natalia: *lifts brow*

    Tripp: *looks down at floor* Get these things away from here! Now!

    Guy: Quem são você!

    Tripp: I'll admit I'm not too good with spanish but could someone tell me what the hell he's saying?

    Natalia: It's not spanish. He's speaking portuguese.

    Josh: *looks at window*

    Tripp: *lifts badge* Miami Dade PD.

    Guy: Polícia?

    Tripp: Yeah, policia. You're harbouring crocodiles carrying drugs.

    Guy: *lifts brow*

    Tripp: No one sends a drug dealer to America who doesn't speak english. So cut the crap.

    Door creaks

    Guy: I...I rent out

    Tripp: Property.

    Guy: Yes! I am renting this.

    Tripp: To who.

    Guy: He didn't tell me his name.

    Natalia: Where is he?

    Guy: I don't know.

    Tripp: You don't know, or you don't want us to know.

    Door half opens, crocodile tail whips in a frenzy, growls and animal screeches can be heard

    Alicia: He's hurting it!

    Tripp: You, get on the ground!

    Guy: *gets on ground*

    Josh: *runs*

    Natalia: *runs*

    Near door

    Alicia: *runs out door* STOP!

    Josh: Get back here! *grabs Alicia*

    Natalia: HEY! ON THE GROUND!

    Guy2: *pulls out gun*

    Josh: *pulls Alicia to ground*


    Natalia: *pulls trigger*


    Guy2: *falls*

    Natalia: You okay?

    Alicia: My arm...

    Natalia: Josh?

    Josh: *holding side*

    Natalia: Josh. *runs over* Josh, talk to me.

    Josh: *grabs Natalia*

    Tripp: *runs out, on radio* Shots fired, officer down. We're at uh...*looks around* Where the hell are we?

    Alicia: About 10 or 15 miles south west from Homestead Airforce Base.

    Tripp: I'm going to need more than that.

    Alicia: Just south of Royal Palm Visitor Centre.

    Tripp: You get that? *walks away*

    Natalia: *presses on Josh's side*

    Josh: *squints*

    Natalia: You're going to be okay. Just lay still.

    Alicia: Jesus...

    Josh: That's...c-comforting.

    Tripp: *walks over* PD's on its way. I have the live suspect in the back of my car. What do we have over here?

    Natalia: Second suspect down, I can see about 10 crocs in the area. Two are dead.

    Tripp: They sure didn't bring a lot over here.

    Natalia: Yeah well it's not the crocodiles I'm concerned about at the moment.

    Alicia: Can't we do something? It looks like he's bleeding an awful lot.

    Natalia: Go inside and see if there are any rags lying around.

    Alicia: Sure. *runs*

    Tripp: He doesn't look too good.

    Natalia: *looks down*

    Josh: *groans*

    Natalia: Just hold on, help is on the way.

    Josh: Nat...*coughs*

    Natalia: Don't talk.

    Josh: C-Cait...and Ethan, I-

    Natalia: Don't worry about it, you can see them when we get you fixed up.

    Josh: *coughing*

    Natalia: Josh!

    Alicia: *runs over* There wasn't anything.

    Natalia: Open my kit, I think I have some gauze pads.

    Alicia: *opens kit*

    Tripp: What are gauze pads going to do?

    Natalia: I don't know! Josh, look at me.

    Alicia: He's shivering. It's like, 100 degrees out here.

    Natalia: He's going into shock. Josh honey, stay with me.

    Alicia: Shouldn't the rescue people be here by now?

    Josh: *grabs at Natalia*

    Natalia: Calm down, calm down.

    Josh: T-Tell...them I'm...*coughs*

    Natalia: Just a few more minutes, they'll be here in a few more minutes.

    Josh: I'm...s-sorr...sorry...

    Natalia: Josh...Josh!

    Alicia: *looks at Natalia* Do something!

    Natalia: I don't know WHAT to do!

    Alicia: Well is he dead?!

    Natalia: *places finger on Josh's neck* ...

    Alicia: Well?

    Natalia: *looks at Alicia*

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    NOOOOO!!!! Josh can't die!

    Please update soon, the suspense is killing me.
  10. Anni Grey

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    o_O survived Lori to die like this in the glades? I don't think so...very cliffy I may say though, Geni. Kudos on the suspense, which incidentally, is killing me as well.

    Excellent job!
  11. Finch

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    Mwahahaha. :evil:

    *cough* Thanks for the reviews. :D


    Hummerhome, 9am

    Horatio: *spreads map out* Spain.

    Calleigh: That's still a few days away.

    Horatio: *places hands on hips* Hm, I was hoping to be there three days ago.

    Lora: Looks like your little plan got screwed over.

    Delko: Lora, you were the one puking on the side of the road for half the trip through...well wherever we were.

    Lora: You know what? There are potholes everywhere and I get carsick.

    Calleigh: You get carsick? You never told us that.

