Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    Welcome back Carly, I'm assuming you had fun. :p

    Oh and no worries about not getting here because of exams. I'm in the same situation, so that's why I haven't been around as much as I've wanted to.

    Hehe, thanks for the reviews everyone!

    P.S. I swear Lori won't be in any more chapters after this one. :p *lifts right hand* I swear.


    Car, road

    Lora: So, how come you didn't thank Josh?

    Carly: He was just doing that because the guy insulted his gayness.

    Lora: *scratches head* So why'd he marry you?

    Carly: He wanted a family.

    Heather: Well, couldn't he get that from adoption?

    Carly: He told me that his dad never accepted him because he was gay so he tried hard not to seem like he was when he was living at home but then he left and he was free to be who he was and then he got to Miami and he felt he needed Speed's acceptance even though he didn't know why so he married me.

    Lora/Heather: ...

    Carly: Long story short anyway.

    Heather: But you love him, right?

    Carly: It's kind of hard to love someone who only made you punch out a couple of kids so he didn't look bad in front of his brother.

    Lora: And that's why you two separated?

    Carly: Yeah. But no worries, people make mistakes.

    Lora: But you guys were like...the only ones who were working out.

    Carly: I don't really want to talk about it anymore if that's okay.

    Lora: It's not but whatever turns your pages. *shrugs*

    Miami, Lobby

    Anni: *leans on counter* Is he out of holding yet?

    Paula: *typing* Yep, he should be out here anytime soon.

    Anni: Thanks.

    Speed: *walks over* Looking for me?

    Anni: *turns around* Yes, actually. You ready to go?

    Speed: Where.

    Anni: The team's going to Vermont.

    Speed: *nods*

    Anni: ...You are coming with us, right?

    Speed: Actually uh, yeah but I need to meet with someone first.

    Anni: Oh, okay. Anything I can help with?

    Speed: No. I'll see you later though.

    Anni: ...And I guess this is my cue to exit.

    Speed: *stares at Anni*

    Anni: Right. Well, see you later. *walks away*

    Speed: *looks at desk* Is she available yet?

    Paula: Mhm. I paged her. She's at PD.

    Speed: Thanks. *leaves*

    Police department

    Speed: *walks over*

    Lori: *writing things down*

    Speed: You got a minute?

    Lori: *lifts head, smiles* Hey.

    Speed: *smirks*

    Lori: I heard you guys are leavin' soon. Vermont must be nice this time of year.

    Speed: I need your help.

    Lori: ...You need my help. *smiling* Well things sure have come full circle.

    Speed: You know how many times I stared down at my weapon and thought it would be easier than looking in my wife's face?

    Lori: *crosses arms* Easier, what do you mean easier? You want to hurt her?

    Speed: No.

    Lori: You want to blow your own head off.

    Speed: *looks around*

    Lori: Why are you telling me this?

    Speed: I trust you.

    Lori: *places hands on hips*

    Speed: I'm done screwing up.

    Lori: You want my help? My advice? Tell Horatio. Because if you don't, I will. I'm not going to stand here and let another person I love destroy himself. Guess what? Life sucks, it does for everyone. It doesn't mean you have the right to end it.

    Speed: You're right, I don't. I actually spoke to Horatio, I told him to get my guns.

    Lori: *lifts brows*

    Speed: *pulls out two guns*

    Lori: *looks down at guns*

    Speed: *places guns on desk* Keep them.

    Lori: ...

    Speed: I've been thinking a lot lately about how I treated your mother. Everytime I was angry with Anni, I'd think about it. No man deserves to live after doing that.

    Lori: You drank a lot back then.

    Speed: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: You don't think mom noticed?

    Speed: *looks down at floor*

    Lori: Mom's forgiven you. I mean hell, she won't stop gushing all over you.

    Speed: *smirks*

    Lori: Bottom line is, you're not perfect and it doesn't make you evil. It makes you human.

    Speed: *nods*

    Lori: Besides, being angry all these years have been enough of a punishment.

    Speed: How did you get so smart?

    Lori: *smiles* I observe people for a living, remember?

