Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    Well, it's been a fun ride.
  2. Wyoming

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    TOGA TOGA TOGA TOGA! Hahahahhaha woot! I've never been to Greece before, but I did meet a woman from Greece before, she reminded me of Stella....but She was a very nice woman though. Can't wait to see the craziness in Greece!
  3. Trevor

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    Stel's not ugly...she's actually fairly hot...

    EDIT: Oh, Geni, for the series finale (aka the final post), I think it'd be neat to have all of the characters that had a major role in the RT have an appearance (but that's just me, do what you like, I'm offering a suggestion, not writing the RT, so it's really up to you).
  4. Finch

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    ^ That sounds like a cool idea. :) Ie: You, perhaps? ;)

    I had to think back to past characters and the only ones I could think of (apologies if I miss anyone) are Trevor, Katie1 (a.k.a. obsession_360) and Emy. So there's a pretty good possibility that they could come back. I'm also planning on ending it before it reaches 26 pages. I'll probably go for 25--depending on how the move to vBulletin goes and how many pages make up 1000 posts. Hopefully this thread will make it over there safely.

    And apologies for not having a chapter for a week. :eek: I'm still here, I swear. RL has just been getting a bit busy and like I said, some personal issues have come up.


    Miami Lab--layout room

    Lori: *walks over* Hey.

    Valera: *smiles* Hi back.

    Lori: CSI find anything in the bathroom stall?

    Valera: As a matter of fact...*pulls paper from printer* they did. But not from the stall.

    Lori: The victim?

    Valera: Yep. SART kit came back positive for DNA. And your donor is *flips paper over* Michael Alvarez, 18 years old, served 6 months for a drug charge and then housed another 6 months for stabbing another inmate.

    Lori: What a sweetheart. *grabs paper*

    Tripp: *walks over* I spoke to the principal. He says that room was requisitioned for surveillance of drug periphenalia sold on school grounds.

    Lori: Facing the girl's washroom.

    Tripp: *shrugs* That's what he says. Apparently the bathroom is where most of the deals are made.

    Lori: *lifts paper* You see this kid around?

    Tripp: No, why?

    Lori: His DNA was found in the SART kit.

    Tripp: I'll go pick him up.

    Lori: Has anyone interviewed the victim?

    Tripp: Not since she was found.

    Lori: She was found? She didn't run out on her own?

    Tripp: Apparently not. Our principal friend found her.

    Lori: *smirks* Let me guess, he was 'surveying' the washrooms.

    Tripp: Yep. Went in to get the tapes and saw her lying on the floor.

    Lori: Let's get those tapes.

    A/V Lab

    Lori: *sits* You digitize these yet?

    Natalia: I'm not an expert but I think I have it figured out. With all the staff shortages, it's looking like we won't be getting another tech for a while.

    Lori: I'll take what I can get. *leans back on chair* Play it back from when the suspect enters.

    Natalia: *types*

    Lori: *tilts head*

    Natalia: Tall guy, covered with a grey hoodie. He speaks with the girl for a few minutes.

    Lori: Looks like they're having an argument.

    Natalia: Yeah.

    Lori: Wait. Zoom in on her hand.

    Natalia: *types*

    Lori: *sigh* Looks like either cocaine or meth in her hand.

    Natalia: Might have been what started the whole thing.

    Lori: Yeah which makes our victim a liar.

    Natalia: How so?

    Lori: She said she was attacked from behind and never saw the guy.

    Natalia: Well, she's lookin' right at him.

    Lori: Fast forward to the attack.

    Natalia: *types*

    Lori: *squints*

    Natalia: He punches her in the face, takes the drugs and leaves. No sexual assault. So how does the DNA play in?

    Lori: Another one of the mysteries of this case. *writing things down* You know, I hate it when women play the sexual abuse card.

    Natalia: Maybe she was scared? Didn't want the cops to know she was selling dope?

    Lori: Or fitting someone for a frame.

    Natalia: How?

    Lori: The guy in the hoodie, how tall is he?

    Natalia: *types, clicks mouse* 6'4''.

    Lori: *nods* Our DNA boy's 6'1''.

    Natalia: Interesting.

    Interview room

    Michael: Dude, I already told you. I was hangin' behind the theatres downtown smokin' a joint. I didn't attack anyone.

    Tripp: Then how do you explain your DNA found on the victim?

    Michael: My DNA was found? On who?

    Tripp: Alicia Summers. She goes to your school.

