Quiz Thread #4

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NY Cuisine 37/154 cuisine types - pretty much lost my interest after 3mins :p
Countries 11/24
Movies 5/20
Actor nominees of the 90's: 32/50 Geez, I wish picturing them counted. I would have done much better. :lol:

Hugo Awards: 1/58 Never heard of most of these books.

Words that start and end with 'b': 12/15
Best actors nominations for the 90's: 10/50 - That is an indication of how often I don't go to the movies.

Hugo Award Novels: 15/58 - I love Science Fiction but I spent all my time going through series until I hit the right one. :lol:

Begin & End with 'B': 8/15

Words that end in 'ff': 12/18

Show given lead actor: 18/30 - I did much better on the earlier shows than the more recent shows. :lol:

Word/phrase that ends in 'eau': 8/20 - surprisingly enough there was only one I was having trouble spelling.

US Census Races - 6/7

Largest Countries by Continent - 21/30, and it says I got the bonus question

Country per Letter - 24/24 :)
US Census Race Categories: 5/7 - those are different than anything else I've filled out that asks what race!

Largest countries by Continent: 13/30

country by letter: 14/24 - time just seemed to fly by on this one! :lol:

US Census Races: 4/7

Largest Countries by Continent: 14/30 PLUS one bonus answer, so that's 15

Country by Letter: 13/24 Geesh, could've given ya more time. :p
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