Liz Vassey/Wendy Simms Thread

*pops in* Hi y'all!

Wendy was great in last night's episode. I'd love to see her in the field, I think she'd make a great CSI. It would also make for some interesting dynamics. Between her and Hodges, her and the other lab rats, her and Greg, her and the rest of the CSI's... so many possibilities.
Wendy was great in this unusual episode. It's good to see her really letting her comedy chops fly. It's also great to see a super-hot woman who's not afraid to be funny. She and Hodges also have a sweet dynamic together. She's more than patient with all his quirky nonsense. More Wendy!!! (Yeah, she def. would make a great CSI in the field.)
I keep thinking against Wendy going into the field, because we could lose screen time for her, but every comment that I've read, thus far, encouraging it, all make sense as well. Hodges is my fave, and the chemistry between these two characters is wonderful, and I agree with VioletsareBlue, I too liked how Hodges got all protective in a snarky way, when Wendy mentioned taking the field test. It would be interesting to see how he, how SHE reacts, should she achieve this personal goal.

Liz is a very talented actress and she is working with a full cast that too are very talented. Being in a surrounding like that can only make a person and their abilities stronger...
Agreed. I think whether they follow through on her going out in the field eventually or not, the interesting part will be how she and Hodges handle it. I'm imagining that he'll say a lot of misguided things because he's concerned and we'll get more fabulous banter from the two of them. That's my hope.
I think she was great! It really let us know a lot about her character. I think she should be on all the episodes. I would make sure I watched every Thursday night if I knew she was on all the time. I now switch on Thursday nights from CSI to Grey's Anatomy.
took me a while but i just finally watched "You Kill Me" this past week. i loved it as much as i loved the "Labrats" ep. the humorous eps of CSI are always the best. i cracked up to no end when Wendy was killed, she's on the autopsy table and the camera starts panning down her and she says "hey it's a neck wound" hahaha, best part of the ep.

Wendy is becoming one of my fave characters on the show. i love it when she's in an ep. she's quick and is not afraid to call Hodges out when he's being an ass. i like the way Wendy works well with all the characters, it seems like she has a little thing with each of the CSIs whenever they talk to her.

the interaction b/t Wendy and Hodges whenever they are together has me laughing. he likes her so much and she just seems to ignore it. i'd much rather see Wendy with Greg but if TPTB hook her up with Hodges down the line that'd be cool.

me and my 14 year old brother were watching CSI once when Wendy was in a scene and he goes "wow Wendy is really hot" haha.
I just saw Liz on an episode of Two and a half men (normally don't watch the show). She played a divorced soccer mom who goes on a date with Charlie. She was so cute.
I saw that, too. It's funny to see her in old repeats. I saw a Dharma and Greg that she was in and she played Greg's secretary. She was a bad bad girl.
Liz/Wendy is great on the show - she is soooo believable in every scene. Wish we could see more of her - how about getting her in the field???? Love the interactions with Hodges!
I liked the way she got the analysis correct, according to Grissom. I hope they bring her into the field quickly. They need her to fill that second female role.
I agree and, after that scene tonight, I'm very curious what that would do to the Hodges/Wendy relationship. I read someone else say it (but I feel the same way): I couldn't tell who Hodges was jealous of when Grissom sort of pushed him aside. Interesting.
Someone mentioned over in the thread for last nights ep, that her analysis to Grissom, could just be prepping for a possibility of seeing her in the field in the near future. That will definitely be interesting to see if they (the producers) actually decide to follow through on that idea.

I can think of a dozen different reactions between her and hodges should she make that leap. Both good and bad... :lol:

Liz is a great actress and her portrayal of Wendy's character is wonderful. I only hope good things will come of this from here on in, while she is with the show.
Loved the Star Trek talk. I thought that was a very witty scene. Particularly the exchange when Hodges told her she was like a geeky boy in a woman's body and she responded with "So are you".