Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    Bwaha, there are plenty of teenagers here Lora. :p

    Glad to see you back, Lilly. :D I haven't forgotten your Ryan/Lilly development, don't worry!


    Dinner table, 10:30 pm

    Horatio: Alright everyone, let's find our seats.

    Lora: *runs into chair* MINE! *grabs onto Horatio*

    Horatio: I don't think anyone else was going for that chair.

    Lora: Let's keep it that way.

    Jess: *looks down*

    Delko: You okay?

    Jess: I wish I'd thought this through.

    Delko: Dress too big?

    Jess: Yeah and I really have to pee too.

    Delko: Well you wanted to wear the dress.

    Jess: I also want to have the ability to pee and sit down.

    Katie: *sits, grabs wine glass*

    Carly: How did we get a table this big?

    Horatio: I have friends in high places.

    Carly: Really?

    Horatio: *grabs name tag* Well, Walter P. Goodwin does.

    Carly: What if Walter P. Goodwin shows up?

    Horatio: ...

    Carly: Apparently we don't actually use our brains for good anymore but for evil.

    Heather: Oh lighten up. At least you aren't sitting in a dingy Hummerhome singing showtunes while roasting marshmellows over an open lighter.

    Carly: Yeah well I don't have to wear a dress in our dingy Hummerhome.

    Colton: *yanks collar* Okay, if this thing doesn't stop itching, I'm going to sit here naked.

    Heather: Oooh.

    Colton: *looks at Heather*

    Ryan: See Lilly? Nothing to worry about. Heather's got her claws into Colton.

    Lilly: *hugs Ryan*

    Heather: I do not have my claws into Colton.

    Colton: Everyone loves me. It's only natural.

    Katie: The last time I checked, you stole my daughter and sent her to live in Colombia.

    Colton: The last time I checked, I didn't have a choice and she forgave me.

    Katie: She did?

    Colton: Yeah. So HA.

    Anni: *speaks in British accent* Now which fork do I use? The one that looks like like a pitchfork or the one that's shaped like the waiter's ass?

    Speed: I said restrained not foreign.

    Anni: Sorry.

    Horatio: *opens menu* Try not to pick anything too expensive.

    Jess: Yeah well with any luck, my shoes will be able to pay for this dinner.

    Horatio: *sigh*

    Jess: Hey you didn't say anything about selling.

    Horatio: Evidently I need to get EVERYTHING across before we stumble upon a party.

    Anni: *eats bread* You know, I could sell my wedding ring and pay for this whole trip, gas included.

    Colton: I don't think your ring is worth that much.

    Anni: No one else knows that.

    Speed: I prefer you keep it. It'll remind you that you're married.

    Anni: Isn't that what it's supposed to do? Kind of subtle if you ask me.

    Speed: Sorry, I wanted to go for the one that lit up and make party noises everytime we had sex but I was on a budget.

    Anni: Are you okay?

    Speed: I'm fine. *jabs fork into butter ball*

    Delko: Jess, you seem to be fidgiting a lot.

    Jess: I'm trying to balance.

    Delko: Why don't you just change into something else?

    Jess: We went over this Eric.

    Delko: Just saying.

    Lora: *lifts hand* Who wants to play hide and seek after this!

    Anni: OH! I DO! I DO!

    Horatio: No one's playing hide and seek.

    Heather: Yeah, besides, Jess would be too easy to find.

    Jess: Shut up. *throws bun*

    Heather: Don't throw your buns at me. *throws bun*

    Jess: OW! That one was rye.

    Horatio: Everyone stop throwing buns. We're going to act like mature adults for at least an hour.

    Lora: But...that isn't fun.

    Carly: Hey hey, shh someone's standing to make a speech.

    Anni: Oh it's the snot guy!

    Carly: What?

    Anni: The violin guy.

    Carly: Oh.

    Anni: What's he saying?

    Carly: Something about marrying the cello.

    Heather: No, he's marrying the cello player.

    Colton: I thought he said the cello was a real player.

    Anni: *smiles* Awww now he'll be able to have little snotlings. YOU GO GIRL! WOO!

    People clap

    Anni: See? The audience responds to me.

    Katie: I think the audience was doing that to direct attention away from you.

    Anni: People love me.

    Lilly: *poking at plate* This is so boring. Who decided to drag us here?

    Jess: I did and we're going to enjoy it.

