Marg/Catherine ~ Not JUST A Pretty Face #8

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I third that there is only ONE Catherine Willows.:lol:

Can I just say again that Marg is awesome? I like how she can say so much in just a scene.I felt bad for her becouse she has suffered so much with men that is hard for her to move in now with Vartan.
Lady is simply amazing. How dare anyone even think of asking if she should be recasted? :lol: Seriously, though, great vid. Love how relaxed and calm she is.

Edited to add: Holy smokes, guys, we are pretty close to a new thread! <3
These three episodes Cath has been so freaking amazing that it's making me even more sad that she's leaving and I didn't think that was possible :(. I've loved what has been written for her and I hope it's the producers/writers trying to keep her on. If she leaves then that's her decision and it's cool but I hope there's a chance she'll consider staying.
Seriously! She's been incredible! And her and Vartann......HOT;) ! ahhh lol. I'm just enjoying every episode while I can :/
Marg is one of the actors to attend the Primetime TV Crimefighters Panel on November 1. There will be a live webcast on and starting from 7:30 PST. :)

Details here
If you missed Marg's Warriors in Pink PSA last night, or you couldn't watch it on TV, like me, you can watch it here. You can also find other PSAs on Warriors in Pink's YouTube channel. :)
Heeeey everyone! The nominee selections for People's Choice Awards 2011 have started. You can go pick your favorites from the current lists to get them nominated. Our girl is listed in the "Favorite TV Crime Fighter" category. Of course we want her nominated, don't we? So go vote Marg! :lol:
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