It's time to play CSI MATCH GAME--2nd Season!!!

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B-Performing an Autopsy (The Definative Answer!)

New Phrases for Monday:

Grissom said "Back when I was first working as a CSI in Southern California, I had to solve a horrible crime. Some evil fiend put ________ in Lawrence Welk's bubble machine!"

Nick said "Catherine sent us out to a crime scene at Caesar's palace, but she got the room number mixed up. Instead, Warrick and I ended up at someone's bachelorette party, and they thought we were ___________(s)!"
A: ...a high speed motor (More power, Tim the Toolman style)
B: ...strippers (The Definative Answer!)
A.Soap(that'd really bubble up lol) I'd also go with strippers...hmm...Hookers of the male variety? Sorry if it's not allowed, I'l gladly edit. I can't always tell for sure. (and the old MG did frequently use terms like 'hookers')
A-URINE!!! (EEEWWWW!!! :eek: ) (Sorry--couldn't resist it!)

B-Strippers (The DEFINATIVE ANSWER! And the subject of a QUOTES YOU WON'T HEAR set of threads a little while back!) :devil:
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