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    YES! No one is infallible. Wow this chapter had so much like, gloominess. Great update Geni!
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    Awesome update, Geni! Now we get the rundown as to why Josh and Carly didn't make it, ...And surprise! Speed's demons finally are revealed. Gotta thank goodness that he chose to talk instead of taking action:D Lori is awesome...simply put. to Vermont and whoooo, skiing! I can hardly wait to see what they get into!

    Tally Ho! :lol:

    ....seemed appropriate:rolleyes:

    Excellent work!
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    MAN at first i thought Speed was going to go all insane and kindap Lori. *wipes brow* Whew, thankfully he didn't.

    *cough* Thanks for the update Geni! :D I would hug you but i'm sick. *cough* *.....hugs anyways*
  5. Finch

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    Thanks so much for the reviews gals. :D

    See! See Heather! Anni likes Lori. :p

    *hugs Anni and pushes Heather* :lol:

    Kidding, kidding.



    Horatio: Off to Vermont we go! *raises fist*

    Calleigh: Oh good, I can't wait to go skiing. *smiles* I even brought all my gear. *drags giant chest out from under couch*

    Colton: Did you pack skis in there or something?

    Calleigh: No, these are just the goggles.

    Colton: ...How many do you own?

    Calleigh: A girl has to look her best, all hours of the day. I have a pair for dawn, afternoon, dusk, night, inside the chalet, for going up the wires, for meeting guys, f-

    Colton: You can't just wear one pair?

    Calleigh: ...Have you learned nothing?

    Anni: Can I borrow a pair?

    Calleigh: *opens chest* Pick a pair.

    Anni: Hm...Well I need one that goes well with my hair colour. You know, that dusk kind of look.

    Calleigh: *taps chin* I actually have some that would look great with your eyes though.

    Anni: Really?

    Calleigh: Oh yeah!

    Katie: Wait, if she's wearing goggles, you won't see her eyes.

    Calleigh: You will when they're on her head.

    Anni: So when I ski, should I wear my hair up or down?

    Calleigh: You wear your hair up too much. *grabs Anni's head* Here, let me see. *takes out elastic*

    Anni: AH!

    Calleigh: *fluffs Anni's hair* Oooh natural waves, I like that.

    Katie: She doesn't deserve pretty hair and pretty eyes and pretty skin and Anni you suck.

    Anni: *laughs*

    Katie: Ugh and a pretty smile too. She doesn't even need the friggin goggles. She's a walking, talking Versace purse.

    Anni: Stop being so bitter.

    Katie: *elbows Speed* What do you think?

    Speed: *reading paper* I think you're bitter.

    Katie: I meant about Anni.

    Speed: Why's that so important to you?

    Katie: Because I care what you think about your wife.

    Speed: Does it matter?

    Katie: Why don't you just answer?

    Speed: *lifts head*

    Katie: ...

    Speed: *looks down at paper*

    Katie: What, no arguments?

    Speed: I'm sorry.

    Katie: *lifts brow* Sorry for what?

    Colton: Anyway, point being is while the girls in the Hummerhome are insanely pretty, the guys get shafted with pure ugliness, right?

    Calleigh: I think you're handsome.

    Colton: Oh, THANK GOD.

    Delko: H, I can't ski.

    Horatio: You can learn.

    Delko: No, Cubans don't ski.

    Horatio: How do you know that?

    Delko: I don't ski.

    Horatio: Eric, you're not getting out of it. None of you are.

    Delko: What happens if I run into a tree?

    Horatio: Be on the lookout for trees.

    Delko: That didn't really answer the question.

    Anni: Why do they put trees on ski hills?

    Horatio: They don't.

    Anni: ...Okay so how do people hit trees?

    Calleigh: People aren't careful. Besides, most ski hills that aren't manufactured have trees.

    Anni: Can we go to the manufactured ones?

    Horatio: No.

    Anni: Damn.

    Katie: Ooooh I can't wait to meet one of those hot ski instructors. OH MAN I AM SO THERE!

    Vermont, ski hill, 5pm

    Horatio: HERE WE ARE!

    Delko: *trips over skis*

    Everyone: *looks at Eric*

    Delko: Uh...I didn't see them.

    Heather: *runs over* You guys here are here! *hugs Katie*

    Katie: Oof.

    Horatio: Did you girls have a good trip?

    Lora: *crawls over* Whoever invented cross-country skiing needs to suffer.

