Louise/Sofia: A Lady With Attitude Part IV

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Very well said, mati. She's all opposites, that's what makes Sofia as a character so intriguing.
Congrats on the new thread!

Thought I'd share some icons over here, that I posted not too long ago in the fan art thread. All from Formalities, her first episode. :D
Ooh, I like those - especially the first one. Really good work there =D

I adore her in the red dress. Oh, I really do. *thud*
Aww, Formalities. I can't help myself, even though she was barely pregnant at this time, I swear she looks softer in that episode already than she does now.
Well, I’m a little late but yay for the new thread. :)

I’m pretty sure I started to really like Sofia during ABRTI. Part one was good because we got to see Sofia all running around and shooting things and just generally being tough, because really, there's nothing better then a woman with a badge and a gun...and a cool run too. :D And part two was good because we got more of the gritty emotional stuff, which everybody likes when it comes to their favourite characters, and which Louise really hit out of the ball park, and we got to see her in her dress uniform, only for a few seconds, but still worth it. Ohh, and the scenes with Brass, I love it when those two are on screen together. So, yes, ABRTI was the one that did it for me.

Edog, your banner is awesome.
atfm said:
Aww, Formalities. I can't help myself, even though she was barely pregnant at this time, I swear she looks softer in that episode already than she does now.
oh my goodness, in committed, her scene w/ griss and sara i thought she looked pregnant. you know how they had her behind a desk while she was doing the audio thing... my mom looked at me like i was crazy when i go *omg is she pregnant*... lol. btw, i'm a newfan, so i just saw that episode for the first time a few months ago, so sorry if i'm late on this realization

movin on
she looks fantastic in the dress in formalities, i can't believe she was pregnant there... i thougth that was the first time we saw her!??
Oh yes, they definitely shot in weird angles to hide her pregnancy. Compared to what she looks like now, it was so obvious. ;)

4_and_20 said:
shooting things

:lol: Yeah, she was all tough. "Cuff him!" *swoons*
yes, nothing better than a tought woman w/ a gun
but we got to see her softer side too. i loved her scene w/ griss, she was so vulnerable, and then w/ sara, we got to see her more sensitive side coupled with her irritated side,i lovedit!

she looks great pregnant or not
Girls with guns - gotta love them. Sofia rocks.

And yes, she looked adorable when she was pregnant. It was a lot like Mariska Hargitay in SVU. Even with all the angles and things, and the big black coat, you could still tell. It was cute :D

Love my Louise!
Drumchik, I dreamt about you last night. How random is that? ;)

And yes, Louise was very cute when she was pregnant...she radiated something that most pregnant women radiate. Remember the HoE interview? She was shining. :)
Wow, new thread, proves I'm around too little.

*wants to contibute picture*


Sha was really cute back then, although I do prefer her Sofia looks... :D
She was adorable back then. It was funny watching through the seasons how her hair got shorter and shorter, lol.

I particularly liked the season 3 look, but it's hard to pick. She was constantly cute.

atfm, you dreamt about me? I'm honored! What was I doing?

And yes, she was glowing in the HoE interview. So totally ready to become a mum.
Mia, great picture from her House of Elliot days :D It's now on the Dutch TV and Louise is so great :) And especially very cute :lol:
Thanks atfm and wow, great pictures. You all made my day and it's getting better by the minute, because this evening I'll be able to watch the start of season 7 and I'm counting the seconds!!! :D
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