    Lora: Yeah well I'm not very proud of it.

    Colton: So, why are you here again?

    Lora: *punches Colton*

    Colton: OW!

    Speed: *walks in, closes phone* Sorry, we're good to go.

    Horatio: Okay load up.

    Anni: *looks at Speed* Who was it?

    Speed: Natalia.

    Lora: Boa Vista?

    Colton: No, the other Natalia.

    Lora: *punches Colton*

    Colton: OW!

    Katie: STOP PUNCHING HIM! GOD! *punches Lora*

    Lora: OW! Jesus, cut your nails.

    Colton: Je-

    Lora: Don't.

    Colton: *nods*

    Anni: Did something happen at the lab or something?

    Speed: *opens fridge* At the lab? No.

    Horatio: She would call me if something happened at the lab.

    Everyone: *looks at Horatio*

    Horatio: It's my lab.

    Delko: You...still know your way around, right?

    Horatio: *frowns*

    Colton: *sings* Girl, don't you know you can't escape me...

    Everyone: *looks at Colton*

    Colton: *lifts head* got stuck in my head.

    Heather: Damnit Colton, you're supposed to sing REO.

    Colton: Why?

    Heather: Lora know's what I'm talkin' 'bout.

    Lora: No I don't.

    Heather: Okay do we have a communication problem here?

    Horatio: *turns key* Next stop, Spain.

    Ryan: You don't mean that literally, right H?

    Horatio: I'm dead serious. We've wasted enough time.

    Delko: What if Lora has to hurl again?

    Horatio: She can do so in the sink.

    Lora: I'm too good for the sink.

    Katie: I once said that. The carpet must have felt very unfortunate that morning.

    Anni: I usually go for the toilet.

    Colton: Why are we discussing vomit?

    Katie: To make us more appealing.

    Colton: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: Geez, did someone stick sarcasm pills in our cereal?

    Colton: I'm just so special, everyone wants to imitate me. *smiles*

    Katie: *stares at Colton*

    Colton: *smile fades*

    Katie: No no! No DAMNIT Colton.

    Colton: What did I do?

    Katie: You don't just stop smiling like that. Go like this. CHEESE!

    Colton: Cheese does not a smile make.

    Katie: Fine, say WEEEEEE!

    Colton: *blinks*

    Lora: Katie, stop gushing over him.

    Katie: I'm not gushing over him. I'm gushing over his smile. They are two very different things.

    Colton: My smile's attached to my face which is attached to me. I think I can safely say that you were gushing over me.

    Katie: *punches Colton*

    Colton: OW!

    Katie: *smiles* Much better. Love the brooding angry look.

    Colton: That's because I'm angry.

    Katie: Awww! *jumps up and down*

    Heather: So let me get this straight. We openly flirt with each other now? In that case, hey RYAN!

    Lilly: BACK OFF! *jumps on Ryan's head*

    Ryan: AH! You're crushing my neck!

    Heather: I wouldn't crush your neck. *winks*

    Jenna: Laaame.

    Heather: I'm allowed to be lame.

    Colton: *grabs beer from fridge*

    Katie: *motions hands into camera position* Okay don't move.

    Colton: What, why? What's wrong?

    Katie: Smile and point to the beer bottle.

    Colton: Katie, I'm not going to pose for a fake beer commercial.

    Katie: Beer commercial, who was talking about a beer commercial?

    Colton: *looks at Speed* Help.

    Speed: *smirks* You're on your own, pal.

    Colton: *narrows eyes* You are no pal of mine.

  12. Anni Grey

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    I wonder just exactly what Speed is going to tell everyone? Did Josh die? Is he in a coma? Inquiring minds want to know!

    So, yeah...the openly flirting...very interesting. Just as interesting as Katie's ..ah, interests in Colton. I have a sneaky feeling about those two. I dunno, it seems as if it's in the cards for them. Colton falls for just about anything Katie does- even if he grumbles about it;)

    Great update!
  13. Hunter

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    Ah! So much as happened! I leave for....*checks watch* Well a long time but yay i'm back.

    By the way, I'M 23!! *pause* Like 4 days ago. It doesn't feel that different you know.

    Wow Spain, that's awesome. I can't wait! (When the hell will i get to marry H? RT is almost over! Let's go to Vegas! Then we can beat Grissom at crime solving!)
  14. Finch

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    Aw, congrats on turning 23. :) *highfives* And welcome back! :D

    Heh, Vegas? I think Eric was banned from Vegas. Might be worth returning to though, for old time's sake. :p


    Hummerhome, 2pm

    Katie: *hangs over couch* Are we there yet?

    Horatio: Not yet.

    Katie: Well Eric ate all the scrabble pieces so we have nothing to do.

    Delko: *lifts brow* I didn't eat them. I shoved them up my nose.

    Jess: *rolls eyes*

    Delko: Uh, as a scientific experiment.