    Lilly: Can't we play hide and seek?

    Horatio: No.

    Lilly: Pfft...we're going to end up doing it anyway.

    Waiter: *walks over* And what will we be havin' this evening?

    Anni: Stuffed clams.

    Horatio: I'll have the same thing.

    Lora: Can I substitute the clams?

    Waiter: With what?

    Lora: A quarter pounder with cheese, hold the onions.

    Waiter: ...We don't have those here.

    Lora: What your cook can't stick a patty on a bun?

    Waiter: No.

    Lora: What kind of chef is that?

    Waiter: Ask him, I just take the orders.

    Lora: Fine, I'll just have stuffed clam.

    Carly: I'll have the chicken cordon bleu.

    Waiter: *writing* A fine choice.

    Heather: Can I have scallops?

    Waiter: Of course.

    Lora: Oh but I can't have a quarter pounder.

    Waiter: It's not a slaughterhouse.

    Katie: *bursts out laughing*

    Everyone: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: Sorry. Um, what's your name?

    Waiter: Sam.

    Katie: *smiles*

    Sam: *looks down at paper* And you'll be havin'?

    Katie: What do you recommend?

    Sam: The Texas steak.

    Katie: Great, I'll have that.

    Sam: Great. *writing*

    Anni: *elbows Katie* Get his number.

    Katie: Shut up.

    Anni: *lifts hand* Can I speak, mister waiter?

    Sam: Go ahead.

    Anni: Can she have your number?

    Sam: *smiles*

    Katie: *covers face*

    Anni: She's single, looking, loves long walks on the beach which is a plus because she lives in Miami.

    Sam: *nods* Well, give her this then. *hands over paper*

    Anni: *looks down* There's three extra digits.

    Sam: ...That's an area code.

    Anni: Oh.

    Katie: *grabs paper, slams head on table*

    Sam: I'll be here with your orders in a lil' while. *leaves*

    Katie: Anni, you're an idiot.

    Anni: He's cute. Got dimples and everything.

    Katie: Excuse me. *stands, leaves*

    Anni: She is so hot and bothered.

    Heather: Someone should seriously make a country song out of her life.

    Near kitchen

    Katie: *knocks on door*

    Door swings open

    Katie: AH!

    Sam: Oh, geez, sorry! Are you alright?

    Katie: *rubs arm* Yeah. I just...wanted to come over and apologize.

    Sam: Apologize? For what?

    Katie: My friend. She's kind of loopy.

    Sam: Oh, that's alright. I actually get a lot of numbers.

    Katie: Really?

    Sam: *runs hand through hand* Actually no, but *smiles* I've always wanted to say that.

    Katie: *smiles* Probably not something every girl wants to hear.

    Sam: Sorry.

    Katie: Anyway, I just came to apologize and give this back. *hands over paper*

    Sam: *looks down* Why are you givin' it back?

    Katie: My friend was just messing around, really.

    Sam: So you're not single?

    Katie: No, I am. I just think it's weird to take numbers when I haven't even met you.

    Sam: What's the point in living if all you do is sit on the sidelines?

    Katie: What?

    Sam: Something my highschool Gym teacher always told me. It stuck I guess.

    Katie: So you think I'm sitting on the sidelines.

    Sam: Hey I just met you.

    Katie: *sticks paper in pocket* Alright, I'll call you.

    Sam: Hope so.

    Katie: You're not a rapist or a murderer, are you?

    Sam: Rapists and murderers have better jobs than this.

    Katie: *laughs*

    Sam: See you later. *leaves*

    Katie: *walks away*


    Katie: *sits*

    Anni: So?

    Katie: He's...different.

    Anni: Good different or bad different?

    Katie: Interesting different.

    Anni: I'll drink to that. *raises glass*



    Outside, 12am

    Katie: *leans against column*

    Horatio: *walks over* I give up. Where is everyone?

    Katie: They're playing hide and seek.

    Horatio: Why.

    Katie: Because you told 'em not to.

    Horatio: I see. So should I have told them to in the first place and then they would have done the exact opposite and become quiet, responsible and helpful?

    Katie: Depends if reverse psychology works on them I guess.

    Horatio: *rubs chin* I need to buy some books on that.

    Katie: *looks at parkinglot*

    Near cars

    Waiter1: *throws keys* Hey man you said you'd drive.

    Sam: *laughs* Yeah well I didn't think I'd have to drive this piddly-ass car.