    Michael: *lifts brow* Alicia's my girlfriend.

    Tripp: She's 14.

    Michael: So?

    Tripp: Under Florida law, any minor 16 to 17 years of age may have a partner up to the age of 24. Your girlfriend's 14 years old.

    Michael: Yeah! I'm 18 and she's 14.

    Tripp: *opens file* An offender 18 years of age or older who commits lewd or lascivious molestation against a victim 12 years of age or older but less than 16 years of age commits a felony of the second degree.

    Michael: She consented.

    Tripp: So you had sex with her.

    Michael: Yeah! That's how the DNA got there.

    Tripp: Sit tight, Mister Alvarez. *leaves*

    Interview room B

    Lori: *sits* Alicia, I need to get into some more details about your attack.

    Alicia: Okay.

    Lori: You said you were sexually assaulted. Now, we have DNA to prove that but Mister Alvarez admits you two are dating.

    Alicia: Yeah.

    Lori: Did you have sex with him recently?

    Alicia: *sigh* Yes.

    Lori: But he wasn't the one who attacked you.

    Alicia: Yes he did! I saw him with my own e-....*clears throat*

    Lori: You said you never saw your attacker, just to clarify that. So now what we have is a problem because I have the security tapes from behind the bathroom mirror.

    Alicia: Tapes? What tapes?

    Lori: Your principal is making sure to keep tabs on the drug deals taking place in the bathroom. Those tapes show you getting punched over a bag of meth or cocaine.

    Alicia: *looks down at table*

    Lori: And our analysis of the tape shows that Michael didn't do it. See, the person who attacked you was far taller. So, you want to tell me who it was?

    Alicia: *staring at table*

    Lori: *leans back on chair* Whenever you're ready.

    Alicia: *rubs face* ...Um...I'd just been with Mike over behind the theatres downtown. I got back to school about a half hour later and went into the ladies room. I didn't see the guy's face because it was covered but he knew I kept meth on me. I don't know how he knew and he started yelling at me like he was angry that I had it. I told him to screw off and he punched me in the face, took my stuff and left. I paid 50 bucks for that stuff!

    Lori: Okay. So you have a drug problem that you didn't want the police to find out about so you told them you were sexually assaulted by a random person. You do realize by saying that, you just sent your 'boyfriend' into a whole other jam.

    Alicia: Well he's not my problem anymore then, is he?

    Lori: *shakes head* Look, I just want to find out who did attack you, whether or not it was over drugs. That's another problem you have to delve into on your own. So can you tell me anything about him?

    Alicia: Well, he was tall um...he had a wedding ring on.

    Lori: You sure?

    Alicia: Yeah because I remember that the light was reflecting on it and it almost blinded me. And the guy sounded old, like, not someone who went to school.

    Lori: How old would you say?

    Alicia: Well, he called me young lady like my dad would so probably like 40 or 50-ish.

    Lori: Okay. Thanks.

    Alicia: What happens to me?

    Lori: *sighs, closes folder* You falsified a police statement, caught on tape with intent to sell drugs so you'll be spending some time away from home.

    Alicia: *scratches head* But like, that stuff makes me feel like, better about myself. I wasn't going to sell it to anyone!

    Lori: What I saw was way over what you would personally use.

    Alicia: No, it was all mine! I swear! I snort it in the bathroom every morning. *scoffs* If I did it at home, my mom would freak.

    Lori: *shakes head* And I bet your parents know you do this.

    Alicia: Oh yeah but they're okay with it as long as I don't get caught.

    Lori: Well you've been caught and guess what? They won't be okay with it. You're 14. Get rid of this crap until you're stuck right where you are at 30 or 40, if you live long enough for that. Drugs don't make you cool, they don't make life better and they aren't worth it. So get up off your ass and follow the officer to holding.

  5. Anni Grey

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    Now, see, I love Lori! She's really come a long way, from abandonment in the worst way, to fighting tooth and nail with her father, to finally finding her way! I love that she's still Lori in the process!

    Great update, Geni!
  6. Hunter

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    An update! Wow Valera's back, and Lori is doing work! :lol: And Natalia! *long whistle*

    Well that pretty much sums it up. Some of the gang are actually working. (Has Natalia even gone on a RT?) It's a good thing i have a short post, because my long replies take up potential update-space and since this is the last thread we'll want as much space as we can get. :) Thanks for the update Gen!!
  7. Finch

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    Thanks for the reviews. :D Aw, Lora thanks for the thought of giving the thread more space. Although you can make your posts as long as you want--it's the amount of posts that make up how many pages there are, not the length of them. ;)


    Interview room--next day

    Lori: *sits*

    Principal: Did you find out who attacked my student?

