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The Flyers avoid getting swept but obviously the Pens are going to win this series. It's a real shame that Timonen and Coburn are out - tough to play without the top defensive line. They said Coburn could return for Game 5. With those two healthy this would have been a series for the ages. I have my fingers crossed for a game 6. On ne sait jamais.

So, ultimately I'll have to root for Detroit. I cannot stand the Penguins.

Off topic I can't wait for my computer with photoshop to arrive so I can touch up Stephen. Paint made him pixelated and icky.
I'm excited that the Flyers won last night, seeing as it's my team :D. When I heard that Coburn might be back for game five I got really excited, you never know, if the Flyers play the last three games like they played last night, I think they would have a good chance at winning. It's ironic because I love the Steelers, but despise the Pens.

Oh well, GO FLYERS!
Actually I read somewhere that Timonen may get back as well in game 5. Oh he is such a great defenseman - we'd needed him at World Championships... and about that, I hope Russia wins because a) I don't want Canada win when it's held in Canada because it would get to their heads and b) Russia played so amazingly against us last night that they deserve to win. But I am glad Canada kicked some Swedish ass.

But Go Pens!
It wouldn't have went to their heads if they had of won in Canada, It's kind of a treat when you can win in your own country. I thought we had the game there for the first little bit but Kovelchuck got two kick ass goals. His OT goal was awesome, I was happy for him because he seemed so happy and excited and everything when he scored that goal. Whenever I watch the worlds I cheer for Canada, but I'm always happy if the other team wins because they're happy and when people are happy its a good thing, and we still got the silver so thats pretty damn good.

As for the NHL well I was cheering for Philly, But I'm still glad Pittsburgh won they're good. I do feel kind of bad for Philly because I think that 6-0 isn't a score you want to go out on. Well I hope Dallas wins tomorrow, I don't like Detroit.
Well, I'm very sad. The Flyers overachieved this year, so I can't really complain. But I will anyway. It kills me to lose to the Penguins because their fans (not you, DeWacko, but the ones I had to endure in Happy Valley and watch on FSN) are so arrogant they absolutely need to be humbled by whichever team comes out of the west.
yay, i am cheering for the Pens too :) Can't account for the other fans...

My team is out (canucks), but i have always liked the Pens, plus with Crosby in there, a lot of canadians are cheering for them.

It sucks that we lost the world's in OT though. It would have been nice to win at home. Oh well, at least there weren't any riots :lol:. Hopefully we will hold off on our hockey riots during the Vancouver Olympics as well.
ahh I miss the Habs. Oh well Pens got my support. I think I've said this before but yeah I really, really don't like Detroit, I never have. I have nothing against the players or anything it's just I've never ever like Detroit.
Gotta apologize about the double post. Did anyone hear about Luc Bourdon? It's so sad. His motorcycle went head on into a semi. I guess at least he didn't have to suffer, he probably went instantly. I really knew who he was too, he played for the Moose when he wasn't on Vancouver so I wouldn't doubt that I've seen him play.

I guess RIP Luc.
I'm a Red Wings fan...Is it even safe for me to be in here? :lol:

I get why people hate Detroit so much--my neighbor in college used to call them the Evil Empire of Hockey. He decided that the Yankees were the Evil Empire of Baseball, and I can't stand the Yankees, so I feel for you guys that aren't Wings fans. But they're my hometown team...and up 3 games to 1 :p

I love Gary Roberts, though, and saw Brooks Orpik play when he was in college. And you have to give some serious love to any goalie that stands on his head the way Marc-Andre Fleury does, right?

And now, having said all that...go Wings! Chris Osgood for the Conn Smythe!! :D
LOL, Your safe. Im a Wings fan. Those guys are awsome. Think Cromwell is my favorite, that man hits like no other.

I know a few Penguines fans are gona hate me for this, but their deffinatly not doin to well...I caught the last few minutes of last nights game and those guys were scrambling...they didnt know what to do. They paniced. They're a young team with not alot of experiance and I dont think they handle themselve too well under pressure. But I will give Fleury some credit. Hes taken alot of hard shots from the Wings and managed to keep em out. Other then that, I think they need to learn how to stay in position when things get alittle heavy.
Ah yes, Pens been just plain bad - esp pp in the last game. They may win next game but I highly doubt it since it's played in Detroit.
I agree that Detroit is so damn experienced team that it kicked butt big time. And like one of our legendary player/coach always says...the team with better goalie will win. And Osgood (despite the fact that he is old fart :p ) has played well.

But I still hate Filppula. Grrr.

But I am glad Pens got this far, I mean after soooo many horrible and bad years.
I am a Detroit fan! I will be excited if they win at home tonight. I wont get any sleep tonight if they do - the town celebrates in a major way when any of our teams win big games! The horns will be honking and I love 4 houses from a major street. :lol:

Go Wings!!! :D
I am a Detroit fan! I will be excited if they win at home tonight. I wont get any sleep tonight if they do - the town celebrates in a major way when any of our teams win big games! The horns will be honking and I love 4 houses from a major street. :lol:

Go Wings!!! :D

Oh, I miss being up there! I lived in Ann Arbor when they won the Cup in 2002, and got a chance to go to the parade. Not this year, though, no matter who wins--aparently Baltimore doesn't belive in hockey!

WOW, that was insane...i can't believe the pens won!! :eek:

Insane is exactly the right word! And boy am I glad I don't have to get up early tomorrow...or rather, later this morning :p

Here's to drinking from the Cup on Wednesday!
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