Louise/Sofia: Tough Women Don't Try, They Do! Part 2

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Smexy is a slang among a group of friends of mine that basically means sexy above all and beyond sexiness born from the heart of sexy and molded into the sexy of all sexy-ies.

Confusing, yes, but simple after you get the hang of it. ^_^

And I love Sofia's voice. The lowness is just... *THUD*
Sorry, but to me "smexy" sounds more like a cross between "smelly" & "sexy". Smexy makes me wrinkle my nose as if smelling something bad. *shudders* don't like that word.

Sometimes it's kind of funny to catch Louise's little accent slips. You know she's trying so hard not to make it noticeable. I don't know why they didn't just make her character English from the beginning. They could have had her moving to the U.S. in her teens or something.
LOL, kaylyne, that was exactly the association I had. Which is why I said it sounded wrong.

I personally love how she tries so hard to hide the britishness. Makes it all the cuter when she slip back into it at times. (Ok. I do realize that this is the 3rd time I said that. Sorry. But damn, it is so terribly cute when that happens :lol:)
I don't know why they didn't just make her character English from the beginning. They could have had her moving to the U.S. in her teens or something.

I was discussing this same theory with someone else about a month ago. Apparantly why they make people change their accents is because in the U.S. you will not find someone from a foreign country working in law enforcement. At least that is the reason my friend explained and he is retired police officer.

I do agree its a nice treat when Louise's Brit voice sneaks into dialouge. I got spoiled to her accent when I watched all the "House of Elliot" seasons.

Let's see what letter are we on?


Being a cop/detective would require a certain amount of this quality. Even though a person may be guilty as sin, Sofia must give them the right to give their side of the story. I have seen her deal with some real idiots (FannySmackin' being a good example). It would require patients (another good P word) to sit and listen and understand where that suspect is coming from.

Not only does she have to understand the suspects point of view but she must deal with the viticms side of the family as well and make them understand why the crime has occured.

How about another picture from last weeks eppy "Double Cross".

Blue is definately her colour. Reminds me of snowflakes... Is it just me, or does she seem like the type to go horsebackriding in the mountains with a friend/lover, or mountain hiking and exploring? Cause she seems like that type to me...
I've read the posts and I agree with what's been written of her so far! Good job girls/guys! (Are there any guys here?) Uriel I see her as the hiking and exploring type. Definitely those two. Horsebaack riding...probably. I think she knows how to ride though. I can see her in a ponytail, hiking wear and boots lugging a pack on her back and hiking up a mountain. Damn why does that sound so sexy?

V - Vixen


Need I say more? Hmm, I should shouldn't I? Let me tear my eyes away from that pic first. Ok. Done. Kinda hard though, and I'm still looking. :devil: Ok, vixen. She's a toss between a vixen and a vamp. Her in that red dress is just...WOW. Vixeny-vampy. I want to see more of her in that dress. It's just WOW. Sorry, I've nothing intelligent to say except that. :lol: Now, please proceed to W.
That dress...what a nice way of introducing a new character...I've loved her from that very moment on :p

So, she told Grissom that as far as he knew she was wearing underwear. Anyone else think that as far as he doesn't know she really wasn't? I refuse to think she just said that to be flirty with Grissom, because that's something I don't even want to consider...
Maybe Sofia and Jim Brass were up to something later that evening. Seriously though, could you tell I'm a Jim/Sofia shipper? Any inkling at all? LOL

I love Sofia. She's a great character and a lot of fun.
I'm more of a Sofia/Sara person myself, but Jim & her have a very cool vibe together. I was wondering though wasn't she with Ecklie that day? I mean, she was his right hand and all... at least while she had to work under him.
Hey great to see you saras_girlfriend and hope you keep dropping in this thread. The more people the better to celebrate discussing Sofia.

Sofia/Louise really did shine in "Formalities and she first caught my eye in that episode. However I think the next time that really floored me and we got to see a wider range of her personality was in ABRTI 1&2. People who had not really noticed her character before seemed to start noticing her and following her more from that point.

W- Wise

In the episode "Built to Kill Part 2" I thought it was interesting when Sofia knew how to prove the young teenage boy (son of the vicitm and suspect)probably was not the killer. She slid the picture of his dead father lying in the pool of blood in front of the kid and he passed out. Grissom who was watching from behind the mirror started to send in someone to help but Sofia immediately put her hands out telling them to stop. She was wise enough to figure out the kid fainted at the sight of blood. So how could he have been the one to bash his father's head in when couldn't stand blood. I love an intelligent woman.

Viva Sofia Baby!
X is difficult...I'll make a tongue-in-cheek reply and say X-ray vision. With those blue eyes, she's gotta have it. Nuff said. ;)

To prove my point: Blue Eyes
Looking into those deep blue eyes I'd say x-pressive would be the word. Ok, that's cheating, but who cares ;)
I love her eyes.
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