    Waiter1: It's a buggie.

    Sam: It's your girlfriend's car.

    Waiter1: *pushes Sam* I treat her car right and she treats me right, you know what I'm sayin'.

    Sam: Whatever, man.

    Waiter2: *runs over* Stop sitting on my car!

    Waiter1: *stands*

    Sam: *laughing*

    Waiter1: It could have been my girlfriend's.

    Waiter2: Man you got ass marks all over it.

    Sam: *looks over at auditorium* Hey uh, I'll catch up with you.

    Waiter1: You said you'd drive.

    Sam: I ain't settin' foot in that thing. *walks away*

    Waiter2: *looks at Waiter1*

    Waiter1: What?

    Waiter2: You said he could drive my car?

    Waiter1: ...No.

    By column

    Sam: *runs over* Hey, you're still around?

    Katie: Yeah. Just waiting for my friends.

    Sam: Where are they?

    Katie: Playing hide and seek.

    Sam: Boy, your team sure has the youth bug in 'em.

    Katie: What do you mean?

    Sam: One of the girls came into the kitchen and started throwin' peas.

    Katie: *sigh* Anni.

    Sam: *pulls hat down* Y'know, you shouldn't stand out here when it's about to rain.

    Katie: Why?

    Sam: Because in Kansas, when it rains, it pours.

    Katie: *smirks* Does it.

    Sam: *crosses arms* Wouldn't want to get that dress all soaked.

    Katie: I think I'll manage. I'd worry about your holed-up jeans.

    Sam: *smiles*

    Katie: I didn't know a waiter could be such a cowboy.

    Sam: Gotta make a livin' somehow.

    Katie: Mhm and now that you're out here with your buddies, you aren't so modest.

    Speed: *walks over* Did Anni tell you where she was going?

    Katie: No. That's why it's called hide and seek.

    Speed: If I have to 'seek' for another five minutes, I'm going to go insane.

    Katie: I'm sure she's around.

    Sam: I take it your the ex.

    Speed: *looks at Sam*

    Sam: *tilts head* The way you look at her, I'd think you owned her.

    Speed: Excuse me?

    Sam: *stares at Speed*

    Katie: *stares blankly*

    Speed: Who the hell are you?

    Sam: I noticed y'all weren't on the invite.

    Speed: So what, you going to report us?

    Sam: *smirks*

    Katie: Okay, I think that's enough testosterone for one night. No, we weren't on the guest list. I promise we'll be out of here soon. Assuming no one's vandalized the place too much.

    Speed: Yeah. Why don't you go wait in the Hummerhome.

    Sam: You always tell her what she can and cannot do?

    Speed: I don't think it's any of your business.

    Katie: Tim.

    Speed: *walks away*

    Katie: *sigh*

    Sam: Bit of hot head, ain't he.

    Katie: Yeah.

    Sam: *nods* I'll see you later, ma'am.

    Katie: Wh-where, are you going?

    Sam: *turns around* I got a gig downtown to get to.

    Katie: Gig?

    Sam: *laughs* You don't get around much in these parts, do you?

    Katie: I guess not.

    Sam: Me and my band perform at The Slaughterhouse every friday night.

    Katie: Like...a rock band?

    Sam: ...Sure. Rock.

    Katie: What?

    Sam: You should come check it out.

    Katie: I can't.

    Sam: Shame. *nods* Maybe some other time. *walks away*

    Katie: *scratches head*

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    Awesome update, Geni! Leave it to the RTers to squander up a game of hide and seek during a formal dinner.

    Katie... normal is trying to follow her...dontcha think that she should give it a chance? :lol: :D And,...and here's a bonus, she won't have to fear for her life anymore:)

    Anni's returning to her loopy roots, so wonderful to see that:). But not too much, thus running her sinfully delicious hubby away... (can't have that, ;) )

    Fantastic update:)
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    Ah 2 updates in one? WHOO Geni you just brightened my day! :D

    Didn't I call you a donkey or jack*** on our first trip together? (and we ended up getting kidnapped?)

    :lol: :lol: Ah that made me laugh out loud. And tomorrow Valentine's so men across the land are going to get laid. I can just picture the ring Speed imagined in my head. :lol:

    *movie moment* No. No! NOOOOoOOO!

    Oh God no...quick Horatio search up this guy and see if he has a record.

