Horatio/Yelina #9: If You Could Read My Mind....

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  • If You Could Read My Mind

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  • What Hurts The Most Was Being So Close

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  • My Love Is Only For You

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  • In This Life I Was Loved By You

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  • Do I Have To Say The Words

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Congratulations on reaching our 9th thread dedicated to Horatio and Yelina. :D Here's a link to all our previous threads:

H/Y #1: Silent Thunder

H/Y #2: Silent Thunder - Love Eternal

H/Y #3: Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever

H/Y #4: The Romantic Real Deal

H/Y #5: How Can I Not Love You

H/Y #6: A Sense of Belonging - So Say We All!

H/Y #7: So Much Unresolved Love

H/Y #8: Waiting A Lifetime For A Moment Like This

Many thanks to Pusher for your help with this. *hugs* :thumbsup:

I have left the thread name open for now, as I thought I would post a poll and add the name later, to give everyone a chance to vote for their preference. :)
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Re: Horatio/Yelina #9:

Thanks Luce - especially for all the links (so thanks Pusher too). :D

Welcome to thread #9 everyone! :)
Re: Horatio/Yelina #9:

Yay new thread! As always here's to hoping the new thread brings us much more H/Y development. :beer:

A poll sounds good. Thanks Luce!
Re: Horatio/Yelina #9:

Yay! New thread :D I don’t know why, but I’ve never wanted to have new thread opened so much as this one. Just having new thread before Y appearing again, it’s sort of like a new beginning, so maybe things will turn for the better for H/Y too. I sound almost hopeful/optimistic… very unusual of me :p

Now if only these new epi would bring us something to be excited about…

Is it really necessary to vote in this poll? For me it could be only ‘Horatio/Yelina #9’ as long as there’s H/Y thread I can lurk in.
Re: Horatio/Yelina #9:

Yay!!!!!!! Congrats on a new thread. Thanks Lucy & Pusher. Now I know why they're doing back - back eps of Miami next week. The following is basketball playoffs. LOL Sorry if off topic.
Re: Horatio/Yelina #9:

I was just thinking the same thing as ametista a new thread, a new beginning.

You know something? I was just typing that I'm not interested in H/Y anymore as I used to be. But then I decided to make a present for the new thread. So I had to look in my file with all those lovely H/Y pics and I realized, I'm not losing interest at all. How could I ever?

I think it's great that she wasn't in the promo, it would spoil it for me a little bit. I always say I won't read spoilers or watch promos so I won't get spoiled, but yes I always do..

So here it is the wallpaper I've created


It's not as good as I wanted it to be. But my Photoshop skills are a bit rusty (Haven't used it since CSI Miami went on hiatus :p )
Re: Horatio/Yelina #9:

Hey, I finally found us! Navigation isn't a strong skill for me!

I wanted to comment on the song/title Hrockz posted on the previous thread. I didn't read all the words, but just the part about hurting to be so close actually made me think of Y rather than H. He is so guarded that I can no longer see him feeling anything particular for her - he's still stand-offish. But the way she feels about him is always plain on her face and in her eyes. It seems obvious to me that for her to continue doing favors for him - especially in regard to his private life - must be painful for her. While its got to mean something to her that he trusts her so implicitly, it must also be painful to know that she is never what's on his mind any more - his concerns are elsewhere.
Re: Horatio/Yelina #9:

YAY new thread ! :D

Thanks dear Luce for open it. :)

Let`s hope this will bring some good moments for H&Yelina.
Re: Horatio/Yelina #9:

Yay! New thread and my first time posting here too! Loved the new titles. One that I would have added although it is not well known is "My Heart Learned to Love From You."

Looking forward to the future.
Re: Horatio/Yelina #9:

YAY to the new thread:) done my vote,got my radio station to play (If You Could Read MY Mind) last night. It's so perfect for H/Y
Re: Horatio/Yelina #9:

I was just thinking the same thing as ametista a new thread, a new beginning.

Well said!!
I like the wall you made...it's simple but the word are perfect! :)

YAY! New thread!! :thumbsup:

I wanted to post something here with a present but I've been busy and I haven't done it yet but as we have a new threat I'm going to post it anyway...

I remember the first time I posted here...you all welcomed me and were actually happy about finding out there was another fan out there willing to post in this thread...
I don't know if I am the only one but I've felt not all the threads have the same atmosphere, or not as good as the one I think we have here so what I'm saying is that I really appreciate what we have here so...Thank you!! :D :D

Now if you excuse me I'm going to hide somewhere :lol:...I'll come back with the present later ;)
Re: Horatio/Yelina #9:

brilliant, new thread and a new beginning... lovin' it :D
nice wallpaper Kit4na :)

i was watching CSI and i saw a preview on CSIM-ambush. i took some pics and just wanna share them with you guys.
Hrockz - you're right when u said that Y will be in white again in the upcoming epys.. lol :D


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Re: Horatio/Yelina #9:

Hey, maybe she saves him from whatever fate he has earned for himself in Brazil. Wouldn't it be cool if for once Y is the one to save the day. Maybe she does some fast talking to the authorities, and puts the blame on Raymond (or whatever). H can't just escape Brazil since he's being extradited there, so something has to happen for them to let him off the hook. Maybe he makes some kind of deal with the authorities to help them round up some more bad guys in order to get his freedom. I'm trying to think surreal here, in the tradition of Miami!
Re: Horatio/Yelina #9:

Alright a new thread!:D...thanks for the pics ch3r12y..finally we see her (and in white of course lol)...wonder where they're at?

I would love the see Yelina save H for once....How great would that be?! I bet she'll have a part in him getting past all this...at least I hope. I'm looking forward to this episode. I just want to see H/Y together.:)
Re: Horatio/Yelina #9:

Hey, maybe she saves him from whatever fate he has earned for himself in Brazil. Wouldn't it be cool if for once Y is the one to save the day.

Yeah I agree with that. It'll be cool to have her save him for once. Thanks for the pics ch3r12y. She's always in white around H. :)

I think they're somewhere in Brazil. They look so serious, and Y looks so concerned, maybe H is telling her about his extradiction to Brazil.

I'm just hoping for some major H/Y moments, or little gems in their conversation like in 'Burned' or 'Rio'.