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^ I always try to do it on Saturday evening when I get home from work.

But sometimes (like today), I'm too tired and I need to be thinking straight when I do it :lol: so I think I'm gonna set this up tomorrow some time :)

(sorry to keep you guys hanging on for the pics a bit longer).

ETA: To answer the rest of the question, I usually leave voting up for at least 3 days :)
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It's not a problem wibble, we're a patient bunch so get some rest. ;) And it's also good that you want to be thinking straight first. :lol: :p
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yes..we are patient..but it's too bad I won't be here to grounded from the computer for the next 5 days!! grr oh well...i guess i will just have to see how mine did when i come back.
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Voting time! :)


1. First, and most importantly, please look at ALL of the photographs submitted before deciding on which ones get your vote. All you have to do is click on the link to each photo. This is so everyone has a fair chance of getting a vote and therefore a banner.

2. Don't vote for your own photo - why anyone would want to do such a silly thing is beyond me, but if you do, I will know and your photo will be disqualified from the competition.

3. The same thing applies if you reveal which photo is yours.

4. Don't tell your friends which photo is yours so that they'll vote for it - that is a sad and pathetic thing to do, not to mention unfair on all the other competitors.

5. I don't want to see any unnecessary negative comments about any of the photos (i.e. no bashing). There is no need for it.

6. Please only vote for 3 photos.

The voting system will be similar to that of the Fan Art challenges, based on a points system. Therefore, you should give your first vote to whichever photo you like best, your second vote to whichever photo you like second best etc. It is important that you do it like this. Whoever has the most points at the end of voting wins, with the contestant that has the second highest number of points getting second place, etc.

Good luck to all the entrants, and thank you for your photos. Awesome job everyone :) Here they all are:

Hills & Mountains 01

Hills & Mountains 02

Hills & Mountains 03

Hills & Mountains 04

Hills & Mountains 05

Hills & Mountains 06

Hills & Mountains 07

Hills & Mountains 08

Hills & Mountains 09

Hills & Mountains 10

Hills & Mountains 11

Hills & Mountains 12

Hills & Mountains 13

Hills & Mountains 14

Hills & Mountains 15

Hills & Mountains 16

Hills & Mountains 17

Hills & Mountains 18

IMPORTANT: Don't see your photo here? Please PM me straight away!
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omg, they're all so pretty! great pictures everyone!
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hard choice! they're all so beautiful. :D
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FANTASTIC pictures! Really love them all! :) :) :)
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Oh wow, every single one is amazing. It was really tough to choose just three.