    Carly: I saved us some rooms in the chalet.

    Horatio: Excellent.

    Calleigh: Can we ski now? Can we ski now? Can we ski now?

    Horatio: Yes, we can ski now.

    On top of hill

    Katie: I'M READY TO GO!

    Calleigh: *laughs* Whoa, wait a second. Our instructor's comin' up here to make sure we're actually ready.

    Katie: What could go wrong?

    Snowboarder slides by

    Katie: AH YETI! *hugs Calleigh*

    Calleigh: *rolls eyes*

    Guy: *walks over* Hey girls.

    Calleigh: *smiles* Hi. You're the instructor? *looks at tag* Uh, Tony?

    Tony: That's right.

    Katie: Oooh he's pretty. *extends hand* I'm Katie.

    Tony: *smiles* Nice to meet you. Alright ladies, first thing's first. Your skis need to be tightened to ensure they're going to stay on your feet. The worst thing that can happen is a ski coming off when you're going 20 miles an hour down a hill.

    Katie: How come the little kids get to wear helmets and I don't?

    Tony: The little kids are...little kids.

    Katie: I see. So Tony, what's the best way to tackle the hill?

    Tony: Head on.

    Katie: HAHA SKI JOKE!

    Tony: No, seriously.

    Katie: Oh.

    Tony: Here, I'll tighten your skis. *kneels*

    Katie: *smiles* Great.

    Calleigh: I'll see you two down at the bottom. *pushes forward*

    Katie: Bye Calleigh!

    Tony: *stands* You're all set. Now do you have any questions?

    Katie: What's your number?

    Tony: *laughs*

    Katie: I bet you get that a lot.

    Tony: You'd be surprised.

    Katie: Sorry.

    Tony: Not a problem. So where are you from?

    Katie: I came up here from Miami.

    Tony: I know a few people down there. My ex-wife, actually.

    Katie: Oh. Sorry you two didn't work out.

    Tony: She's actually dead.

    Katie: ...Oh. How'd she die?

    Tony: She ran into a two by four.

    Katie: ...

    Tony: *laughs*

    Katie: Ha...Ha.

    Tony: Anyway, you're good to go. Maybe I'll see you back at the chalet?

    Katie: Um, yeah. Maybe. *smiles*

    Bottom of hill

    Delko: This is stupid. These gloves make me look like an idiot. I'm the only brown person here.

    Heather: Stop complaining and get on the bench.

    Delko: Me and snow don't mix.

    Heather: Eric.

    Delko: Alright, I'm going, I'm going.

    Few feet away

    Lora: *packing snow together*

    Carly: What are you doing?

    Lora: Throwing snowballs at the little kids.

    Carly: I don't think that's very nice of you.

    Lora: No it's cool, they don't know who's doing it.

    Carly: Were you dropped down the stairs as a child?

    Lora: No but I once fell down a chimney.

    Carly: ...

    Lora: Long story.

    Chalet---3 hours later

    Horatio: *sits* When I told everyone to get out there, I meant you too.

    Speed: *typing* I'm paying some bills.

    Horatio: *closes laptop* Bills can wait.

    Speed: H, I'm not skiing.

    Horatio: Eric's out there.

    Speed: Eric's an idiot.

    Katie: *runs in* Tony! Over here!

    Tony: *runs over*

    Horatio: *looks over* Looks like some of us are having fun.

    Speed: Yeah.

    Calleigh: *walks in* Eric, it's okay, you didn't know.

    Delko: *leaning on Calleigh* They should really strap people into the flying benches.

    Calleigh: Here, sit down.

    Delko: *sits* H, you made me go out but you didn't make him go out? I'm a hazard with feet.

    Horatio: Be glad you still have your feet.

    Delko: I could really go for some hot chocolate. And some ice.

    Calleigh: You going to be okay?

    Delko: I hope so.

    Calleigh: *walks away*

    Delko: Never make me ski ever again. People were laughing at me.

    Screaming heard near corner of building

    Horatio: *looks back*

    Delko: What's going on?

    Horatio: *walks away*

    Corner of room

    Katie: *holding face*

    Horatio: *walks over* What's going on here?

    Tony: None of your business, old man.

    Horatio: And you are?

    Tony: Just someone who was promised a good time.

