"House Of Hoarders" Discussion **Spoilers**

No Catherine means No Kie getting up early to watch CSI. I get to sleep all the way into 5:45!
Ramon deOcampo (Julian Santiago) was also in "Harvest" in 2004, the episode where the terminally ill kid kills his sister, who his parents bore to harvest for tissue and body parts. His sister in that episode was also named Alicia. He even calls her by the same accent (ah-LEE-cee-yah)
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I love Catherine, and I'd love to see another strong female lead come in after she leaves, but this episode showed that it can be a damn good show even without her.

I wasn't even annoyed by Ray...or anyone else...tonight. :) Brass was way underused tho. Anyone know his status? Is Paul looking for less airtime or is Brass going to be shoved aside for Catherine's lover (Lou) and the new detective chick?
I'm baaaaaaccccckkkkkk!!! :) It's good to see you all again!

I had to comment on tonight's episode because it was great. I feel like it went back to to the classic CSI. A goofy episode is good every once in a while, but a solid, controversial episode goes a long way in my book.

Sara...wow. All I have to say is WOW. The Sara/Nick fight was completely stupid. Sara projects her twisted relationship on every case. Nick does the same, but Sara, A) calling Nick an ass and B) disrespectfully walking away from Ray(and I don't even like Ray) was sophmoric.

Nick was acting irrationally and I was disappointed in his behavior. They are supposed to follow the evidence, not make accusations right out of the gate.

One of my favorite episodes of the season.
I've been watching CSI this season for once. I really liked this episode. I found it really interesting because I'm always watching that show "Hoarders" on A&E. I think it's completely possible in real life for a couple of dead bodies to be found in homes like that, it's pretty bad. :/

Anyways, I usually don't really care for Sara but I really liked how she stuck with her theory that the mother was innocent. As for her walking away from Langston, I think that was pretty uncalled for, but I can definitely see why she called Nick an ass. I mean he did kind of deserve it, he was being an ass, imo. I didn't really see the daughter thing coming, I was pretty sure it was the brother.

I loved the beginning when Nick stepped in the body by the way, and a lot of his facial expressions near the beginning were awesome. :lol:

Really good episode! I hope this season can keep me interested all the way because in previous seasons I've started out and then have lost interest. So far so good. :D
Did anyone else think of Mea Culpa when Sarah was showing Greg how to uncover a serial number that's been ground down when he was doing the same thing to the handcuffs? ;)
I really liked this episode. The storyline was really well done, I was constantly waiting on what else they would find in that house. And I really wasn't expecting that girl to be resbonsible for the murders.
Though I got a little confused about who killed that womens other daughter, the one whose body they found first? Was it the same girl who killed those boys?

Some of my other thoughts:
-Greg getting good screentime again. :bolian:
-Loved the old team-feeling when they were working in that house. In some scenes I was half expecting Warrick to walk in.
-I didn't really like Nick's behaviour. I think it was realistic at first, but then I got a little annoyed,when he didn't even want to consider that he could be wrong.
I thought it was out of character for Nick. He's usually pretty open-minded, and tries to understand people even if they're different (getting down on his knees in A Little Murder comes to mind). In this episode, he was jumping way ahead of the evidence, and when Sara said he was being an ass, I had to agree with her - he was being rather unreasonable. Of course, she wasn't being much better herself, believing that the hoarder was just a victim. In the end, I'm glad it worked out that they were both wrong. Also glad that they "made up" with that shared moment of Grissom memory.

I do agree with whoever it was that said it was almost like Grissom's permanently gone though. You'd think his wife would have more current things to say about him. :confused: I'm all for the long-distance thing, and him being off-screen.. but it's way past time we heard some tidbits about what he's up to these days!
I think a plausible in-show explanation for not seeing Grissom is that, knowing how territorial Cath gets about her crime scenes, etc., he's purposely keeping his distance to avoid trouble.

