It's time to play CSI MATCH GAME--2nd Season!!!

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A-(Multicard Answer) Disturbing the peace by shouting racial/religious epithets

B-(Card is blocked) OOOPS!!! (Voice is bleeped and lips are blurred)

New phrases for Wednesday:

Delko said "I'm looking forward to going back to Miami, but I just wish I could bring (some/a/the) _____________ back with me from Brazil!"

Catherine said "When I was dancing with Nick at the John Mayer concert the other day, I thought he had some smooth moves. However, at one point, I wondered if he had (a) _____________ in his pocket!" (Audience: WHOOOOOOO!!!!! Gene Rayburn: Do I need to get the fire hose again? You people have such DIRTY MINDS!!!!)
New phrases for Thursday:

Mac Taylor said "Aiden Burns got into trouble her first year on the job during Fleet Week. She was investigating some Sailors and they thought she was a ________. Me & Danny had to rescue her!"

Doc Robbins said "I never told Catherine, but I once saw her dance back in the day. Her routine would've made a dead man ___________!"
A. Hooker
B. I don't want to go break the horribe PG13 rule, but I'm sure you all can figure out what I'm thinking of.
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