    Horatio: Time's up, get lost.

    Tony: *leaves*

    Horatio: Katie, you alright?

    Katie: *sigh* Yeah. Funny how I stray toward all the wrong guys. What a jerk.

    Horatio: Come sit down.

    Katie: Okay.


    Katie: *sits*

    Horatio: *sits* A few bumps in the road are expected I guess.

    Delko: That guy looked like a total jerk.

    Katie: It's okay you guys, I'm just an idiot.

    Speed: *opens laptop*

    Delko: Do you want my ice?

    Katie: No.

    Speed: *typing*

    Delko: You sure?

    Katie: Eric, stop.

    Delko: I'm sorry.

    Calleigh: I've got a round of hot chocolate for y'all. *places tray on table*

    Delko: Oh excellent. *grabs cup* AH HOT! *drops cup*

    Katie: AH! JESUS CHRIST!

    Delko: Whoa, whoa, sorry!

    Katie: *stands* Seriously!

    Delko: Here, let me get that for you.


    Delko: *sits*

    Katie: *grabs napkin, sits*

    Calleigh: You want to take a trip to the ladies room Katie?

    Katie: No, I just want to sit here.

    Horatio: I'm going to round up the team. *leaves*

    Delko: I'm going to go get some towels.

    Calleigh: I'll help. *leaves*

    Katie: *sigh* What is it about grabby men and hot chocolate? *wipes jeans* They seem to follow me everywhere. Okay, well, they haven't followed me everywhere but grabby men do. Do I look particularily slutty or something?

    Speed: *typing*

    Katie: HELLO!

    Speed: I'm listening, I'm just busy.

    Katie: With what? *looks over*

    Speed: *closes laptop*

    Katie: Fine, don't show me. UGH why does chocolate stain so much? These jeans were 80 bucks. Bad luck seems to love me. A black eye and burned legs, much fun.

    Speed: *sighs, grabs cloth*

    Katie: *leans back* What are you doing?

    Speed: Your cheek is bleeding.

    Katie: It is? *touches cheek* Ugh, great.

    Speed: Hold still. *dabs Katie's cheek*

    Katie: *stares at Speed*

    Speed: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: *looks down at table*

    Speed: *hands over ice*

    Katie: *grabs ice* Thanks.

    Speed: Don't thank me.

    Katie: *lifts brow*

    Speed: *leaves*

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    Geni! Great always, the RTers never fail. I could just see poor Eric trying to stay up right on those skis. Poor Delko indeed.

    What's with the morose Speed? I mean granted, yes, good you figured out that you needed to change, but to change into the ultra moody, er...sulking...I don't know what word to use here, but yeah, so this is the 'new' Speed? Gah...give me the old one, sans the violent tendencies:lol:

    Katie...she should get her jerk-dar fixed. Why is that she can always pick the ass out of like fifty million guys?

    Awesome update!
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    *sneezes* Aw now the keyboard's a mess!

    For the love of everything Miami-related YES! I do NOT like cross-country skiing. Do NOT.

    Haha...ha....*backs away slowly*

    :lol: Haha omgosh why have i not thought of that? (JK, i'm not THAT mean.)

    And COME ON. Katie getting raped in the corner of a room? Oh yeah nobody's going to notice THAT.

    Who do you think you are? Darth Vader?

    What the hokey is with Speed?? Just sittin' there. Typing. :mad: *reads more* Oh so NOW he gives her ice. And shows a little bit of emotion. *angry sigh* Douche.

    Thanks for the update Gen! :)
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    *Is momentarily confused*



    :lol: Oh my goodness. That was just awesome.

    Lora is freaking out about skiing. :D

    What's with speed? Could someone take his downers away and give him the uppers he so desperately needs?

    Hey, Geni. WWBD? ;)
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    Poor Katie she always seems to run into the wrong sort of men.... I really am starting to feel very sorry for her ..... and dear god I hope i didn't kiss any trees or get buried by like a avalance or something lmfao. Knowing my luck those exact things would happen. And what did eric do that he was hurt????? hmmmm????? lol skiing does sound fun tho, i've never been.
    Great updates geni can't wait for more
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    HAHA!! :lol: That totally made me laugh. Aww and Katie has not been having the best ski trip so far. Hopefully it gets better, right Geni? Great updates!
  11. Hunter

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    What...would...Buddha do? Ok seriously what. :lol:
  12. Finch

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    :lol:! It's 'What Would Buffy Do'. :p Supernatural joke.

