Quotes you WON'T hear - Pt 2

Grissom: What is your name?
The Who: Who are you… who who… who who…
Suspect: (looks around for musicians): I am Sherlock Holmes.
The Who: We won’t get fooled again. No no.
Suspect: Who’s singing?
Grissom: That’s right, it’s The Who. Don’t mind them. They always follow us around. Now, give me your real name.
Suspect: Maybe my name is Tommy.
The Who: He’s a Pinball Wizard.
Suspect: Yeah. That’s it. I’m innocent. You can’t prove a thing.
The Who: I get my back into my living…
Brass: *groan* He’s not talking.
Grissom: The evidence will convict him.
The Who: I know you've deceived me, now here's a surprise
I know that you have 'cause there's magic in my eyes
I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
Oh yeah
Grissom: Oh, shut up, Daltrey. I knew we should have gotten the Monkees.
The Monkees: Here we come, walking down the street…

Lol, I love these:guffaw:
"I'm not saying he does it on purpose," Officer Mitchell told Catherine, "but have you noticed that every time Capt. Brass handles a hostage situation, either the hostage or the hostage taker winds up dead?"
Grissom(Lady Heather aka names I am surely going to hell for for shouting at my tv) : Would you stay- the bloody hell AWAY from me!!!!

*goes into another rant to whatever inanimate objects care to listen. again*
"Catherine," Ecklie demanded one day not long after Grissom's departure, "would you please tell Stokes that the pillow fights among him, Riley and Sanders have to stop."
ROFL, a bit belatedly.

*Nick walks in with two bags of pills*
Nick: Hey Ray, we have to process. What'll it be, the red pills or the blue pills?

(I haven't seen the movies yet, only a little of the first one, but the conversation in the spoiler thread was funny.)
Greg to Archie : '' No, sit down! You are not going anywhere. Huh! ''

Ray to Cath :'' Damn i am so inexperienced. I don't want to work solo ... i... i... sorry i can't do that! ''

Ray knew it was going to be a long shift when first Riley muttered something about "who was trigger happy now?" and then Greg commented that he hoped Ray didn't get the same judge and jury he'd gotten.
Nick arrives back from Honoloulou (sp?)

Nick: So what did I miss

Catherine: The series finale

Nick: Oh not much, well tally ho!
Ray: I have an annoucement to make...I was Warrick's real dad.

(I had to post this after someone joked in the spoiler thread lolol)
"And here I thought Gil and I knew how to be discreet," Sara observed as the team shook its collective news that Ecklie and Judy the receptionist had been caught in their velvet-lined, lavender-scented lovenest.
You guys are hillarious.

Sara: "sure Greg, we can go out on a date."

Hodges: *says something that actualy impresses Grissom.*

Grissom: "the time off is great but I really miss you, Conrad."