Nick's behavior wasn't that out of character for him. Go back at episodes like "Alter Boys," "Caged", etc. and you'll see that he does have a tendency to settle on the first suspect he meets.

I liked Doc Robbins line "I see Nick's already done the Y-section. Personally, I prefer a scalpel."
There we go! Now, that is how you write an episode! Good job to the writers, and actors. I really loved it. I enjoy having Nick, Sara, and Greg work together. The episode was gross, but very interesting. I hope they can keep it up the rest of the season.
I enjoyed this episode. It was weird, disgusting, gross, and crazy, all things I love about CSI.

When Nick stepped in the body that was just gross but I like gross!

I loved seeing Nick and Sara working together plus Greg (a lot of Greg to make me happy). Also a bit of tension between Nick and Sara kept things interesting.

Not that much of Ray but I didn't mind.

No Catherine, although I missed her the ep was awesome even with her gone.

My husband figured it out as soon as they found the sister/daughter chained up in the house.

Ramon deOcampo (Julian Santiago) was also in "Harvest" in 2004, the episode where the terminally ill kid kills his sister, who his parents bore to harvest for tissue and body parts. His sister in that episode was also named Alicia. He even calls her by the same accent (ah-LEE-cee-yah)

I thought so! I remember that.
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Nick's behavior wasn't that out of character for him. Go back at episodes like "Alter Boys," "Caged", etc. and you'll see that he does have a tendency to settle on the first suspect he meets.

You are correct, but what bothers me about this is that Nick years ago, when he was younger and less experienced, used to think like that, and Grissom always corrected him, mentored him, tutored him. And Nick learned from it and grew into a great CSI...Grissom's "best student" as he said himself.

To put him back to this level of...narrowmindedness? It's not good writing, in my opinion. I'm surprised George went along with it considering the premise for this show was his idea and he watched the actual "Hoarders" show and knows a lot about how it works with people who have this problem.
I loved this episode! It had a lot of unexpected things.

I liked the tension between Nick and Sara. It was in character for them both. They don't fight often, but it does happen on occasion.

I thought the whole case was interesting. It was funny when Nick stepped on the body.

Finally, I like when Sara told that her mother was mentally ill. I have to say I was surprised in two ways. First I didn't think Sara would ever tell any one else that, and I always thought that Sara's mom killed her dad because he was abusive. He might still be but this is an interesting revelation.
Great episode! I love the show Hoarders and this was just awesome for me! They did a great job portraying a hoarder, especially a high level (?) one at that.
Although part of me was like "we need the 1800GOTJUNK guys and a crazy organizer who's like STFU!"
Can't wait for next week!
I really enjoyed this one. I was really looking forward to it cause I watch "Hoarders" all the time. I definitely believe that a dead body could be found in one of those houses.

The tension between Nick and Sara was great. I thought that they played it out like two people who really know each other and since they've been through so much together it's easy to just say things the way they are without much coloring. I liked that because we know they have that relationship and they have that level of trust and understanding; hence the last scene :). Just the scene when Sara walked away from Ray made it all worthwhile :lol:.

The scene were the shotgun went off and they all ducked was hilarious :lol:.

I've noticed I don't mind Ray so much when he works in autopsy with Robbins. Probably because I believe he does know what he is talking about because of his medical expertise. Plus I really like his relationship with Doc R.

I do have one tiny irk with this episode. I get that Sara comes from a home of mental illness and that Nick does not. BUT, their stands just made me feel like the writers were telling me "this is what people who do not understand Hoarding think like (Nick) and this what people who think of them as victims think like (Sara); so you the audience should be on a more neutral ground". I thought the point was driven too heavy-handedly at times. Though I do understand that the characters given their backgrounds and other things they've been through had a logical way of reacting.

No Cath so that's a minus from me :(. I really missed her and was expecting to hear something as to why she was missing, but oh well.

Great to see Annie W. :thumbsup: