Louise/Sofia: A Lady With Attitude Part IV

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Haha, the crinkled brow's there. :D

Hey, it's on Dutch TV? Not fair, I'm jealous. But good for you. :)

Drumchik said:
atfm, you dreamt about me? I'm honored! What was I doing?

Watching TV with me. Exciting, isn't it. ;)
4_and_20 said:
Edog, your banner is awesome.

Thanks! =D

Glad ya'll liked the icons. Got a couple more.

Gorgeous icons :D

Hey atfm, were we watching the hotness that is Louise? mmmm.

BTW, roflmao at the crinkled brow. That's SUCH a Louise thing. So cute.
WOW, I missed a lot. Sorry guys I lost a friend last week so I'm a little behind. Drumchik....I have your movie. I will take care of it this week and let you know where to find it. ATFM, I have a link to the picture page up on the groupies spot for Claim pictures if you want more. I haven't had time to cap it yet but I will. There is also a trailer for the movie and an interveiw in my videos. I just got a season 8 trailer for those interested, CSI Jen from the groupie page provided it. I think thats it for now.

showin luv!

Muttmo, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend :(

And OMG, that gif of Sofia is SO HOT!!

Thanks for that, Muttmo (and for the movie)
Muttmo, so sorry about your friend. Hope you're okay.

MySpace still confuses me but you're doing a great job with all of this. I'll check for the pics. :)

Drumchik said:

Hey atfm, were we watching the hotness that is Louise? mmmm.

Haha, no. I think it was South of Nowhere. :lol:

Ooh, I heard Billy Talent's Surrender on the radio yesterday, and one line is "she struts her stuff." Guess who that reminded me of. ;)
Thanks guys,
I appreciate the luv.
It's been a rough week.

I wouldn't mind staring down kfed with a shotgun myself.


Sorry , I'm in a mood for ridding the world of idiots.
Anyway, Season 7 premeires on spike tv today. WooHoo!!! Now it will take more than a month for them to start all over. And more Sofia for us on a nightly basis.

Louise is hot!!!!!
Louise every night.....how lucky!

atfm - I have no idea what that show is, but yay for us watching it! LOL

Louise is VERY hot! *must go watch her salsa again*
I'm sorry to hear about your loss Muttmo :(
So it's seems trivial to speak about other things.
But anyway.............. I saw the promos and was disappointed that SC isn't in them, but I'm not surprised. And if that means that she'll have adequate screen time, well who am I to complain?! But it's a great promo and I'm looking forward to the coming season, although I'll watch it next year. I think. But on the bright side I was able to watch another episode from season 7 a few days ago, I was happy, although SC didn't appear in the second of the two. I hope it doesn't happen to much :(.
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