    *sigh* Hide-and-Seek is fun but i CAN be an adult. But Anni throwing peas... :lol:

    Like everytime, i don't trust this guy of Katie's. *crosses arms*

    Thanks so much for the update!! *huggles*
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    You're welcome so much for the update. :lol:

    Sorry I've been a bit lagged with these chapters, lol. That's why there's two up there, ha.



    Delko: *walks in*

    Voice: Eric?

    Delko: *stares into mirror* ...

    Voice: Eric, is that you? I can smell you.

    Delko: *lifts brow* Jess?

    Jess: Yeah.

    Delko: *looks around* Where are you?

    Jess: I'm in the air shaft.

    Delko: *looks up* What are you doing in the air shaft?

    Jess: I was hiding from Anni and Heather. But I got stuck 'cause my dress is huge.

    Delko: How did you get up there?

    Jess: I don't remember. But I have a really good view of the urinals.

    Delko: *steps up onto toilet* Jess, you have to come down.

    Jess: Easy for you to say, you aren't being held down by a circus tent.

    Delko: *climbs up air shaft*

    Jess: AH! Holy crap, how are you getting up here?

    Delko: I have muscles in some places.

    Jess: Should I ask where?

    Delko: *laughs*

    Jess: Alright, so what's the plan?

    Delko: ...

    Jess: Eric?

    Delko: Okay I'm stuck.

    Jess: Of course.

    Delko: C'est la vie.

    Jess: Can you see anyone walking past?

    Delko: You mean through the closed door?

    Jess: Ugh. *bangs head on air shaft*

    The Slaughterhouse

    Carly: So why are we here?

    Katie: My friend Sam invited me.

    Carly: Okay, so why am I here?

    Katie: Because I invited you.

    Carly: So you invited me to visit the waiter you just met.

    Katie: *points at stage* Does that look like just a waiter?

    Carly: *tilts head*

    Katie: C'mon! Look at him! He's-

    Carly: What, hot?

    Katie: *frowns* No.

    Carly: God, you're so lame.

    Katie: I am not lame.

    Carly: You dragged me here to help you pick up a guy.

    Katie: No, I dragged you here to make sure he doesn't pull any moves.

    Carly: Like...rocking out?

    Katie: Besides those. Whew, but look at them jeans.

    Carly: *rolls eyes*

    Lora: *runs over* Man it took forever to catch up to your cab! *wipes forehead*

    Carly: You followed us here?

    Lora: Of course I did. I'm Lora. Stalker extraordinaire! Ooh who's the pretty boy?

    Katie: He's not a boy, he's a man.

    Lora: *scrinches nose* Yeesh, my mistake.

    Carly: *hands over paper*

    Katie: What's this?

    Carly: Before we left, Horatio gave me the workup on this guy.

    Katie: How the hell did he do that?

    Carly: All he said was friends in high places.

    Katie: *looks down at paper* ...

    Carly: I know.

    Lora: What? He's related to Freddy or Jason? Or both?

    Carly: Nope.

    Lora: He's a terrorist.

    Carly: No.

    Lora: ...Scuba diver?

    Carly: Nope.

    Lora: Evil scuba diver?

    Katie: *hands paper back* I think I'm going to throw up.

    Lora: It can't be that bad, come on. *grabs paper* Hey! Look! He spent two years in the police academy in Dallas.

    Carly: Yeah but he quit to join the air force.

    Lora: *turns over page* He was honorably discharged due to an ailment.

    Carly: Horatio found out what it was.

    Lora: Malaria?

    Carly: It actually wasn't his ailment. His mother was dying back on the family farm so he went back to help out.

    Lora: *gasp* That's so sweet.

    Carly: Yeah and when she died, she left him this HUGE fortune.

    Lora: So why the hell's he a waiter?

    Carly: He's a volunteer at the auditorium.

    Lora: Ah yes, music boy's gotta stick his artistic fingers in somewhere.

    Katie: Let me guess, he doubles as a serial killer who stalks in the night after hookers and spills their insides.

    Lora: *reads page* If he does, it doesn't say so here.

    Carly: Want me to pinch you?

    Katie: But...bu-but...

    Crowd cheers

    Carly: Looks like the set's over.

    Lora: Can we go now?

    Katie: *shoves paper in Carly's mouth* Shh he's coming over!

    Carly: *chokes*

    Sam: *smiles* Ladies. Katie, I didn't think you'd show up.