    Thanks so much for the awesome reviews everyone, I should have another chapter up later today.
  13. Hunter

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    :lol: Oh! Oh ok. Actually lately i've been looking into more Supernatural show seasons (i was looking for Blood Ties really) But i came by some shows called Firefly and Moonlight. And the guy off 'Bones' is on one of them; Angel. Heard of them?

    Anyhoo, can't wait for another update! :D
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    ...Ouch. Josh only married me to prove to Speed that he was a man? Double ouch. If he wasn't such an awesome character, I'd be SO mad at him right now...but I can't. I mean, he's Joshie :D But I'm still mad at him *narrows eyes*

    Heh. Ah, hasn't anyone learned by now that when the RTers come running, they should put all implements that could be weapons in a closet somewhere. And that includes the crazy, wife-beating dudes that Katie seems to love *hides from Katie* :p

    Wonderful update Geni!

    Oh, and by the way, I got into the Uni course I was after! *dances*
  15. Finch

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    Congrats on getting the course you wanted Carly. :D

    And I don't think the RTers going near a closet would be safe, if you ask me. Eric might be hiding another decomposing teddy in there. :p


    Chalet, 10pm

    Horatio: *brings out guitar* Okay everyone sing-a-long! *sings* Grey skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face!

    Everyone: *grumbles*

    Horatio: *twangs guitar* Chestnuts roasting, on an open fiiiire...

    Lora: Um, isn't that a Christmas song?

    Horatio: I don't know the rest of the other one.

    Calleigh: You know this is pretty fun. We've been able to ski, sit by the fire, sing some songs it's like we're in camp.

    Delko: Only none of us are teenagers and Horatio's the supervisor.

    Horatio: I make one hell of a supervisor.

    Katie: So should we start printing T-shirts or something?

    Carly: Oh I already have 'em. *grabs T-shirt*

    Katie: Aw it's so cute it has a little Hummerhome on it!

    Carly: Next step, to make millions selling it world wide.

    Heather: How come there's no one else in the chalet?

    Lora: Because I pelted them all with snowballs.

    Horatio: Lora, what have I told you about throwing snowballs?

    Lora: You haven't told me anything.

    Horatio: Well...don't throw snowballs.

    Lora: Can I throw ice balls?

    Horatio: That's the same thing.

    Delko: I was once pelted with an ice ball. I couldn't sit for a week. If I recall, Speed's brother threw it at me to get me out of the tree.

    Katie: I remember that! I wonder if he still has a crush on you.

    Heather: Oh he so does.

    Horatio: *sings* If I had a million dollars, if I had a million dollars!

    Calleigh: Horatio, stop singing only half the songs.

    Horatio: That wasn't even half.

    Calleigh: Are there any whole songs you know?

    Horatio: Yes but I don't know them on the guitar.

    Calleigh: You aren't playing the right chords anyway.

    Horatio: Well excuuuse me for screwing up your entire evening. At least I'm trying.

    Calleigh:'re not trying.

    Horatio: *stands, leaves*

    Lora: Look what you did!

    Delko: So who here wants to break into the kitchen and steal cookies?

    Colton: I'm game.

    Heather: Count me in.

    Delko: Excellent. *runs*

    Heather: *runs*

    Colton: *runs*

    Kitchen, chalet

    Delko: Now the secret is to not get caught.

    Colton: Gee, why didn't I think of that?

    Delko: Because you're not as smart as I am. *taps forehead*

    Heather: Can we get on with it? I really want some cookies.

    Delko: *pulls fridge* ...Wow they really lock these things?

    Heather: Here, let me try.

    Colton: You think being female is going to help the fridge open any easier?

    Heather: I don't know Colton, test it out for us.

    Colton: Low, very very low.

    Delko: *kicks fridge* OPEN!

    Heather: Who keeps cookies in the fridge?

    Colton: My mommy.

    Heather: *stares at Colton*

    Colton: *coughs* Mom. Mother. Lady that gave birth to me. Dad's mistress.

