It's time to play CSI MATCH GAME--2nd Season!!!

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LOL! After this post, only 10 more are allowed and then Season 3 will begin!

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New phrases for Monday:

Sheldon Hawkes said "If Sid Hammerback EVER goes to that creepy place again, I'm gonna fix him good! I'm going to fill his locker with ____________(s)!"

Brass said "I recently tattooed the date of my bullet wound next to it, and I shared that with the CSI crew. However, what I didn't share with them was that I also got a tattoo of (a) ______________ (s) on my ass!"
A. rubber duckies and teddy bears or small rubber bouncy balls
B. Alex Trebek's face

And of course we'll close the thread when it gets to 1000. ;)
A-medical waste

B-(Multi-card answer) Catherine's face superimoposed over a heart with an arrow through it and her name below it in calligraphy! :devil:
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