    Katie: *extends hand* NICE TO MEET YOU!

    Sam: *stares at Katie* You alright?

    Carly: *pulls paper out of mouth* The more nervous she becomes, the louder she becomes.

    Sam: I see. Why are you nervous?

    Katie: *shakes head*

    Lora: Because she's insane.

    Carly: See for yourself. *hands over paper*

    Katie: NO! CARLY!

    Sam: *looks down at paper*

    Katie: *covers eyes*

    Sam: Where did you get this?

    Lora: Horatio Caine. He does it for a living. He's a cop. Actually a CSI. DON'T MESS WITH HIM! *karate kicks air* HIYA!

    Sam: *lifts head*

    Lora: *hides behind Carly*

    Carly: Sorry, we're just kind of protective of Katie. And she seemed to have an interest in you so we decided what we do best.

    Sam: Who are you people?

    Lora: We're CSIs! Well, most of us like to think we are. That means Crime Scene Investigators by the way.

    Sam: Yeah, I know what it means.

    Carly: Are you mad?

    Sam: *looks down at paper* Man you can get a lot of information off of the internet.

    Katie:'re not mad.

    Sam: You could have just asked.

    Lora: She's too shy for that.

    Sam: *looks at Lora*

    Lora: Okay I don't like him. *hides behind Carly*

    Katie: I'm sorry.

    Sam: *smiles* S'alright. Would you ladies like a drink? On me.

    Carly: Huh. Wasn't expecting that.

    Sam: I don't have anythin' to hide. Just..isn't every day someone sticks their keyboard in my life. Only natural I suppose.

    Carly: I'd like some Whiskey.

    Lora: Same here.

    Sam: Right. *walks over to bar*

    Carly: Marry him.

    Lora: Sleep with him and then never call him.

    Katie: Stop it.

    Sam: *walks over* Here you go.

    Lora: *drinks down*

    Carly: You play some pretty good music. When did you learn to play guitar?

    Sam: My mother always liked guitar, so when she was sick, I learned to play for her.

    Carly/Lora: AWWWWWWW!

    Lora: Wait, I'm not liking him.

    Katie: *falls against stool*

    Sam: *turns around*

    Katie: *grabs bar* Ahem.

    Sam: You okay?

    Katie: *stands* I'm good. Perfectly good. Very perfectly good.

    Sam: *grabs Katie's hand* You don't want to touch that bar, believe me.

    Katie: *smiles*

    Carly: I think my work is done. Wait, have you met Speed?

    Katie: They don't get along.

    Carly: My work is done.

    Lora: You didn't do anything.

    Carly: I like to think I made an impact.

    Katie: *giggles*

    Sam: *smiles*

    Lora: Oh pfft look at them all cutsie wootsie.

    Carly: Almost makes me wish I was still married.

    Lora: Makes me wish Horatio loved me. *sigh*

    Carly: Someday, I'm sure.

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    Ah great, this guy is pretty much perfect. *sigh* .....*lightbulb idea*....which only means he's terrible in bed! (if you know what i mean wink wink nudge nudge)

    Geni if you're sending messages through Carly....*lip trembles*...*huggles the crap out of Geni* Thanks for the update! :D
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    Sam is...NORMAL! to him:lol:

    Awesome update, Geni! I loved how Katie finally had the thought to bring someone with her just in case Sam was a maniac(but instead, he's simply perfect) I hope this works out for her :D Could the road trip be losing a tripper???

    Great update!
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    Awesome updates Geni!
    And to thank you I come bearing a gift that I think you would enjoy.
    Click Me!
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    God u have been so busy geni lol, RL caught up with me lol and well haven't had much time to get on here. Great updates tho, I hope sam is actually a nice guy cause katie could use someone nice in her life! She's had it so tough but I wonder why speed was being all, pushy against sam..... is there something he hasn't revealed to us? Can't wait to see what u'll come up with next!
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    LM-FREAKING-AO that_girl1. :lol:

    Thanks so much for the reviews everyone. :) So sorry again that I haven't had another chapter up in a bit. RL gets in the way of all my fun. *sigh*

    Mwahahaa. ;)

    I can say there's a bit of a twist with this character, so you'll have to wait and see.

