Quotes you WON'T hear - Pt 2


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What quotes do you think that the script writers will never let the characters say on CSI?

Part 1

Lets keep the board rules in mind when making up quotes. :)
That last one was hilarious

*Griss and Sara are making out in his office. They then notice they are being watched*
Gris: Damn glass windows...Either I get some shades in here or we have to move it to the broom closet
Sara: Only if we can be sure Ecklie doesn't have a hidden camera in there...
Grissom is talking to an FBI agent. Grissom-"What did you say your name was?" FBI-"Special Agent W Petersen" Grissom-"What does the W. stand for?" FBI-"William. My mother named me after some actor that she liked in a movie called "To Live and Die in L.A." Have you ever heard of William L. Petersen Dr. Grissom?" Grissom-"No I can't say that I have Agent Petersen." :devil:
Greg: Guess what?
Sara: What?
Greg: Your Face! Lol(He says the letters instead of loling) Yeah...Whatever (Walks away)
Sara: Wtf.
Sara: Come on, you know me better than that.
Nick: Huh?
Sara: I'm not that naive.
Nick: What?
Sara walks off, leaving Nick confused.
Better yet...

Grissom: Nick, I have such faith in your abilities I'm promoting you to Supervisor. (riiight!)
or this one...
Grissom: Greg, you have enough experience now.. how about you be the lead on this case..