Jorja/Sara: A Passionate Heart #5

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My fav ep is probably committed or no humans involved. I did like her and Cath's case in All for our country too. I love that scene in ER with Carter at the shooting range. Classic. :lol: That's a good ep you said too SarasGirl.

39 hours is pretty good TruSidle ;)considering you watch it every day. :p hehe.

I have to say I'm not overlly joyed about watching it without Sara... but I still might. I'm convinced she's gonna come back, so...
yeah and now I'm on my 44th hour without CSI...
I have no idea how I'm doing it...
I miss my daily episodes of CSI :'(

Haha, but the strike is still on, mind you! xD
does anyone else think the show's officialy jumped the shark now?

they're going to lose a huge fanbase without sara.
of course they are going to lose a huge fanbase. and I think they know that themselves. but Jorja wanted to leave, and I so support her in that. it's not the actual leaving that bothers me, it's the way she did it in.
and so I'm striking xD

and that's hard... oh, did I mention that I have a tattoo dedicated to Jorja? in the middle of my heartagram I have a 'J' that stands for Jorja <3 :3
I think the show won't have any issues with going on without Jorja, but yeah... it will probably lose many fans. But still, go Jorja, hope you make a new movie or something now!!

And yeah, my Jorja tattoo is holy xD
Haha, some of those quites are so funny... like the Stuff ones... wont say which one, i'm sure you guys can imagine :lol:

A Jorja tattoo? that sounds cool :) probs more exciting than my tattoo.
Yeah, even though it's just a 'J', I know it stands for Jorja, and that's all that matters. Ah, if I could only meet that woman, then my life would be complete :*

I found Food for the Heart on Amazon today, oh I so want to give it to myself as a birthday present.
Haha I really should.
But I hate buying things across the world.
And yeah, I live in France >_<
(Nope, not French, just working here as an au-pair...)
I'm done w/ CSI... unless she returns. I think people underestimate how much her character is loved.

Oh, and to prove my point, take a look at the spiler thread for this Thursday's episode. Only on page 2. If it were a Sara episode, we would be on page 10 by now, analyzing spoilers and speculation, gawking at the pics. A lot of us were hit hard last week (not just Grissom) and probably don't care any more. :(
Ahhh trusidle that sounds awesome, I luurve France. :)

Yeah people were hit hard by Sara's departure... i reks she's coming back though, dont give up yet. ;)
TruSidle, thats cool that you have a Jorja tat, and that you are living in France :)

And although a lot of people were hit hard by Jorja leaving, i agree with LemonJelly, she will be back, and the show might go down in ratings but I still think it will have a pretty loyal fan base. I know that Im still going to watch it becuase I know that it was Jorja's choice to leave, she wasn't fired, so it really isn't the shows fult. I won;t be a religous about my watching though I guess.
Yeah I agree, sure CSI is going to lose lots of fans, but it was Jorja's choice to leave. I have no problem with that. What has brought me to a strike is just the way she left. And I'm dying haha! xD I've managed to go 51 hours without CSI. kudos for me.
Yeah, that's true SarasGirl It was Jorja's desision, so we should respect it as fans at the end of the day. I'm still gonna watch the show, cause I didn't start watching the show because of Jorja, she became my fav character after watching it, so... yeah. But she's gonna come back, so it's just a matter of time really. ;) Keep the faith.
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