It's time to play CSI MATCH GAME--2nd Season!!!

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New phrases for Wednesday:

Greg said "The other day they threw me out of Wal-Mart because they caught me spraying luminol on the _____________ when there was no crime scene!"

Stella Bonasera said "I think that Frankie must have a sister, because the other day, I found a movie of ____________ on the internet in flagrante delicto!"
A. the pajamas(sorry, couldn't resist)
B.Hammerback (we know he's dirty, he's mr.threesome-story lol) *won't say Mac 'cause she likes her Smacked too much*
New phrases for Thursday:

We have a Match Game TV Guide Listing. CSI: Thursday 9 PM/8 PM Central. "During a national Burger King convention in Las Vegas, Grissom discovers that the man in the weird-looking King costume was killed by _______ . "

Brass said "It didn't take a CSI level III to figure out that Ecklie's new wife was a _________!"
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