Review The Last Film You Saw ~ Thread 3

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The Queen. Absolutely brilliant. Helen Mirren was unbelievably good. It really changed my opinion on the Queen and how she handled Diana's death. Definitely worth watching!
^^^ i loved "the Invention of Lying". it was funny and totally original. i loved how no one had a filter they just said whatever came to their mind.

i've been on a Ginger Rogers kick of late so most of the movies are hers that i have watched

Stage Door: Katherine Hepburn also stars in this movie. i liked this a lot. Ginger Rogers played a very snarky, sarcastic character. her scene with Katherine Hepburn when they first meet in the movie has some of the best sarcastic lines i have ever heard.

Vivacious Lady: James Stuart plays the guy who falls for Ginger Rogers. i'm just gonna post a clip which just kinda sums up Rogers in the movie and why she was so good in it (**if this is considered a spoiler i apologize**)

Roxie Hart: if there is anyone who is a fan of "Chicago" watch this movie. it's not a musical it's a screw ball comedy. the ending was my favorite, the only way to say really comment on it is after seeing all the things Roxie wants and does you just have to say "ha ha".

Bachelor Mother: it's a pretty good movie. it's just one big missunderstanding.

The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle: this is the last picture Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire did together in the '30s. it's not their typical musical comedy which most likely explains why the movie did not do well when it was originally released. i liked it, both actors were very good dramatically. you can see that it must have been tough to do a "based on a true story" movie but they managed to pull it off.

Monkey Business: also stars Cary Grant and Marylin Monroe (who's in the movie for like 5 minutes and it's in a pack of her movies). cute, silly, and stupid.... only way to describe it.

ok onto movies that do not have Ginger Rogers in them.....

Julie and Julia: this was so adorable. Meryl Streep can seriously do anything she was brilliant. Amy Adams i just wanted to hug the whole time lol.

How To Marry a Millionarire: Lauren Bacall as a gold digger is so weird to see since i've come to know her as the tough girl from her movies with Humphrey Bogart. Marylin Monroe and Betty Grable play Bacall's two also gold digger friends. it was predictable but good at the same time.

Land of The Lost: eventhough this movie bombed when it came out i loved it. Anna Friel from "Pushing Daisies" was very good, it was nice to see her in something.
Can't hardly wait

A typical teenage movie which includes teenagers who are heartbroken, wild parties (well, a big one) and the typical stereotypes. Like "the nerds" who everyone ignores, as shethey are not cool enough. The cocky dude who thinks he is cool, while everyone else find him annoying and pathetic.

The only good thing was the end, as it wasn't really predictable.

100 girls

Another cheesy teenage movie. It was really sweet at times, but annoying sometimes too. As some of the characters were really immature and silly. They drove me insane, to be honest. It was an ok movie, but not something I ever would see again.
The Blind Side
Sandra Bullock steals my heart everytime I watch a movie w/her. She TOTALLY deserved the Golden Globe for that movie. Michael's character is so weird but it's charming as well. I just wanted to hug both of them through the whole thing. That family is just the sweetest thing ever. The movie definitely has a lot to say. 10/10 fo sho.
I just watched The Blind Side too. A nice, heartwarming movie. Not really any surprises, but nice performances and... well you DO feel good at the end, which is always nice. Nothing wrong with a happy ending once in a while, especially the true stories.

I watched a lot online this weekend (including the Blind Side): The Fourth Kind with Mila Jovovich was pretty so-so. Interesting format, but some of the "real" footage people seemed sort of phoney. All of these supposedly "true story" movies sort of don't impress me though. I found Paranormal Activity pretty average too.

Also watched The Exorcist 3 which, while not awesome, had some pretty snappy dialogue and good performances, so I enjoyed it all the same.

Lastly, I watched Whiteout with Kate Beckinsale. Despite some pretty hot actors, it was mostly a very average thriller with some cool (Antarctic) landscape.
Down in the valley

I liked the story, even if some parts were hard to understand. Like "the true voice deep within", which is what you really want to do if you listened to yourself and didn't hear any other voices in your head. Or something. But in general, it was a really good movie and meaningful. The end was sad and tragical, but yet also beautiful at the same time. It almost made me wanna cry, just almost.

The Descent

I had no high expections on this movie. And it was great, as they movie was really crap. At times it was really dark and it was difficult to see something properly. Some of the characters were just plain weird and acted strange. The so called monsters didn't look realistic at all. They reminded me of a monster in the X-files, and I laughed at them. So simple said, the movie was crap.

Gifted Hands (The Ben Carson Story)

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Great actors, escpecially Cuba Gooding JR. The story was absolutely fantastic, and I loved every second.
Surrogates- Not a bad movie. A little on the weird side, but not bad at all.

