Quiz Thread #4

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TV Guide's top 100: 33/100 - Yes I got that important one. There were about 6 that I've actually watched, then a few I could recognize from the ep title, then I just typed in tv shows as I remembered names. :lol:

International headlines: 4/20 - My international news knowledge is dismal! :rolleyes:

Most populous cities: 54/100 - There was 1 city for the state I'm living in! :lol:

Top 100 TV Episodes - 12/100 - I just started naming TV shows, and then gave up :D

International Headlines - 13/20

Most Populous Cities - 67/100
100 episodes: 35/100. That one is tough! But I got the important one :D

International Headlines: 9/10.

Most populous Cities: 36/100.
100 episodes: 38/100 some I knew by the titles other I just typed in shows

headlines/Countries: 7/20

100 Most populous cities: 32/100 Just couldn't think of some of the cities :rolleyes:
100 episodes 17/100 - I got frustrated and only two actually recognised by an episode name ;)

Newspapers 12/20

US cities 27/100 - just went with big cities and NHL teams ;)
100 Episodes: 16/100 Glad to see some of my favorite shows on the list, others I just guessed shows

Newspapers: I only got one I just guessed randomly, I don't pay attention to news very often.

US Cities: 11/100 just cause my mind was on a blank, can't believe a city in my state made the list.
Fibonacci Sequence - 27/28 - Grr...I ran out of time

Roman Alphabet - 26/26 with 19 seconds left

Sports Team from the Venue - 14/20
Fibonacci numbers. Once I figured out what this is I got 18/28

Roman alphabet backwards. 26 seconds left :)

Sports arenas. I got 10/20
Fibonacchi numbers: 15/28 never was good with mental math.
Roman Alphabet Backwords: 26/26 with 19 seconds to go.
Sports Arenas: 0/20 what can I say I hate sports, and don't pay attention to them
New York cuisine types: 36/154 - I've got to go out to eat more often. I had no idea that many types of cuisine existed. :lol:

Countries by their outlines: 4/25 - Should have gotten one more, but I couldn't spell it.

Movies from 3 hints: 8/20 - Considering I go to a maximum of 1 movie a year (the smell of popcorn makes me sick) that's good for me. :lol:

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