    Lori: *stares at principal*

    Principal: Well?

    Lori: *leans back on chair* There's a nasty bruise on your hand.

    Principal: *looks down at hand* Yeah, I smashed it in the shop class the other day fixing a machine.

    Lori: I didn't realize that was in your job description.

    Principal: I teach shop two days a week.

    Lori: *places picture on table*

    Principal: What's this?

    Lori: That's a photo of Alicia's attacker.

    Principal: So?

    Lori: He's wearing the same ring as you.

    Principal: A lot of people have rings.

    Lori: *nods* ...You now, you're pretty tall. I'm about 5'7'' so that would make you about...6'4''?

    Principal: Yeah, so?

    Lori: You attacked Alicia.

    Principal: *laughs* Are you kidding me? Are you seriously going to pin this on me? I called you people!

    Lori: You found out she was selling drugs so you confronted her about it. She told you where you could stick your morals and you lost your temper.

    Principal: I didn't sexually assault her!

    Lori: No you didn't. But it doesn't matter now, does it?

    Principal: *shakes head* You have nothing.

    Lori: That's for the State's Attorney to sort out. For now, you're under arrest.

    Patrolofficer: *walks in, grabs Principal*

    Lori: *stands, leaves*

    Lab hallway

    Lori: *writing things*

    Natalia: *walks over* Hey I heard you nailed the principal. Good job. *smiles*

    Lori: Thanks.

    Natalia: A few of us are going out for a beer after work, you want to join us?

    Lori: *closes folder* I don't drink.

    Natalia: Oh, sorry. I heard you were a bit of a party animal so...

    Lori: *smirks*

    Natalia: You sure you don't want to come anyway?

    Lori: *shakes head* No, you guys go have fun.

    Natalia: Are you okay? Because no one around here spends any time with you. You just kind of seem to come to work and go home.

    Lori: Is that a problem?

    Natalia: You need to get out there. You're young, people here like you...especially some of the guys.

    Lori: I'm not interested.

    Natalia: Why not?

    Lori: *crosses arms* I'm just not.

    Natalia: Is this because your husband killed himself? C'mon, it's not like it was your fault and he's been dead almost a year now. You need to move on.

    Lori: *nods*

    Natalia: Are you even listening?

    Lori: Yeah. Move on, I got it. I'll go right to a club, sex it up with all the guys, get myself so smashed that when I wake up in someone's grotty apartment and puke all over myself, I can safely say that I've moved on.

    Natalia: That's not what I meant. You just don't seem very connected with anyone here.

    Lori: This job isn't my life. I do what I need to do and I go home. If you have a problem with it, that's your perrogative. I don't see why I should be berated with it.

    Natalia: Lor-

    Lori: *leaves*

    Natalia: Ergh.

  8. Anni Grey

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    And the old Lori makes a return:) Nat was just trying to ease the obvious tension and well, alienating Lori even further...sheesh, no good deed goes unpunished. In hindsight, however, she kicked ass on the case! The lesser of two evils, I suppose.

    Excellent job!
  9. Hunter

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    So...the principal did it. *crickets* Case closed! Now on with Greece!! :lol: Thanks for the update Geni, can't wait for the next.
  10. CSI_Trainee

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    Awsome updates geni and I know what u mean about real life, things just seem to get weirder and weirder around here, i swear i'm gonna take to being a hermit in my room. Hopefully things get better for you tho and don't worry how long it takes to update, we'll be here watiing
  11. Finch

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    Thanks so much for the reviews everyone. :D

    ^ Yep RL at its best. ;)


    Rental car, highway, midnight

    Jess: I can't believe they left without us.

    Delko: I can't believe we had to call the fire department.

    Jess: Well if you hadn't gotten stuck in the ceiling too, none of this would have happened.

    Delko: If you hadn't gotten stuck in the first place, I wouldn't have gone up into the ceiling.


    Delko: WHY DID YOU!


    Delko: Well our team sucks at seeking because they didn't even check the bathrooms.

    Jess: Yeah, they went to Greece. *puts feet up on console*

    Delko: What are you doing?

    Jess: Airing out my feet.

    Delko: Your dress is blocking my view of the road.

    Jess: Suck it up.

    Delko: I literally am. It's everywhere.

    Jess: Fine. *puts feet on floor* You're a jerk.

