Photo Competition: 'Hills & Mountains' - - WINNERS UP!


This week we're going to do 'Hills & Mountains' :)

Here are the RULES please read them VERY CAREFULLY before taking your photograph and submitting it for entry.

1. The photograph must have some hills and/or mountains in it somewhere. Here are some examples – these I took on holiday in Scotland last month :D

Loch Linnhe


Glencoe Valley

2. You have until 9 p.m. GMT Friday 7th July to submit your photograph. I am afraid that I will not accept late entries from anyone.

3. You are only allowed to submit ONE photograph[/b].

4. The photograph you submit must be your own work, i.e. it has to have been taken by you. Don’t submit something your friend or family took, or something you found on the internet. It is a very sad and unfair thing to do.

5. The photograph must NOT be manipulated in any way using Photoshop or any other such programme. This competition is about how good a photograph you can take, not about what you can do with an image using Photoshop, etc. That is what the Fan Art forum is for.

6. I will not impose a size restriction on photographs submitted – this I will leave up to you. However, one thing I must mention here is that you keep in mind some people have dial-up internet connection. Although I intend to post the entries as a series of links, very large photos will take a while to load up for this type of connection and can also stretch the screen. So please, the only thing I ask is that you are considerate, and be sensible not to submit anything overly-large. If I think a photo is too big for this reason, I may ask you to re-size it to something smaller.

7. This competition (like the icon challenges in Fan Art) is an anonymous one – this means you MUST NOT POST YOUR PHOTOGRAPH HERE. If you do, it will be disqualified, otherwise your friends will see it and may vote for it even if there are better photographs submitted. In addition to this, don’t go around telling people which photograph is yours and getting them to vote for it – that is a very sad and lowly thing to do, and the voting for this competition should be unbiased.

Once you have taken your photograph, you should upload it to your own web space, such as a Photobucket account, and pm me the link.

If people consistently do not follow these rules, or I see signs of any unfairness, I will not hesitate to stop these competitions. The rules are to make things fair, so please do follow them so everyone can enjoy the competitions.

Winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will each receive a banner. Any questions, please either post them here, pm or email me.

Now that you have READ THE RULES, you can go find some hills and mountains to snap! :D
Re: Photography Competition: 'Hills & Mountains'

This is a great competion idea! Looking forward to seeing the entries. :)
Re: Photography Competition: 'Hills & Mountains'

I'm gonna see if I have time to find something to enter before I go on holiday again.

Which reminds me, I'm not going to be able to enter the competition after this as I'll still be away so wibble you better not make it something which I have a favourite photo to enter otherwise I'm never going on holiday again for fear that I miss a competition! ;)
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this is such a great idea, I have a question though, I just went on vacation and took some photographs, can I submit thoughs or do I have to have ones I haven't already taken?...if that makes sense
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Oh how ironic, I'm going to the mountains this week. I'll see if I can find anything good. :)
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no mountains around here, ill have too look through my vacation photos, should be something good in there ;)
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SarasGirl said:
this is such a great idea, I have a question though, I just went on vacation and took some photographs, can I submit thoughs or do I have to have ones I haven't already taken?...if that makes sense

Yup, you can submit those ;) It doesn't need to be anything 'fresh', so even if you have photos from years ago, you can submit one of those :)
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Oops - the board is seriously acting weird this morning for me, and just posted the same thing twice :eek: Erm, and as I'm not supposed to delete posts, I'd better say something different in this second post :lol:

If anyone has any theme ideas for future competitions, please PM me or post them here. I think I will have run of ideas within the next 4 months, so... :p
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oo yay! i've been waiting for a hills and mountains competition for ages!
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I finally want to join this competition it is one that is pretty hard to do since I live in uber flat holland... Can I submit one that I made a while back from one of my holiday's?

edit: i should read the complete thread first hehe...
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*opens photo album* ohh dear.. I have like tons of those mountain/hill-pictures :rolleyes: It's going to be a tough choice.. And I can't make any other pics, because.. well, you know.. Holland is rather.. uhm.. FLAT!!!!! :lol:
Re: Photography Competition: 'Hills & Mountains'

the problem is I almost always take my vacation photos with somebody in them because it makes them more interesting. Oh and I need to make sure it was me that took it and not my dad because we just stick them all in the same album. I must have one of just hills or mountains though. As for taking a new pic, the Los Gatos mtns. are really ugly right now.
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ugh, stupid suburbs, There are no pretty mountains or hills here, good luck to everyone else though, I can't wait to see the pictures!
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Great, just great. I happen to live in area that is flat like a pancake. Wonderful, here is no hills even I wanted to have those. I was in east during the weekend and there was hills and we walked and I wanted to blow those all away!

That's what you get when your land has raisen from the sea