Jorja/Sara: A Passionate Heart #5

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Haha how long have you been striking?
I haven't watched CSI in 96 hours, which is like 95 hours longer then I thought I'd last considering I used to watch many episodes every day.
I'm not a mod but I feel the need to ask you guys to please come back on topic. The whole "I'm on CSI strike" is not something that should stretch on for so many posts. It's okay to state it once, in a sub-clause but please don't keep everyone updated on your CSI strike time, it's a little annoying to read through 10+ new posts when you've been away and find they're just a repetition of the same basic statement.

Sorry if I'm stepping on somebody's toes but I felt like saying this.
Yes, it is spamming when you repeatedly state the same freaking thing. Does anyone besides two other people in here actually care about a strike that won't ever have any effect on Jorja nor her character?

Besides,by now everyone in here will have gotten the point you're trying to make. It gets repetitive when you reply after every single post in here just to state the same thing you have done before.
Okay 1st off this is my first week of striking. :cool:

2nd: Sorry we got "off topic"
(though I personally think that is is on topic)

3rd: Trusidle, We should just plot to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. BAA HAA HAA!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ok...Lets cool down everyone, deep breaths. :) That's it. :lol: But Seriously, let's all chill
What are you trying to accomplish? Is your "strike" in any way intended to change a situation? Do you actually have a goal you seek to achieve? No one in their right mind would stop watching CSI DVD episodes and think it would have any affect on the Sidle dispute. Stop watching new episodes and make them lose ratings, but the whole "I haven't watched CSI in x hours" is completely pointless regarding Jorja and Sara and thus does not belong in this thread.

Use pm's if you want to keep each other informed about your "strike".
And that's the reason why I don't visit this site very often.
You know, you can accedentaly stray off-topic sometimes, and that doesn't make you 'stupid' or whatever. Just say it in a nice way, like MiaCharlize did and that's that.

And will us talking about what kind of movie we want Jorja to make next have any effect on Jorja or her character? No.

Thank you though MiaCharlize for actually saying something in a non-rude way. People who tell you in a civil manner tend to be listened to more.

Lastly; yes babylon5girl we should plot to take over the world.

And also, I've already explained why I'm on a strike, and why are we stupid for striking and not wanting to see old episodes? It's not like we think that the script writers will magically know that we're on a strike and bring Sara back just for us. :D
Mia and Jorja Rain both made a good point. If stuff goes too off topic a mods gonna get involved. It was cool hearing about the strike thing, but every post is pushing it a bit. And no one called anyone stupid did they?

Anyway. I agree with GSRluver that would be interesting to see her in a film like that. :p

Just out of interest, I made a few Sara icons if anyone fancies checking them out. :D
First post. =]
I like your icons LemonJelly Especially the one where Sara is slamming her hands down on the table anmd it says "*hides*" in the corner. When I saw that scene, I said to my sis "If she did that to me I'd have a heart attack and die." I love the glare she gives to suspects. Especially when they say things like "I'll do anything you want, just... stop looking at me like that!"

Damn, I'm gonna miss her :( I already do and I haven't even seen one episode w/out her yet. :(
LemonJelly , I LOVE your Icons! they make my Icons look like crap lol.

and thanks Mia for saying some things that needed to be said. but I hope we can all chill and be cool now :D

Im actually watching the new ep right now, and Im laughing, something I dont do during csi. :D
Except for a few seconds when my husband was flipping through channels, I refused to watch tonight's episode. :(
Sorry, I had no reason to want to tune in.
*looks at toes, counts them* nope all intact and not a bruise, so no problem. :)

Straying from the topic of the thread does happen, but when it happens, we hope that it strays back on topic, now while to some discussing striking because Jorja/Sara left might be on topic, to others its considered repetitive.

Discussing favorite Jorja movies or tv all fine and dandy, no problem there, discussing Sara pre and post CSI perfect. None of these things are being disputed at all. But The strike thing really had run its course, the casual mention would be one thing, but constantly is another thing.

So we are asking that we stray back on topic and talk about the wonderful actress, and emotionally charged, character with the strength of ten people that we know and love. Thank you. ;)
See, how hard was it to ask us nicely to stay on topic.
It's not like we thought 'lets just spam the crap outta this thread'.
When asked nicely, you do tend to listen a bit more.

And I saw a new clip with Jorja on youtube yesterday, darn she really is something. I'd love to see her in a horrormovie... like the killer :D
Mia did ask you nicely, and I for one didn't ask anything of you, I stated a fact. If you can't handle criticism, I can't help it. As for you thinking about spamming or not, I'm not at all interested in what your intentions were for posting the same thing over and over again, I merely told you that it was spamming, regardless of what you had intended it to be. This will be the last thing I say on this subject, so back to things which actually pertain to Jorja.
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