'Just a bunch of hosers, eh!' ~ Canadian Thread #2

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If you pick the "colourful" one, you really do need to make sure you spell "colour" properly though, as someone else pointed out. ;)
I picked 'the Eh? team'. I love that one. :lol:

Ooooh I'm going to Montreal on the 30th. I've never been all the way across the country, and it'll be my first time on a plane. *looks around* ...I'm such a hick. :p
I picked the eh team as well thats a knea slapper :lol:

omg 2 days till i go to klondike days or capital ex, i missed the parade yesterday but we taped it on pvr :)
Planes are terrible. Especially Air Canada ones. If I had my way, I'd get those seats to friggin be more comfortable. If I can sleep better on an American Boeing Plance with like, 350 passangers cramed in there, the I think I should have slept BETTER on a Canadian Air Canada plane with 100 people cramed in there.
Only time I ever distinctly remember being on a plane, was going to Toronto and then going to Cuba. o_O Course that was just back in 2005. Before that, it was seaplanes over to Vancouver and south down the island.

*lounging in front of the fan* So.. Is Wibble going to start the new thread, or may I? I'll.. be happy to step back if someone else wants to :D

If you fly.. West Jet is the way to go :lol:

>_< GOOD LORD! Nanaimo is one of the hottest places in Canada right now. It's 32C, feeling like 37C.
As I said, you guys can start a thread... Man, it's not a rule that mods need to start the new threads :p

What if...since this is now 996th post here... I close this and you go and create the new one? Good. Link to the old thread, thanks :)
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