Quiz Thread #4

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Yeah, quizzes. I could use the mental break.

Famous people with J.C. - 16/26

Name the Games: 16/20 I couldn't think of the name. I wish picturing them would count :p

Name the movie - 16/20

Hmmm, 16. I'm beginning to see a theme here. :lol:

trying to remember your sweet 16 time :lol:

:lol: You could be right.

Can you name the countries who Googled the following words as of 2008? 16/27 :lol: Not again. I should have known the number 1 answer for hangover. :lol:

Can you name the cities in which the following teams play their home games? 2/20 That would a be a big fat NO! :lol: The ones I got, I only got because I just started typing names

Aphabetically First: 11/22
Gooling Countries - 21/27 - Some of those are suprising

Home Cities - 17/20 - I'm a sports gal :)

Alphabetically First - 13/22
JC 13/26

Games 4/20 - ugh, I just don't know the English names for all

Movie by scene 10/20

Google 22/27

Cities teams 5/20

Alphabetics 13/22
Can you name the National Weather Service event warnings? - 21/44 - I've never seen most of those

Can you name the foreign language? - 19/30

Colors of the rainbow - 7/7 :D
Weather event warnings: 22/44 - that's better than I expected. :lol:

Foreign Languages: 13/30 - ever looked at how many languages are represented on a LEGO box? :lol:

Colors of the rainbow: :48 left - thank you for an easy one. :bolian:

Weather Service. I got 13/44. Some of these we call by different names here and some we don't even have.

Foreign Language. I have enough trouble with English :D but that being said I did get 7/30.

Colours of the rainbow. It was close :D 8 seconds left :)
how does the weather service warn about some of these? :wtf:
There are 24-hour weather radio stations in about 300 cities around the United States that are operated by the National Weather Service. They can be picked up on special weather radios that pick up some or all of the seven frequencies, and sounds an alert tone when most of those warnings are issued. Many newsrooms at radio, television, and newspapers have those. Scanners that pick up police and fire calls usually can pick up those frequencies but might not have the tones function.

Also, radio and television stations here in America are required to be part of the Emergency Broadcast System, so they can alert their listeners during these warnings, when not doing their required weekly tests. On TV, sometimes you will hear the warnings and sometimes it will be a crawl along the bottom of the screen.
Countries containing the letter 'J' I got 1/7 :eek: why is it the brain goes 'I don't know anything' on some quizzes :lol:

TV shows to movies. I got 13/30

Corporate Logos. I got 22/36
Countries with J: 4/7 I'm really bad with country stuff I've noticed.
TV Shows To Movies: 23/30 I remembered watching most of the shows/movies for these proves I watch TV to much, I started guessing movies randomly at one point though.
Corporate Logos: 10/36 I can't spell very well, and I haven't ever seen have of those logos either.
Countries containing the letter 'J': 2/7 now if I had typed an 'A' instead of an 'O' I would have gotten 3 :rolleyes:

TV to Movies: 12/30 So many 'oh yeah' moments in that one :lol:

Corporate Logos: 29/36 Does recognizing them count? :lol:
Language phrase: 22/30

Rainbow: remaining 49secs

J-countries: 5/7

tv shows to movies 15/30

Corporate logos 22/36
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