    Colton: Experiement on what? The correlation between 2 year olds and grown men?

    Delko: Yes. The study proved to be quite successful. Especially if you round the edges first.

    Horatio: Guys...

    Delko: He started it.

    Colton: Katie started it.

    Katie: *smiles*

    Colton: *rolls eyes*

    Anni: *clicking on iPod* You know, I think I really have the hang of this thing. You can do all sorts of neat things. There's even games.

    Katie: *turns around* Hey! You have my iPod?

    Anni: No. I borrowed Heather's.

    Heather: See? I'm the nicer friend.

    Anni: Yeah and we don't have competition for anything. I don't like Ryan.

    Katie: I don't like Ryan either.

    Anni: Yeah well I don't like him more.

    Katie: No way! I hate his squirrely little guts.

    Anni: Yeah well I hate the way he smacks his food at dinner.

    Katie: I hate the way he scratches above his left eye when he's being inquisitive.

    Anni: HA! Well I hate the way you hate him.

    Katie: No way, I hate the way YOU hate him WAY more than you hate the way I hate him.

    Ryan: Um, I like Ryan.

    Lilly: And you do it so well. *smiles* It's so cute how you flex your muscles in the mirror each morning and tell yourself you're John Wayne.

    Everyone: *looks at Ryan*

    Ryan: Um...okay, see I think what she was TRYING to say was John McClane.

    Lora: You ain't no Bruce Willis, I can tell you that.

    Colton: DIE HARD!

    Everyone: *looks at Colton*

    Colton: I'll shut up.

    Ryan: What's so bad about having a little self-confidence?

    Calleigh: Ryan, it's not that, it's...well you're just not as cool as you think you are.

    Lilly: HEY! Let's not be cruel. I still think he's cool.

    Ryan: Good.

    Heather: I think he's cool. He's

    Lora: You mean Robin.

    Heather: No, Batman.

    Lora: Nnnno, Robin.

    Heather: Batman.

    Lora: You keep saying Batman but I keep hearing Robin.

    Heather: How can you recognize that I'm saying Batman whilst hearing Robin at the same time?

    Lora: I touched Horatio's shades once and it made me magical.

    Horatio: They really can do that, you know.

    Delko: No way. *grabs shades*

    Horatio: HEY *spins wheel*

    Everyone: *screams*

    Delko: *puts on shades*

    Lora: So, how do you feel?

    Delko: Whoa!

    Heather: What, what!

    Delko: I totally just made it night in here. I can mess with time, ha HA!

    Jess: *scratches head* Eric, those are sunglasses. It's supposed to be dark.

    Delko: *takes off shades* Oh.

    Colton: *grabs shades* Give me those. Okay shades, sock it to me and become X-ray specs.

    Jenna: That's stupid.

    Colton: *looks at Jenna* You're wearing Victoria's Secret.

    Jenna: Nice try. I'm wearing Fruit of the L....ictoria's Secret.

    Heather: *gives Jenna a wedgie*

    Jenna: AH!

    Heather: Where did you get these, Big Lots?

    Jenna: Oh don't tell me you've never worn granny panties.

    Heather: I have but they didn't look like the space shuttle parachute.

    Jenna: Shut up. *pushes Heather*

    Delko: Wait, women don't wear thongs all the time?

    Everyone: *looks at Eric*

    Delko: Wow, I am stupid today.

    Jess: Yes, and it's not very impressive.

    Katie: Eric, honey, I'll let you in on a few secrets about women. One, we don't wear thongs all the time. In fact, how would you like to wear string on a rubber band, waltzing around work feeling like a sumo wrestler? Two. We don't have pillow fights. Three. Anni's headaches aren't because of her medical condition.

    Anni: HEY.

    Lora: Medical condition?


    Delko: Okay then, I'll let you in on a few secrets about men. One....*scratches head*

    Speed: Gee, I think they figured us out.

    Delko: NO I GOT ONE! Okay, how about this for secrets. Um...*frowns* What was that secret we had?

    Speed: Oh, you mean the one where we did that thing with that thing to those things?

    Delko: Yeah!

    Speed: No.

    Delko: Damnit!

    Heather: Face it. Men are simple.

    Delko: I am a very complex individual.

    Heather: I don't think 'complex' is the correct way to describe 'moron'.

    Delko: *frowns* I resent that.

  15. Anni Grey

    Anni Grey Coroner

    Jun 22, 2005
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    OMG...that was hilarious! Horatio's shades gives powers? You would think that since he seems rather invincible:lol:. Give them to Delko though, and here's the result:

    A lesson in fultility:guffaw:.

    And hey...

    How does Katie know that? And if they aren't because of the medical condition, then what are they from????

    Of course, the entire discussion about how much Katie and Anni hate Ryan, was superbly hilarious, given that I really,...don't like Ryan. So, yeah, I got a kick out of it:thumbsup:

    Awesome update!
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