Have U Read Any Of The CSI Books??

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I bought Cold Burn last year...So cool. I'm rereading it for the third or fourth time for my school's SSR.

I really want to get another, but I can't.
I read Grave Matters and Sin City, I loved Sin City, you can tell by my user name hehe. Anyway I'm reading Cold Burn right now and I got Double Dealer but I didn't read it yet.
I bought CSI: Sin City, Double Dealer, Cold Burn, and CSI: Miami: Heat Wave, Florida getaway books. I love all, great storys. But I want CSI: New York books too!=)
I have Grave Matters. I don't bother to order those online so I just keep searching for those when I'm in bigger city. Those are not translated in Finnish so reading in English... well, it's not that bad, but then it takes lots of thinking "wtf happened in last chapter that was about this case?"

But I liked it.
I bought 'C.S.I.: Body of Evidence' quite a while ago but I really can't get into it :( I keep starting to read it but then leave it for ages and forget where I have got to, so have to start again! I just can NOT get into it which annoys me so much! :mad:

I also was given 'C.S.I.: Sin City' for a birthday 2 years ago :) but haven't read that yet! I keep lending it to people and never have time to read it myself :( I should really get it off whoever has it now and read it myself...

I just finished reading MAC's CSI: Miami-Florida Getaway yesterday. I really enjoyed it. The thing is, I didn't watch Miami when Speedle was on, so I kept on picturing Ryan in his place... Good book, nice irionies, etc.

Now, on to Killing Game!!!
I read body of evidence..and your right Golden Smile, it is hard to get into, but it is pretty good once you get into it. :)

Right now I'm reading Cold Burn, and it is amazing. It is poorly written in many parts, but there is alot of gsr tensness(is that even a word) :D
Cold Burn is amazing I read it after Christmas and am now in the middle of Grave Matters, I've read all of the other CSI, Miami and New York books except the newer ones which have just been released.
Many of the chain bookstores can order them if they do not have them in stock. You might also check out any stores in your area that sells used books. Some cities will have a bookstore that specializes in mystery books. Maybe your local library might have them to loan out. And then there are the online vendors like Amazon.com and Overstock.com, among others.
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