'I Have an Episode/Season Question' Thread #2. No Spoilers Please.


Thanks; I think you put me on the right track. I found a link to a written preview which makes it clear that racial disparity is a major theme of the episode "Death Grip" from season 2. I also found a transcript of the episode. It looks as if I conflated the dialog at 30 minutes and at 38 minutes.
a major theme of the episode "Death Grip" from season 2.

Indeed, season 2, episode 4. I remerber this episode, because I remember the song at the end: Gabriel, by Lambs.
Played during the memorial service while the mourners are tossing flowers into the water.
Good song. Thanks to you both. One theme of the episode (disparity of the response depending on the race of who goes missing or gets killed) is an interesting one. Sometimes the results are unpredictable, however. I am sure that the Ramsey family would not have chosen to be in the spotlight to the degree that they experienced, for example. Still, the episode stuck with me as one that made me think.
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In CSI: Miami: Season 1, Episode 3
Wet Foot/Dry Foot there is a song that begins to play at the end of the episode. Its a woman singer, singing in Spanish. The first line is, "Cuando, sale luna..."

Does anyone know the name of the song and the singer? Would love to buy the song on itunes if I knew what is was...