    And I believe (if I remember correctly) the team will be going to Greece next. :D
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    that_girl1, i watched it too i laughed SO. HARD. It was a great way to start off the morning! :D

    I DO NOT worship at the shrine of Jensen Ackles ass...i'm Christian. :lol:
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    Sorry I haven't had another chapter up yet. I promise I'll have one soon. :eek:

    *huggles all*
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    Great job so far, I haven't been around for a while...wait, this isn't the last RT is it?
  13. Finch

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    Long time no see Trevor. ;)

    This is the last thread--yup! *huggles the thread and all who read* :eek:


    Miami, Dade-County Highschool

    Tripp: *writing things down* And you're sure everyone's accounted for.

    Principal: Yes, I already told you. And you can't question them without parental consent.

    Tripp: Yeah, I'm aware.

    Principal: When are these CSI people supposed to get here? I want every inch of this school fingerprinted!

    Lori: *walks over* Sorry, I'm not qualified to play with glue and feathers but you're welcome to do so away from the crime scene.

    Principal: Someone assaulted one of my students, this is a serious matter. You people should be throwing your fancy pants lights around and finding fibres-

    Lori: Look, you became a principal, not a cop so don't presume to tell me what my job is.

    Principal: You seem a little young for this. *looks at Tripp* Does she seem a little young for this?

    Lori: You have three seconds to get out of the crime scene.

    Principal: But-

    Lori: One.

    Principal: Don't you treat me like one of those child-

    Lori: Two.

    Principal: Fine! *leaves*

    Tripp: *scoffs*

    Lori: My thoughts exactly. *kneels, opens kit* So what do we have?

    Tripp: 14 year old girl named Alicia Summers was attacked in this bathroom just before 10 am. She was attacked from behind so she didn't see the suspect. EMTs have her.

    Lori: *places on gloves* Has CSI been here yet?

    Tripp: Nope.

    Lori: *stands* I hear they're a little short-staffed.

    Tripp: That's an understatement. Horatio and his team are galavanting around the world. Last I heard, they were going to Greece.

    Lori: Good. *grabs camera*

    Tripp: Good?

    Lori: Half the cities are already broken, they couldn't do much more damage.

    Tripp: *smirks*

    Lori: *snaps pictures* Hey, I have a question. If you work homicide and no one died, why'd they send you?

    Tripp: I was the first responder. Havin' my oil changed down the street and heard the call.

    Lori: *nods, clicks on flashlight*

    Tripp: So you're not goin' to wait until CSI gets here?

    Lori: *looks down* I'm not going to sit outside and wait for a bunch of shutter happy trainees to strip my scene.

    Tripp: Thought you weren't qualified.

    Lori: *smiles* I'm goin' to use the brilliance of vision.

    Tripp: *nods*

    Lori: *shines flashlight at mirror* ...Huh.

    Tripp: Huh?

    Lori: *tilts head* It's separating from the sides. *grabs side of mirror, yanks*

    Mirror pops

    Lori: Well that's new.

    Tripp: Two-way mirror.

    Lori: In a girl's washroom?

    Tripp: Let's have another chat with the good principal.

    Lori: Yeah, maybe we can use our 'fancy pants' blue lights and fingerprinting techniques on him.


    Anni: GREECE!

    Carly: GREECE!

    Colton: WOMEN!

    Everyone: *looks at Colton*

    Colton: I'm not going to ignore it.

    Heather: I'm making my own toga, anyone want one?

    Katie: No one wears togas in Greece.

    Ryan: We're going to a toga party.

    Lilly: We could have a toga party here.

    Ryan: Yeah but we'll be in Greece. GREECE!

    Lilly: Stop saying Greece. It sounds like we're going to either a very tacky musical or we're going to be bunking at McDonalds.

    Anni: Ooooh.

    Lilly: We are not bunking at McDonalds.

  14. Hunter

    Hunter Coroner

    Jan 5, 2007
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    By the beard of Zeus! (edit:i actually wrote this down before i read that we're going to Greece, crazy coincidence!) An update!! *huggles Geni* Actually, i forget what's been happening now. :lol: We just save the world again?

    ....*opens and closes mouth* Geni...!

    :lol: Colton you totally made me laugh out loud. Aren't Greek women, well, big women?

    Anyhoo TOGA party!! Woot! Eric, grab all the bedsheets you can find! :lol: Thanks for the short and sweet update, i love it. :)
  15. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Did someone say Toga? *gasps* What a wonderful time that's going to be :lol: :D

    Awesome update!
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