    Delko: How is this my fault?

    Jess: Your head was in the way of my dress.

    Delko: *frowns*

    Jess: Pfft, and you wanted to re-marry me.

    Delko: I'm seriously thinking that was a bad idea.

    Jess: Me too. And you know what? You're all over the road. The white lines mean you have THIS much room.

    Delko: I'm not all over the road.

    Jess: You are and there are people passing you. Speed up.

    Delko: I don't want a ticket.

    Jess: Well you're wasting time.

    Delko: We're only going to the airport.

    Jess: Where is the airport?

    Delko: I don't know, check the map.

    Jess: I don't have a map.

    Delko: It's a rental car. There's a map somewhere around here.

    Jess: Ugh, well where would it be?

    Delko: Look around.

    Jess: You're worse than Speed.

    Delko: You talk to him?

    Jess: *rolls eyes*

    Delko: *sigh*

    Jess: Alright well there's no map up here. Maybe in the back seat?

    Delko: Why would someone keep a map in the back seat?

    Jess: To keep the kids busy.

    Delko: What kids?

    Jess: *takes off seatbelt*

    Delko: What are you doing?

    Jess: I'm going back there.

    Delko: Stay in your seat.

    Jess: Do you want to find the map or not! *climbs into back seat*

    Delko: *pushes dress* I can't see again.

    Jess: Yeah well the people in front of us are getting a nice view of my ass so just be patient.

    Delko: AH! JESS I CAN'T SEE! *spins wheel*

    Car swerves

    Jess: *screams*

    Delko: *slams on breaks*


    Jess: *flies backwards*

    Two minutes later

    Delko: *opens eyes* ...You okay?

    Jess: *looks around*

    Delko: Oh my God, you're in the windshield.

    Jess: No, it's cool. The dress acted like an airbag.

    Delko: *grabs Jess' hand*

    Guy: *runs over* Are you okay?

    Delko: *looks over* Yeah, we're fine. Was it your car I hit?

    Guy: Yeah.

    Delko: Everyone on your side okay?

    Guy: My wallet won't be.

    Delko: I'm sorry, I couldn't see the road.

    Guy: Then maybe you shouldn't be driving.

    Delko: No no, her dress was in my face.

    Guy: ...

    Delko: NO! No, she was in the backseat.

    Guy: *smiles*

    Delko: *opens car door* Nevermind.

    Jess: *climbs out*

    Guy: I called 9-1-1, you guys should get checked out.

    Delko: We're fine.

    Guy: She was sitting in the windshield.

    Jess: No it's cool.

    Guy: I still think you should wait for the paramedics.

    Delko: We can't, we have to get to the airport.

    Guy: Dude, you were just in an accident.

    Delko: It's actually kind of a normal thing with us.

    Guy: Yeah, obviously.

    Delko: No, no, I mean we just get into a lot of trouble.

    Guy: Um, yeah.

    Delko: NO! No, it-

    Jess: Stop talking, stop talking.

    Delko: *sigh*

    Sirens are heard

    Guy: *holds head* Man I just bought that truck.

    Delko: I'm really sorry.

    Cop: *walks over* Is anyone hurt?

    Guy: I'm not.

    Jess: I'm fine.

    Cop: Okay, was there anyone else in the vehicles?

    Guy: I just had a cat but he's in his cage.

    Cop: *grabs notepad* You the only two vehicles involved?

    Jess: It's a miracle, really.

    Cop: *lifts brow*

    Jess: Nevermind.

    Delko: Look, we really need to get to the airport.

    Cop: Well lookin' at your car, I'd say you won't be off to the airport for a while.

    Delko: Can't you give us a ride?

    Cop: Is she havin' a baby?

    Delko: What?

    Cop: Your wife.

    Delko: She's not my wife.

    Jess: And she isn't having a baby.

    Cop: Then I ain't drivin' you anywhere. You should wait for the EMTs.

    Delko: No. You don't understand, we need to get to the airport.

    Cop: Why?

    Delko: Our friends are there.

    Cop: And are these 'friends' of yours plannin' something in the airport?

    Delko: Just to go to Greece.

    Cop: Why?

    Delko: Why not?

    Cop: Son, that's not a good thing to say to a Police Officer.

    Delko: That's okay, I'm a Police Officer too.

    Cop: Sure you are.

    Delko: No, I am. *takes out badge*

    Cop: *looks at badge* Miami PD? Right.

    Delko: *sigh* We're from Miami.

