Jorja/Sara: A Passionate Heart #5

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Welcome to the new discussion thread, guys!

Here's the place to discuss our Jorja/Sara. From here, you can find (Due to board cleanup the following links are unavailable Part 1, Part 2). - Available Part Three, Part Four.

Please remember both sides of an opinion is allowed, it's how you handle it that matters.

Picture thread.

Everyone feel free to post! :D
Yeah, it does. Destiny sure did an awesome job of putting everything we've suggested into three words. She does have a very, very passionate heart. *passes out cookies to everyone*

I was sooo looking forward to watching "BITE ME" tonight on DVD.. Because it has the most awesome "Sara" ;) moments in it.. But my DVD player broke WITH my dvd player inside of it. How saddening is that? Jorja really looked beautiful in the episode, as she usually does. And we got a full body shot :lol: of her on the stairs. She's so tall.

OMG. Velocity Trap is on TV right now.. It's just starting. YAY! JORJA!
Yay, we have a new thread. :D I am so excited. Jorja Fox is awesome. I love the name of our new thread "Jorja/Sara: A Passionate Heart#5". ;) It totally describes both Jorja and Sara. :)
Oh yaaaay new thread! :D And I love the new thread title, it's perfect!

gsrLOVE, Velocity Trap really surprised me :lol: I thought it was going to be your average cheesy space movie but I thought it was actually pretty good. And having Jorja in it was just an added bonus :rolleyes: :lol: It's so cute to see her try and play the badass and hear her swear so much :lol:
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