'I Have an Episode/Season Question' Thread #2. No Spoilers Please.

Anyone know of any CSI: Miami episodes, seasons one through nine (though a more recent one would be preferred), that shows scenes of a suspect going through booking and whatnot after he/she has confessed to their crime or whatnot?

I'm in the process of writing a fic right now and know next to nothing about the justice system, so I'm hoping that maybe I can use a Miami episode to help me out.

Thanks in advance! :)
Season 4: 48 hours to life is the best episode by far in showing a prisoners first look at life on the inside. Check it out, it was a good episode to boot.
Im trying to remember this website that has all the main clips from csi miami episodes but it doesnt have all the episodes because it stoped putting new clips on a season or 2 ago. It does screencaps too. it has a weried name to it i think. If anyone knows what it is please tell me.

i have totally forgot what episode Speedle died in :( as i want to watch this again :)

also in season 8 natalia gets her hearing aid and the doctor talks about her ex husband... who was this again?.. was it frank or whatever his name was that worked in the lab for a while im sure it was?

Anyone have any idea where i can watch csi ny season 7 online?

:) thanks