Liz Vassey/Wendy Simms Thread

I just watched Dr Horrible for the first time (I'm a later bloomer!) and I loved seeing her in it. I read that she is a singer, so hopefully if they do another one, the Evil League of Evil will get a song or two.
Also, I wanted to chime in about For Warrick. I love that Wendy, Hodges, and all the rats were at the funeral. It felt like family.
Hi guys..I popped into to say hello.

You know I liked Mia, but I found her very intense so Wendy was such a breathe of fresh air. I liked her from day one. She's grown into one of my favourite characters along with Nick, Mandy, Brass and Catherine.
You know I liked Mia, but I found her very intense so Wendy was such a breathe of fresh air.

I would have to second that. There was just something about Mia that didn't quite fit into the mix of the lab, but whatever it was, Wendy had it. And I'm glad she's (liz) getting credit where credit is due in season 9.
I agree. I think that the chemistry between the lab rats is perfect.......and, from the sounds of the commentaries, they all really get along.
Sorry that she wasn't in "Art Imitates Life". I would have liked to see her at least in the break room with everyone. Or was she there and I missed her?
Looks like she's in next week, talking with Doc I think. I don't know that they've ever been in a scene together. It's kind of cool to see different characters interacting with new people.
If you wanna count the scene from "you kill me" when she was on the table and Doc and Greg were trying to distinguish the cause of death, then yeah, she and Doc were in an ep together...but this upcoming episode I believe will be the first of actual interaction between the two characters.

I hope from here on in, in this season, she'll get her due on-screen time.
Yeah, I hope so. I also hope that she and Hodges get some good scenes together (I don't even mean in a ship type way, I just think they work well together...I like the dynamic). After listening to the season 8 commentary, it's obvious how much the two actors like working with each other. I wonder if they knew each other before the land of CSI?
This may be old news (I haven't gone through to see if anything else has been written about it), but I just found old episodes of The Tick on Hulu. I thought that show was very inventive, but I have to say that it was particularly entertaining to see Liz/Wendy in that superhero costume. After seeing her for so many years in a lab coat, it was very funny.
Kaylyne, thanks for the article. We don't have too much about Liz so some stuff, even the smallest is good.

Did I mention that I like Wendy? No, so I'm saying that now:lol:
That was hysterical. I loved the part about the musical CSI. It will never happen, mind you, but I think it's really funny that she's putting it out there!!!
Between this article, the interview (from a while ago) with the guy who plays Henry, and the commentary for season seems like the Lab Rats must have a great time together. I've been a fan since their first big episode and also loved You Kill Me. I hope they do one this year. Has anyone heard about that happening?
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