    Cop: Mhm.

    Delko: I'm serious. Call your dispatch and run the badge number.

    Cop: Yeah, alright I'll do that. *rolls eyes*

    Delko: Are all the cops in this country asses?

    Jess: Just the bad ones.

    Cop: Excuse me?

    Jess: I said just the rad ones. PEACE OUT. *punches own chest*

    Cop: Sir, do you have any weapons or drugs on your person?

    Delko: No.

    Cop: Ma'am?

    Jess: No.

    Cop: ...

    Jess: I know the dress is kind of big but I'm not hiding anything in it.

    Cop: Where were you guys comin' from?

    Jess: The ceiling.

    Cop: ....

    Jess: No, we were playing hide and seek.

    Cop: Ma'am, I'm going to issue you some tests.

    Jess: Why?

    Cop: Because it looks like some sort of stupidity was the cause of this accident.

    Jess: You think we're drunk?

    Cop: Are you?

    Jess: NO!


    Katie: Scrabble's boring.

    Carly: You're telling me. Especially since Lora's only using two-letter words.

    Lora: If you didn't want me to play, you could have just said so.

    Heather: *lifts hand* I voted for you not to play.

    Lora: I don't listen to you.

    Heather: No one ever listens to me.

    Anni: I listen to you.

    Heather: YAY! *hugs Anni*

    Anni: HEY OH! I almost forgot, I brought a game. *reaches under couch*

    Heather: Guitar Hero?

    Anni: I hear it's fun.

    Colton: *pushes Anni* I call dibs first.

    Anni: Ow. *rubs arm*

    Fifteen minutes later



    Colton: GREEN! GREEN! GREEN!


    Heather: You so totally just lost.

    Colton: *throws guitar*

    Anni: *grabs guitar* Who's next?

    Calleigh: Oh me! Me! *grabs guitar*

    Anni: Alright, try this one.

    Calleigh: How come we started on Expert?

    Anni: I just assumed we all didn't suck.

    Colton: You assumed wrongly.

    Heather: OH MY GOD!

    Lora: *points at screen*

    Carly: *mouth hangs open*

    Horatio: What? What's so great about this song?


    Horatio: What's with you people and Kansas?

    Katie: I like Kansas. There are some pretty people there.

    Heather: Hun, you have NO idea.

    Carly: *giggles*

    Lora: DO DO DO DO DO DO DO! *air guitars*

    Horatio: I don't understand this game.

    Calleigh: Here, you try it. *hands over guitar*

    Horatio: Um, what am I supposed to do?

    Calleigh: Match the colors. It's like Dance Dance Revolution but for your fingers.

    Horatio: Oh. What's Dance Dance Revolution?

    Calleigh: *lifts brow*

    Horatio: *hitting buttons* It's not working.

    Calleigh: You have to strum too.

    Horatio: What?


    Horatio: Oh. *strums*

    Lora: NO, you have to click the buttons at the same time.

    Horatio: Oh. *clicking buttons, strumming*

    Lora: Star power! Star power!

    Horatio: Thank you. *smiles*

    Lora: No, tip the guitar, you have star power.

    Horatio: What?

    Lora: GIVE ME THE GUITAR! *snatches guitar*

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    OMG...Geni...I just saw my friend play Guitar Hero for the first time this weekend- she killed Black Magic Woman by Santanna...but I digress... this is so the game for them to play. My only thought is what the heck would Anni play? And would she rock? ;) :lol: I think they each need a turn at the guitar, dont you?

    Excellent work!
  13. that_girl1

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    LMAO!! Playing Guitar Hero man that is just too awesome!

    And how many two letter words can be made up? Just wondering :D

    Great job!
  14. Jenna_Caine

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    :eek: *dies* OH wow... Horatio playing (or at least trying to play) Guitar Hero... Lol!

    This is so awesome! And Delko just keeps getting in uhm... awkward... situations, doesn't he? :lol: :lol:
  15. HellsBells

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    Heather: OH MY GOD!
    Lora: *points at screen*
    Carly: *mouth hangs open*
    Horatio: What? What's so great about this song?

    Weren't we just talking about this? :lol: that was awesome. I'm glad to see that I haven't missed too much. Now all we need is a little Renegade.


    OH, and did I notice that the guy was 6'4 and the other guy was 6'1? Coincidence? Probably. :lol:

    Fantastic updates Geni. You are creating a revolution btw- A Supernatural Revolution *Holds rock sign*.
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