It's time to play CSI MATCH GAME--2nd Season!!!

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LOL! Funny stuff!

New phrases for the weekend:

Brass said "The other day I accidentally walked in on Ecklie in his office and boy was that disgusting. He was _________ing with someone over the internet on a webcam!"

Ryan Wolfe said "Boy, that date I had with Natalia Boa Vista was FUN! I found out later that night that she had a tattoo of (a) ___________ on her hip!"
A. Reading sappy poetry
B. smurf

(Just as a quick reminder: let's make sure we keep it PG-13 everyone. ;))
A. (Multi-card answer) Dancing his his pink thong to weird German Techno Music

B. (Multi-card answer) Horatio putting on the Shades of Justice™

I started watching the CSI Marathon on Spike in the AM an switched to CSI Miami Marathon on A&E an hour ago!

New phrases for late Monday/Tuesday:

Frank Tripp said "The other day Mel Gibson was in town at a club on Ocean Drive. He ended up getting arrested for _____________(ing)."

Jesse Menken said "I really like getting to work with Nick Stokes, like I did on that case with that dog Kahlua! Speaking of Kahlua, I'd love to drizzle it on Nick's _______________ and.... well... ANYWAY!!! :devil:" (Audience: WHOOOOOOOO!!! Gene Rayburn: Allright Nerdo Crumbesians--we gotta keep this show PG-13. Keep it on that side of the line!
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