Zombieland- Silly, but fun. Had some funny moments too.
I basically watched like 10 Sandra Bullock movies the past few days, two of them are worth mentioning (besides The Blind Side).

All About Steve
I'm not saying it's the worst movie I've ever seen, because there is something about Mary (Sandra B.) and her two friends. They are simple people. Not stupid, just different. The society considers people "stupid" if they're different. Mary is a clever woman. I don't think that comedy was a good choice to express all these things (if that was the point), that may be the reason why the movie got a dreadful critic. All About Steve made me think. Who is crazy? What's the definition of "crazy"? Who made the definition, and was that person crazy or normal? How do you decide if nobody can tell which group do you belong to? The Million Dollar Hotel shows the whole thing perfectly. I'm just not sure if it was the real message of All About Steve.

The Lake House
I don't understand the whole concept, I like it though. How can you "wait" for someone who's in the future? I just don't get how they met earlier. So basically there was no time difference back then. So how did it happen? Anyway. I was about to cry at the end when Kate was sitting by the mail box crying. But I really really love the way the movie ends!
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i saw 3 films in the last few days:

avatar - my bro had been bugging me to see it for ages as the visuals are so great in it (he works for a cgi studio), and he was absolutely right, visually it really was impressive but omfg the dialogue was just appalling. it didn't help that the cinema only had a subtitled showing at the time i was there so the dialogue's awfulness was exacerbated by the fact i had to read it as well.

a prophet/un prophete - i wanted to see this as french homework, but i'm reaaally glad it had subtitles as it was all in thick dialect and nigh on impossible to understand (i even know a couple of native french speakers who found it quite difficult!). it was pretty grim really, a very good film in terms of technicalities and plot and grittiness and so on but pretty bleak (although i like bleak stuff so i didn't mind that). i think for me my most telling comment on it was that my dad said he was interested in going to see it (he's a vicar in his 60s) and i just said "really, please please don't!" - he would've hated it and then grumbled on for months about how terrible films/society are today and driven everyone around him nuts. i can't imagine him really wanting to watch scenes of prison sex in exchange for drugs and quite graphic violence etc. but i thought it was pretty good, just not everyone's cuppa.

precious - wow, this film was amazing. it was really good in film terms, everyone acted brilliantly, including mariah carey, you would never, ever have known it was her without being told beforehand, and especially monique who was the mother and who was just a hateful character who you ended up wishing some really nasty death on, she was vile, and monique really doesn't come across that way in real life at all! it really was utterly heartbreaking and very harrowing, people (me included) were sniveling into their popcorn within about 10-15 minutes of it starting and it never stopped with horror or tragedy, it was incredibly depressing and made me very very angry (at the circumstances they were discussing, not the film makers) but i loved it.
Bolt, cute and funny. Didn't expect it. And that insane hamster ... hilarious (and scary) ;-)

Definitely worth watching. Disney did a great job even without Pixar!
Spiderman 3

I actually liked the first 2 movies, but this movie was not good at all. Feels like I have seen the stuff before, but in the first 2 Spiderman movies, but also in other movies. Got a "Indiana Jones/The Mummy"-feeling, as I thought of these movies too while watching Spiderman 3.

Great special effects, and it feels great knowing that the story was completed now (and all questions I got while watching the other movies finally became answered). But that's it. The story was not good at all, and it kinda feels like they just made the movie to earn money. Nothing I ever will watch again.


I think this is the first russian movie I've ever seen. Yet it was fantastic. I really liked the story, and was glad to see it was not the typical love story (well, typical american love story where they always get each other and live happily ever after). It's also about war (the russian revolution), and it was well done and realistic.

I actually liked pretty much everything.
Eagle Eye, again, better than I had expected. Maybe not the most original script but nevertheless a scary vision of the future when computers decide to act on their own to "protect" mankind.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose: Well I don't like such movies and I actually had no plans to watch it but yesterday one of my friends forced me to watch this movie. I know it's not a really shocking movie but the few creepy things which happened there were enough for me to be afraid...
"THE GREAT DEBATERS" with Denzel Washington. The movie
took place in 1935, in Texas and Denzel was a teacher Mr. Tolson who taught students about 'debating' and how their little Wiley College debated other Negro colleges. One night they were all driving to a college and a bunch of radicals Klu-Klux Klan, were waiting for them. They had burnt and hung a poor black man on a cross. We were horrified:censored: Mr. Tolson did a quick turn around and split fast away. The 4 kids never forget this and went on the debate at Harvard. They won, after one of the kids told about this horrible experience. Never had a black college beat out Harvard. Very intense, great acting by all. and the predjudice in those days, and how things have changed since that awful period in history. :(
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