    Heather: We get it.

    Door creaks open

    Delko: AH! GHOST! *hugs Heather*

    Heather: AH! DELKO! *pushes Eric*

    Colton: AH! MY FOOT! *holds foot, falls over* AH! *smashes into pots*

    Heather: Are you okay?

    Colton: *looks up* You have ten heads.

    Heather: Maybe we should get out of here before someone finds out.

    Delko: Not until I find my cookies. I'm at a ski chalet and I'm not going away with an empty stomach.

    Heather: There aren't any cameras in here are there?

    Delko: *looks up*

    Heather: Well this was a bad idea.

    Delko: Quick! Put your socks over your face!

    Heather: But my socks aren't see-through.

    Delko: What kind of woman are you?

    Heather: Those are knickers, not socks.

    Delko: Fine, but a bread bag over your head. *jams bread bag on Heather's head*

    Heather: Haha you're half blue and half red.

    Delko: No I'm not. *looks down at hands* I'm half Russian and half Cuban. I'm like a mixed breed of coffee.

    Heather: *sucks in bag* I can't breathe.

    Delko: So take it off.

    Heather: *tugs on bag* I can't.

    Delko: Ooh I shouldn't have wrapped the bottom around your neck. It seems to be getting tighter with every breath you make. Ha, that sounds like a song. I should suggest it to Horatio and his guitar.

    Heather: HELP! *kicking cupboards*

    Colton: OW! MY HEAD! *grabs head*

    Heather: *falls over* AH AH AH!

    Delko: Okay someone get me the scissors.

    Colton: *grabs scissors*

    Delko: ...These are safety scissors? Who uses safety scissors in a kitchen?

    Colton: You probably have plenty in yours.

    Delko: Pass me a knife.

    Colton: *hands over butcher knife*

    Delko: Perfect. Okay Heather, hold still.

    Heather: *screaming*

    Delko: Okay maybe not a butcher knife. What about one of those smallish ones?

    Colton: These?

    Delko: Yeah.

    Colton: *hands over potato knife*

    Delko: Okay Heather, just stay still. *cutting bag*

    Few seconds later

    Delko: Perfect.

    Heather: *screaming*

    Colton: Dude, you cut holes at her eyes. You're supposed to cut off the bag, this isn't Halloween.

    Delko: Oops. *cuts bag*

    Heather: *gasps* AH! GEEZ!

    Delko: You okay?

    Heather: *slaps Eric* You almost killed me.

    Delko: I thought you could breathe.



    Katie: *brushing hair*

    Anni: *sitting on bed* You know, I think you need to find a nice shy man.

    Katie: You're giving me guy advice? Please. Your idea of a good time is cheap tequila and Neil Diamond.

    Anni: *laughs* Look, if you don't want to die alone, don't go for the psychopaths.

    Katie: *turns around* What's that supposed to mean? I married your husband.

    Anni: And he wasn't exactly a gentleman to you.

    Katie: Is he to you?

    Anni: Yeah. He's...warm, gentle, attentive, sweet-

    Katie: Yeah yeah yeah. You got the luck of the draw I guess.

    Anni: He still cares about you, you know.

    Katie: I thought that was all over with.

    Anni: It's not about 'omygosh I'm so in love with you'.

    Katie: Has he talked to you about it?

    Anni: He doesn't have to. I see how he looks at you. It's like...he wants to protect you.

    Katie: *sigh* Well I don't need to be protected, especially by him.

    Anni: You're so anti-social.

    Katie: *throws brush*

    Anni: *laughs*

    Knock on door is heard

    Anni: C'mon in!

    Speed: *opens door* Horatio wants everyone in bed. He just found out about Eric's adventure in the kitchen.

    Anni: Alright. *stands* Have fun Katie. *leaves*

    Katie: *looks at Speed*

    Speed: You know, for a log building, the walls are pretty paper-thin.

    Katie: So you heard everything we were talking about.

    Speed: *nods*

    Katie: Can you just tell me the truth? I just want to know once and for all why you give a damn about me.

    Speed: ...

    Katie: It's not that difficult.

    Speed: You were the first woman I ever loved.

    Katie: *lifts brow*

    Speed: Have a good night. *leaves*

    Katie: *bangs head on wall*

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